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Altador Cup Prizes
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on July 4, 2018, 10:45 am NST

Prize shops for the Altador Cup and TNT Staff Tournament are now live and winners of this year's Cup have been announced!

Keep in mind that some of the prizes this year are re-releases, we've signified which ones on our guide:

Altador Cup Prizes Guide »

TNT Staff Tournament Guide »

ALTADOR MAP MAKEOVER: In addition to the Altador Cup winners being announced and prizes being released, King Altador has declared that Altador be spruced up a bit, and it has! Altador now has a mobile-friendly map. Check it out!

The new map is built on modern web technologies, namely SVG and Javascript. Let us know in the comments how you think it looks.
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maggma99, 07/4/2018, 10:46 am NST
I'm so glad that Tyrannia won! We've recovered very well from the dreadful performance of last year

jeffty_jeff, 07/4/2018, 11:41 am NST
The dress is pretty and can be worn for other occasions!

jessalynn, 07/4/2018, 11:45 am NST
I'm impressed with Terror Mountain! This is their first time reaching the top 5! :o

jessalynn, 07/4/2018, 11:46 am NST
Also, I gave Max the input on the two new weapons.

topaz644, 07/4/2018, 11:54 am NST
I'm on a pc looking at the new map. So far it seems all the plot links are there. It looks low res on my comp but at least it's working!

Hooray for some little bit of progress

doomdesire5, 07/4/2018, 12:06 pm NST
Aw, Maraqua didn't even make the podium...

maxgarou, 07/4/2018, 12:19 pm NST
Prizes are actually a bit better than last year's.
All TNT staff got Bobbleheads, now I can get that SeƱor Malo bobblehead I wanted for ASP.

moonlightwitch, 07/4/2018, 12:25 pm NST
WOOT WOOT I can see the map, now don't let my mom know or my kids. The have not don't the plot

1jediboy, 07/4/2018, 12:43 pm NST
Meridell got 2nd place! Good enough for me! At least we're on the podium!

1jediboy, 07/4/2018, 12:46 pm NST
The new map looks so much cleaner!

inkpot, 07/4/2018, 1:17 pm NST
the map looks nice. C: though i can't help but wish they would have extended the width some like the other made-over maps... even if they just made it all trees/forest or did some really big filigree border to fill up the space.

mavegibson, 07/4/2018, 1:55 pm NST
The map is very underwhelming.

thepapercutjellyfish, 07/4/2018, 2:33 pm NST
Omg. I do not want that trophy on my look up

anomally, 07/4/2018, 2:33 pm NST
Ooh Meridell got 2nd.

And I contributed absolutely nothing to it because I continually forgot to do anything. I'll just take my participant trophy.

rosi, 07/4/2018, 2:45 pm NST
eewwww please Xerxes and Tuxonimo, keep this site kid-friendly
But maybe, after reading all this negative feedback, TNT will change the questionable trophy design. They did it before, so why not this time?

--- and no comment about the podium ....

topaz644, 07/4/2018, 2:53 pm NST
What is up with some people? lol

The trophy doesn't appeal to me design wise but I would never have seen what you all are supposedly seeing if you didn't harp on it. sheesh.

topaz644, 07/4/2018, 3:19 pm NST
moonlightwitch do you mean batteries not included?

michael, 07/4/2018, 3:36 pm NST
Yooyu =/= Yooyuball

topaz644, 07/4/2018, 3:42 pm NST
Seeing as how so many prizes are yooyu ball related there is no end to the jokes available. Even JS gets in on it.

Chicken Yooyu Balls
It is made purely out of chicken, no funny business. Promise.

moonlightwitch, 07/4/2018, 3:46 pm NST
@topaz644 yep

1jediboy, 07/4/2018, 4:12 pm NST
My youngest son says he wants the Yooyuball Tattoo... I said I'd rather swim in a pool filled with electric eels than let that happen.

mistyraider, 07/4/2018, 4:29 pm NST
Bobbleheads? They offer bobbleheads? yuck!

moonlightwitch, 07/4/2018, 4:38 pm NST
*hides DC tatto*
@1jediboy it's a temp tat, why not??

mistyraider, 07/4/2018, 4:39 pm NST
. . . and after seeing the trophies I'm just as glad all I got was a participant medal.

mac, 07/4/2018, 5:22 pm NST
Although it is SVG, they created the map and animated bits (birds, boats) in Flash and converted them with a third-party plug-in someone made for Flash CC. This same workflow is useless for converting things like games, but they might use it for customization. JSYK! And whoever made those trophies definitely knew what they were doing.

moonlightwitch, 07/4/2018, 5:29 pm NST
Haha it's the highlight of the year, the talk about the trophys it has me LOLing so hard I'm crying

I hope they don't remake them, in the spirit of TNT I think they hit home. If Donna and Adam where still here.. yep

combustibles, 07/4/2018, 6:29 pm NST
Underwhelming prizes and ridiculous pricing on them, too. The trophies are ugly and I don't understand why we got multiple different designs for who placed where.

