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New App: Neopets Legends & Letters
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on July 19, 2018, 8:56 pm NST

UPDATE: Be sure to read our summary of the event!

The new mobile app has been confirmed! It will be a Words With Friends/Scrabble-like game. @bonkish on Twitter (also known as Pet Simmer Julie) is tweeting a few updates.

Here's a photo Julie took of the new app splash screen:

You can also view a short video posted by Julie.

Other Items of Note
  • The Scorchio and Lupe costumes have been resurrected!
  • They're working on creating a mobile Neopets site, aiming to launch this year.
  • They will be returning to Comic Con next year for another similar event, this time with a bigger room to accomodate more fans!

Stay tuned to Jellyneo, we'll have more details and information on the new app and Neopets' Comic Con presence as more folks send us their photos and write ups!
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fabio21, 07/19/2018, 9:00 pm NST

alex, 07/19/2018, 9:09 pm NST
Yay, a word game! #sesquipedalian

inkpot, 07/19/2018, 9:13 pm NST
i used to follow pet simmer julie until she started blatantly telling ppl not to join or bother with neopets.com in her videos. low-key miffed to even hear her mentioned.

unvile, 07/19/2018, 9:13 pm NST

1jediboy, 07/19/2018, 9:32 pm NST


"They will be returning to Comic Con next year for another similar event, this time with a bigger room to accomodate more fans!"


joe, 07/19/2018, 9:59 pm NST
Fun fact:. The person who designed those costumes was paid in Neopoints.

1jediboy, 07/19/2018, 10:07 pm NST
@joe - About 350NP to be exact.

bonju, 07/19/2018, 10:09 pm NST
Um, Faerieland is back in the sky?

josie, 07/19/2018, 10:09 pm NST
The Scorchio and Lupe costumes have been resurrected!


What costumes are those?

1jediboy, 07/19/2018, 10:24 pm NST
@josie - They're apparently Furry-suit looking things that they use for promotional purposes. If you click the video link and click the side to look at the user's twitter tweets you can see more pics. (The Scorchio one looks a little odd to me. Kind of like the "Scorchio Sock Puppet" (Side note: Are there any Neopets Furries?)

1jediboy, 07/19/2018, 10:30 pm NST
How does that wink mistake keep happening?! (-‸ლ)

dave - JN Staff, 07/19/2018, 10:33 pm NST
@bonju: That's some oldddddd artwork they've dug up.

cheyennet2, 07/19/2018, 10:36 pm NST
I really hope that Neo-furries are not a thing...

Anyways, I am stoked about the prospects of a mobile site coming within the next year. I hope that would bring with it the conversion of games (and the AC) to HTML5. Then much of TNT's efforts will be able to be spent on improving other site content instead of converting it. I'm excited to try the app, too!

dave - JN Staff, 07/19/2018, 10:41 pm NST
@cheyennet2: Don't get your hopes up on them converting many, if any, games. It's not easy to just "convert" a game to "HTML5" (which in this case actually isn't HTML at all, but a mix of other web technologies). Since we're seeing a new mobile app, I bet most of their focus will be on creating new games as apps (and hopefully bringing a few classic Neopet games into the 21st century!)

inkpot, 07/19/2018, 10:44 pm NST
@dave: wait what?? are you saying that world map is old news? more recycled art?? ugh...

lucky300, 07/19/2018, 10:45 pm NST
I believe that world map artwork is from the Tales of Neopia/World of Neopia MMO that was in the works that Nickelodeon ended up canceling.

romy, 07/19/2018, 10:51 pm NST
I hope the mobile game also has Spanish

dave - JN Staff, 07/19/2018, 10:58 pm NST
@inkpot: The illustration of Neopia in the image in the news post? Yes, that's from the old TNT days. (But of all the art to reuse, it's some really great looking stuff they're upcycling!)

josie, 07/19/2018, 11:10 pm NST
@1jediboy - Thank you I looked at the pictures, and had to laugh at the Scorchio

But I'm really excited about the new game. Hopefully it will be available for download soon.

1jediboy, 07/19/2018, 11:17 pm NST
You're welcome! And SQUEE!!! New game!

dukula, 07/20/2018, 3:56 am NST
I wonder how well that game will work for people who don't have English as their first language. I'm not one of those people, I only speak English, but it does have me curious!

dolamant, 07/20/2018, 8:27 am NST
Oh goody...

Another app that will (most likely) not work with my Samsung Tab E tablet, just like Ghoul Catchers "is not compatible with your device".


dukula, 07/20/2018, 4:42 pm NST
dolamant, you could try downloading an APK. I know someone who did that and it doesn't seem to have gotten them in trouble because it doesn't give them any advantage at all, it just makes the app available to download, it all works the same way as a normal download of the app. I do think it's bad how it's not available on some devices though, it took a while for it to be available on the Samsung Galaxy S9. Maybe sending in an email to TNT would help? Unless you've already done so D:

mistressoftheglade, 07/25/2018, 11:00 am NST
Will these apps give NP on the site like Ghoul Catchers does?

phenixia, 07/26/2018, 8:17 am NST
Thank you for all those great informations! I'm so happy they have deceided to be more transparent and to recreate link with the Neopets community. I missed that a lot.

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