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TNT Community Updates, 7/19
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on July 19, 2018, 10:54 pm NST

Another week, another community Q&A hosted by hardtotame! Hardtotame was on the boards again from 9:30 PM - 10:30 PM NST. (But confusingly, she showed up today, the 19th instead of tomorrow the 20th as originally posted—she may be back tomorrow as well, but that'll be the weekend for her. We'll keep you posted as usual!)

Also in case you missed it, check out our coverage of the next Neopets app! (Just one news post down!)

Here are the highlights:

Key Quest

Dark Lord [Jumpstart CEO] has announced [at Comic Con] that [Key Quest] will be returning as a mobile game.

Regarding the return of Sid:

I don't think he should ever appear in the Battledome as a regular challenger. The way he used to appear is fun, and I have asked the programmers to keep him working the same way when he's back.

Illusen/Jhudora Quests
One user brought up how r99 item collections have devalued in recent years due to Charity Corner events, and suggested freshening up the Illusen/Jhudora quest prizes to entice users to "use" r99s:

Adding new prizes to Jhudora/Illusen quests is a great idea, and I can have the team start work on that really soon.

But in the same post, shot down another idea about trading in r99's for r101 stamps:

Trading r99 items for r101 stamps is more complicated, and we'll have to really think it through before we implement anything of that sort.

I assure you that we will be extremely careful with how we release the rare stamps.

Regarding broken guild logos:

Fixing guild logos is on the list of bugs that we've created for the programmers to wade through when they have some spare time.

Regarding giving the Vandagyre a default avatar:

We most certainly do want to introduce an avatar for Vandagyres.

Regarding adding avatars for other non-stamp things:

We've already started work on adding new avatars to the site, and we're always on the lookout for interesting places to add them. Avatars for games are very much on my priority list, and I've noted both of those games (and the neodeck) down so we can consider adding avatars to them.

Account Security
Regarding increasing security on Neopets accounts:

As for account security, I cannot say what the plans are, but I can let the right people know that this is a concern.

Puzzle Adventure Codes
Regarding the codes from the old games no longer working:

I am not aware of this issue or what's being done about it, so no ETA. If the person in touch with you has told you that it's coming, it should be coming.

Jellyneo Note: The codes from this game were disabled due to someone figuring out how to infinitely generate them. We haven't seen support say that they're coming back, so this is probably just something hardtotame was not aware of.

Paint Brush Options
Regarding new Paint Brush options for Neopets:

Valentine and Shenkuu Paint brushes are both great ideas - I've thought about releasing them as Paint Brushes too - I will ask the art team to keep them in mind for the next time we want to release a new paint brush.

Jellyneo Note: There was some concept art floating around at one point that old TNT did for a "Shenkuu" themed paint brush, but the idea was tossed in favor of releasing Shenkuu themed wearables instead.

Return of Other Site Features
Regarding the Almost Abandoned Attic:

Almost Abandoned Attic - yes, we want to bring it back.

Spring Gift Basket RE - I want to get the Tooth Faerie RE fixed too, so I'll ask the programmer to take a look at this when they're fixing that.

Regarding Premium (and the upcoming still TBD sale):

The team is currently preoccupied with a couple of cool features they're trying to add to Premium accounts before the annual Premium sale. (Also, for those who brought up Premium bugs in the last session - they should be resolved soon after the sale, if not done by then.)
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