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Comic Con After Party
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on July 19, 2018, 2:44 pm NST

UPDATE: Be sure to read our summary of the event!

Tonight, the Comic Con Neopets After Party is taking place! If you attend the party or visit TNT at their booth during any day of Comic Con, you can receive a special Rare Item Code redeemable for a Mystery Capsule that will award you the following items:

You'll also receive this avatar when opening the capsule:

UPDATE: The latest now is that this avatar does count for your avatar count on your userlookup, but will not count in the avatar collector high score trophy table.

Going to the after party? If you were lucky enough to grab a ticket and find your way to San Diego for tonight, please let us know! We'd love to post your photos and any details of the event. (If you didn't get a ticket but you're in the area, there will be a stand by line to get into the event!)
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neolikepets, 07/19/2018, 2:47 pm NST
I thought the days of IRL events awarding major exclusive boons to an account were long gone...

recklesse, 07/19/2018, 2:56 pm NST
The avvie counts?


joe, 07/19/2018, 2:59 pm NST
There are new plush at this event!!!!!

1jediboy, 07/19/2018, 3:07 pm NST
If anyone is going, please do me a favor and talk about the
"A Lost Tomb: A Neopets Adventure" possibly going on netflix, please?
I would be eternally grateful!!!

nightshadeswiftswing, 07/19/2018, 3:15 pm NST
I hope they reconsider this avvie counting. With how last minute this thing was announced it just feels super unfair.
The ancient TCG tournament avvies for example had been announced well in advance for the mall tours and stuff iirc

stegosaurus, 07/19/2018, 3:22 pm NST
I did not get the Background. Maybe it's random if you get it?
can anyone else confirm this?

inkpot, 07/19/2018, 3:39 pm NST
am i the only one who isn't seeing a major disadvantage any of this free "swag" is giving users? i honestly don't think anything of it other than being a cool souvenir for those who've attended (and this is from the perspective of someone who isn't attending).

like wow, some wearables. you can live without these just as i've learned to live without the masterpiece that is the Fancy Helmet.

as for the avatar, i can't see this giving anyone an advantage with it counting toward your... count. just how many hard-core acers are going to the event that are going to be put way ahead of others? i really don't get it.

i don't see how it's unfair with it being a "last minute" thing either if it was already sold out before their official neopets.com announcement. i can see if tickets were still available and you just weren't able to go because you needed to schedule things in advance but the same amount of ppl would still be una

nightshadeswiftswing, 07/19/2018, 3:41 pm NST
Don't get me wrong, I think top players SHOULD be able to have exclusive stuff to show off elite status - not everything has to be "fair" and able for all players to obtain easily, I just think announcing they would be at SDCC like a week before the event, after tickets for SDCC had sold out months ago is on the really seriously unfair level.
If they decided to go to more conventions and give out codes throughout the year (with better advance notice) then I might reconsider.

nightshadeswiftswing, 07/19/2018, 3:42 pm NST
(Or if they change the avvie to not counting to the total count, then I won't care at all about it!)

1jediboy, 07/19/2018, 4:15 pm NST
I think these items have some sort of important significance!

What if this is the suit of the main character of the new Neopets app?

1jediboy, 07/19/2018, 4:21 pm NST
(Also, if anyone DOES happen to bring up the Neo-movie on Netflix thing, could you please name-drop me? *kitty-eyes* )

ladyamethyst, 07/19/2018, 5:03 pm NST
They should follow this up with a "I Missed ComicCon" avvie & if you have the ComicCon2018 avvie, you can't get it

ummy - JN Staff, 07/19/2018, 5:07 pm NST
That would be amazing lol

nightshadeswiftswing, 07/19/2018, 5:55 pm NST
Haha I'd be 100% ok with that scenario!

inkpot, 07/19/2018, 5:59 pm NST
@1jediboy; i had no idea about that movie ever potentially being a thing until now. you've just made me like super sad. :c and it doesn't help that the animation company that would have been behind it made that gorgeous legends of the guardian movie. *o*
that aside though, i doubt the new staff would really have anything to say about it other than it was dropped for whatever reason. :c

saiphami, 07/19/2018, 6:20 pm NST
f them

saiphami, 07/19/2018, 6:21 pm NST
sorry I just realized I'm probably not supposed to type like that, kneejerk reaction

feel free to delete that, I apologize

my point being: completely ridiculous. an avatar. really.

agoschi123, 07/19/2018, 6:24 pm NST
Can someone save me a code?

vip, 07/19/2018, 6:27 pm NST
Do you get all items??