1jediboy, 07/4/2018, 7:49 pm NST
It's temporary, Big shot.

Big___shot: Mmph.... Never mind. >_<

@moonlightwitch - See? He thought it was cool because it was real! I'm not saying it's not okay to have a tattoo. He's biologically 15. You're an adult. It's fine for you... *squints* What is that? KorBatman?

airylouise, 07/4/2018, 7:52 pm NST
Jeez harsh critics. What kind of prizes did you all want?!

1jediboy, 07/4/2018, 7:56 pm NST
@airylouise - They want unobtainable stamps and more paint brushes and yooyus.

roshchodesh, 07/4/2018, 8:46 pm NST
I'm still struggling with the look of the Conchpet. ..

alessia, 07/5/2018, 12:23 am NST
I don't understand... There were 3 teams ranked 3rd and, despite what they said, they haven't even done a playoff and declared Terror Mountain as 3rd....

alessia, 07/5/2018, 12:30 am NST
Also... first time in many years that my final points do NOT correspond to what should have been. I've played 690 YYB, 40 SS, 400 MSN and 8800 SOSD (all with at least minimum score) and I have a total of 17692 instead of 17720. Does anyone know if they changed the points ratio?

morganjoisle, 07/5/2018, 4:01 am NST
Yeah I have to say that I prefer the look of my boring old participation medal to the trophies this year. ^^'

Idk, I'm not huge on the new Altador map. I'm on desktop, but the link text is harder to read than it used to be. I wish the font used was a bit bigger. I might be a bit old-fashioned, but I prefer plain html maps to flashy graphics. My eyesight's really gone downhill though, so I prefer simplicity and maps that are easy to navigate to detail.

cal_chetty, 07/5/2018, 4:12 am NST
@alessia same with me. My tally was totalled to 15838 pts, but only received 15801 pts to spend at prize shop

cal_chetty, 07/5/2018, 4:13 am NST
And the new map doesn't look that good. It's not even in the same vein as the new faerieland or roo island...

99chickie, 07/5/2018, 5:02 am NST
Terror Mountain? Got into the top five? I have been waiting for this moment for many years! *Cries happily*

jazzmosisman, 07/5/2018, 7:40 am NST
I'm so glad Meridell got second place. Meridell has been my team for years, and they've always had a consistent performance, never dipping below top 10, but seeing them get second place this year is a joy to me. Meridell forever!

jazzmosisman, 07/5/2018, 7:43 am NST
Scratch that, they did dip below top ten once or twice, but I still stand behind my point.

purplebin, 07/5/2018, 9:59 am NST
For those of you who got a few less points than you thought you should have, it's because you sent some scores that were too low in Slushie Slinger and/or Make Some Noise. They show up on the AC page, but they don't count in the final total.

bodhi, 07/5/2018, 10:55 am NST
Got bronze and bought all the stupid-looking hats. And bought a few of the awful bobble-heads.

bodhi, 07/5/2018, 10:57 am NST
What's the 4th trophy colour? Chocolate?

purplebin, 07/5/2018, 11:51 am NST
The 4th trophy color is Wood.

cal_chetty, 07/5/2018, 8:09 pm NST
@purplebin I only counted the scores that would have been counted. I think there was only one score that I had that was below the 2700 goal for MSN

cal_chetty, 07/5/2018, 8:10 pm NST
*that would have been over 2700 pts for MSN and 270 pts for SlSl ... sorry typo my eyes glazed over

alessia, 07/5/2018, 11:21 pm NST
definitely not, as I stated before I always sent a required score.
In SS and MSN I set my personal minimum to 300 and 3000 because were easier to remember, so it's not possible.

We're missing pretty much the same amount of points. May I ask you which team you joined? I'm a devoted Faerielander and I hope my loss doesn't depend on the cheaters thing. It would be an additional insult.

purplebin, 07/6/2018, 6:16 am NST
So the design of the trophies has been changed, due to all the comments about how they looked "inappropriate" before.

cal_chetty, 07/6/2018, 9:32 am NST
I joined Roo Island again this year. Just realized my last two posts were both mangled. I played 871 MSN games but because I sent by accident one that was below 2700 pts so I didn't count it (my thumb somehow couldn't find the space bar button lol) and I sent 48 SlSl games (all the points for that one were over 270 pts). Sigh, this makes me now doubt my spreadsheet skills

lunas, 07/6/2018, 12:13 pm NST
I've got 440 points, any tips on what to get for them? I'm a bit lost ;p

rosi, 07/6/2018, 7:21 pm NST
I *knew* the trophies were going to change All but Darigan which still looks the same. Well, that was a good laugh for a couple of days

topaz644, 07/7/2018, 5:50 am NST
and I of course forgot to screen capture them. Maybe Dr Sloth got them

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