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Updates from TNT
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on June 27, 2018, 5:22 am NST

Hardtotame has posted another board in the Site Events forum today, this time addressing the Altador Cup and the recent issues with captchas:

Nerfing Faerieland's scores - If there was any way in which we could determine how many scores were illegitimate, we would definitely have used that to adjust Faerieland's position. However, any action we took would be purely based on guesswork rather than actual data, and we therefore decided against it. Yes, we know that Faerieland's scores are not genuine, but we also know that there are dishonest players on every team, to varying degrees. Unfortunately, we have no way of determining how much each team's score is being inflated by the illegitimate scores, and therefore cannot take action on this matter.

Don't we care about cheaters?
They've been on our minds since long before the Cup began, but there is no easy way to thwart them. We tried different things the last two years, but each method had its flaws. We did have several other solutions in mind - one was a very time consuming one, and required the Cup to be rescheduled for much later in the year. We attempted something else in Round 1, but it was clearly not good enough. Now we have the CAPTCHAS, and they seem to be working.

CAPTCHAS are making the games a pain to play!
We hear you. They were not our favorite solution, but we didn't have any other option. However, it IS the only foolproof one we have ever been able to come up with so far. Even our freezing and flagging from previous years had workarounds that dishonest players exploited. We are relieved that the CAPTCHAS have stopped the cheaters so far, and we're as curious as you are to see how Round 2 plays out.

We're sorry that some teams will still end with positions they don't rightly deserve, but as long as the cheaters don't find a workaround to the CAPTCHAS, we can proudly assure you that the Altador Cup podium will not be tainted this year.

Why I didn't speak up earlier: We make so many plans here in office, and those plans change so often. Sometimes even before we begin work, and many times when we're half-way through the project. Work turns out to be more complicated than expected, unexpected bugs throw the project off track - many times it isn't safe to say anything until we're standing on the finish line. I couldn't speak up before because I didnt have definite answers for you. I did have this answer yesterday, and I wanted to post on the boards then, but things came up (See? That's what I'm talking about!) and I couldn't.

When asked if captchas would be added elsewhere on the site:

We haven't had time to think about those options yet, Herdy. Or these discussions have not reached my ears, at least. I think we'll be waiting until the end of Round 2, at least, to call them a success and decide how else to use them on the site.

When asked if the captchas will be returning next year:

kaljinyu, we have a completely different plan in mind for next year. We know there are many who don't enjoy the Altador Cup much, but we also see there are many players who think it's the best event of the year. We definitely want to spend more time on keeping it free from cheaters firstly, and then enhancing the overall experience with changess that would entice more players to take part.
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doomdesire5, 06/27/2018, 6:22 am NST
Now how about those legit players (like me) that were frozen two years back? I lost my 10 Year+ account just because I was a part of an All-Star Group that year.

tuxonimo, 06/27/2018, 6:55 am NST
@doomdesire5 serious :o? i wish doesn't happen this year, this is my first all star rank up AC in my history, and really was a hard job to archieve.

vellen_, 06/27/2018, 7:59 am NST
Well done Herdy, thank you.

lynsyhotel, 06/27/2018, 8:37 am NST
I'm confused. Has faerieland been cheating? I'm on that team and haven't done anything dishonest! What's been going on?

dukula, 06/27/2018, 8:41 am NST
"We know there are many who don't enjoy the Altador Cup much" that's an understatement haha. I HATE Altador Cup!

I'm impressed with TNT's communication and with their hard work when it comes to trying to thwart cheaters.

Hopefully one day they will make the AC more interesting, less repetitive and less stressful on our bodies (sitting in a particular position, doing the same thing over and over again - no thanks).

dave - JN Staff, 06/27/2018, 9:00 am NST
"we have a completely different plan in mind for next year."

Maybe mobile Slushie Slinger :o

zeelink, 06/27/2018, 9:08 am NST
Well I love the AC the way it is, even though the cheaters are horrible, so I'm just happy to hear their going to try and improve it and not cull it.

1jediboy, 06/27/2018, 9:27 am NST
"we have a completely different plan in mind for next year."

"Maybe mobile Slushie Slinger :o"

Maybe mobile EVERYTHING!!!

crazybeans, 06/27/2018, 11:50 am NST
Could someone help me out please? I haven't been on Neo for about 4 or 5 days to play the AC as really life is really hectic for me with my brother getting married this Saturday. I finally found time yesterday to play and maxed out on YYB and SOSD. Today when I logged on to play again, I get a greyed out screen. It doesn't work/load at all and it happens with all games. My sister who also plays Neo doesnt have this problem and we tried the same browser to make sure.

I reached Rank 19 yesterday and was really hoping to get to All star today. Would anyone happen to know what might be the reason?

jesse101_9_9, 06/27/2018, 12:06 pm NST
I wasn't even aware that Faerieland had been cheating I was surprised they were moving up the ranks quite fast when they had a rocky start. I just saw this as a underdog team actually trying and getting what they deserve. I'll be honest I play the altador cup just so I can the trophy for my lookup. The darn thing is too repetitive and quite annoying to play. Once I hit rank 2 I just cheer for my team

ducky - JN Staff, 06/27/2018, 1:11 pm NST

SLSL and MSN has recaptchas added so if you try those, something might be blocking them. If you get them with YYB and SOSD, well probably flash issue.

dukula, 06/27/2018, 1:46 pm NST
Jesse I know the feeling about it being repetitive and annoying. I just go for the participation medal xD except I was forced to play to Rank 1 this time because I wanted the avatar lol. Not enough insentive to make me play further though!

neothebaka, 06/27/2018, 2:39 pm NST
I really do hope something is done! I lost my 6+ year account to the mass freezing and it is very upsetting because I was a legit player in the cup. Missed sign ups this year which is a bit disappointing, but I guess it was for the good seeing the cheating!

skooarnd, 06/27/2018, 3:30 pm NST
Can someone explain how Faerieland has been cheating?

ummy - JN Staff, 06/27/2018, 3:34 pm NST
@skooarnd using bots to automatically send scores without playing. That's why the captchas are working, because programs and not humans are playing

ummy - JN Staff, 06/27/2018, 3:36 pm NST
Also multiple account abuse. Which is why freezing alone doesn't stop them, even with the sign up cutoff date.

moonlightwitch, 06/27/2018, 3:55 pm NST
I'm with Dave and 1jediboy AC mobile, will be awesomeness

escrainus, 06/27/2018, 4:33 pm NST
I'm with @doomdesire5 they do try to make the site better, but tbh their efforts aren't good enough, they keep freezing anyone that gets reported without even ways (nor care) to proof that, they don't even ask the reported person theor version, because is not secret envy reports exist to hurt others.

rosi, 06/27/2018, 6:09 pm NST
That's basically how almost EVERY winning team had cheated in the past
Not because it's Faerieland this year that had the misfortune to be the "chosen" team by the main cheating group
And no, it isn't my team...

debgil, 06/27/2018, 8:18 pm NST
@crazybeans: If you mean it is just gray in the area where the game is, make sure you have enabled flash. If you use Chrome, look in the address bar for the little i in a circle. Clicking that should give you an option to enable flash. Then shut down your browser, reboot your computer and try again. Worked for me this morning.

libra, 06/28/2018, 6:59 pm NST
@rosi no one..... is arguing that. just that faerieland is the team the cheaters are on this year, rather than say, Kiko Lake, like the past several

jesse101_9_9, 06/29/2018, 7:08 pm NST
I didn't even go for the avatar because I heard it was temporary

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