1jediboy, 07/19/2018, 7:24 pm NST
@inkpot - I didn't want to make you sad. It is sad to think about though. I just wanted somebody to nudge TNT into making something beautiful! A Neopets movie or show would be BOUND to bring in new players as well as warm the hearts of old!

Where did you hear the movie would be made by the company that made legends of the guardians?

There are still SOME veteran staffers that can guide the film writers! They can even bring PREVIOUS staffers back for input on the film!

ummy - JN Staff, 07/19/2018, 7:43 pm NST
^They didn't even take current staffs' input on the film according to Adam and Donna back when it happened. Now unfortunately big budget films are too big of a risk for studios. The only chance we could have is if JS has a great relationship with DreamWorks Animation due to working with their IP, because DWA is doing pretty well with their Netflix series. But I tend to believe that the Neopets movie/TV ship as sailed...for now. Things have been improving as of late. They didn't even make a TV show when they were owned by Nickelodeon which was ridiculous.

1jediboy, 07/19/2018, 7:52 pm NST
OH RIGHT!!! The DWA partnership! I forgot about that! What can we do to lead them to make something?

1jediboy, 07/19/2018, 7:52 pm NST
A petition, maybe? A kickstarter? Any ideas?

alex, 07/19/2018, 8:25 pm NST
San Diego is so nice. I went there once.

itipeque, 07/20/2018, 1:44 am NST
I got really upset when I saw this avatar counting towards your avatar count. I find it incredibly unfair to release an avatar that is based on geographical proximity and /or real life economic means. I've always considered that avatars should be something everyone should have an equal chance to achieve at least when first released, and this one clearly isn't. If it didn't count towards your total, it'd be a different thing. But making it count is so unfair on all of the MILLIONS of Neopians who cannot afford to travel to San Diego from across the world, it left me shaking. Just saying.

itipeque, 07/20/2018, 1:48 am NST
Oh, and ladyamethyst, that would totally rebalance the issue. Hahaha! It'd be so cool! :heart:

cloonshannagh, 07/20/2018, 5:58 am NST
*sigh* We have avatars that require physical dexterity, np wealth, longevity, etc, etc. This is just another special requirement one.
I agree to some extent, BUT, I'll bet there are Neopians in SD area who wouldn't bother to go to the event even if it were free. So those who go (and report like Julie) deserve a special perk. Just my opinion.*hides under pillows*

cloonshannagh, 07/20/2018, 6:04 am NST
All my kiddies are drooling over Home of the Vandagyres. Willow is preening. She loves that glimpse into her birth place.

itipeque, 07/20/2018, 8:47 am NST
I'm not saying they don't "deserve" a perk, I'm saying the perk shouldn't count towards the avatar count. Because it's not fair to compare dexterity, NP wealth or skill to bridging twenty thousand miles of real life space or spending several thousand very real pounds (or dollars, yen, pesos or South African Rand) to meet the requirements to get it. For somebody in California it may cost a few hundred and a quick trip. For me in the UK it'd cost a few thousand that I don't have, planned time off and a long list of caveats. Unless they do a Comic Con in every country, I can't see how it can be considered fair play! And that's why I'm grumbling. You could argue it's sour grapes, but I really believe that an avatar should be obtainable in equal terms for everyone, not just a privileged few! Ais, I may be a bit salty.

1jediboy, 07/20/2018, 11:25 am NST
(And rubles)

They should just scrape off the 2018 part of the avatar and give it out everytime they’re at Comic-Con. At least it gives people a POSSIBILITY of getting it “eventually”. I agree. It’s not really fair. Maybe we can get the avatar from the Charity Corner boon after they recode it for new prizes?

depraving, 07/20/2018, 12:00 pm NST
Hmm anyone else have issues opening the capsule? All of mine are just for a pet to play with it, to equip it, or to put in in my gallery/sdb

depraving, 07/20/2018, 1:05 pm NST
oh jk thought it was like a mystery capsule where you click 'open capsule' got my answer on the neoboards xD

roshchodesh, 07/21/2018, 6:30 am NST
awesome idea
you rock!

recklesse, 07/24/2018, 4:27 am NST
According to someone on avatar chat the code also gives out the space faerie challenger.

Wish they'd put some capsules back in the mall that give her.

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