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Extra Plot Prize + Altador Cup Avatar Changes
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on June 13, 2018, 5:40 am NST

Plot Prize

Today has seen the release of an extra plot prize, the Potion of Healing. This is an extra prize for those who donated additional potions beyond the achievement requirements during the plot. It appears to be a once per battle healer, however it is not currently subject to the Equip One rule that normally applies to healers. It is unclear if this is a glitch or deliberate.

Additionally, there is a glitch with how it is awarded. Hardtotame has been on the Neoboards with an update:

Players who received the Potion of Healing will find two in their inventory. Do not move either item from your inventory until further notice. You can not sell, auction or trade the potions, nor move them to your SDB until this is resolved.

We have sent out a NeoMail with the same instructions. If you have moved it to your SDB/equipped your pet with it, move it back to your inventory and leave it there. If a random event takes it away, you can send in a bug report to get it added back to your account.

We're currently collecting information on exactly how many times you needed to donate in order to qualify for the potion. If you got one, let us know how many potions you donated across the event.

Altador Cup Avatar Changes

Additionally, hardtotame made another announcement about changes to the new team avatars for the Altador Cup. Initially, they were to be removed when the Cup ended, but this has now changed!

Have you read the updated FAQs? You can keep your team avatars after the tournament ends. Next year, if you decide to join a different team, the new avatar will replace the one from this year.

I hope you're enjoying the Altador Cup!

(I have no time to stick around and chat today. We'll talk next time I'm here! Hopefully.)

Additionally, she posted that the animation of the Altador and Faerieland avatars would be fixed so that they looped correctly.
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purplebin, 06/13/2018, 6:17 am NST
I only got one potion, and my neomail does not mention not moving it. I don't know if I should still leave it in my inventory...
I also didn't keep track of how many potions I donated, and can't find a way to get back to the infirmary to see.

nimaessa, 06/13/2018, 6:35 am NST
I didn't receive the potion or the neomail.

herdy - JN Staff, 06/13/2018, 6:37 am NST
Yeah the Infirmary was taken down with the end of the plot so the only way to know how many you donated currently is memory.
If we're lucky hardtotame can just tell us at some point in the future

sakeru187, 06/13/2018, 6:39 am NST
@ purplebin - Same on both counts :/

I know I donated over 600 potions at least. I tried to make it a goal to donate 200 to each patient and then 100 of each potion because they got expensive and a lot for one patient lol.

jessalynn, 06/13/2018, 6:44 am NST
I haven't gotten the potion...

deedee60, 06/13/2018, 8:11 am NST
I got one potion and didn't get a second email. I moved it to sdb but then after seeing this on JN I moved it back. I don't know the exact # but it was a little over 200 donations.

marfbear, 06/13/2018, 8:40 am NST
I got the potion and only donated around 100 times.

1jediboy, 06/13/2018, 8:51 am NST

dillpickles, 06/13/2018, 11:16 am NST
I got the potion...but then, I donated over 1500 times. Guess Taelia wasn't too discriminatory as to how many "extra" ones you had to donate...

moonlightwitch, 06/13/2018, 11:28 am NST
I'm on moble and only gave 1 extra, did not receive any thing. I'm just happy it's over

shakespeareofborg, 06/13/2018, 1:03 pm NST
No potion or NM, I think I donated about 20 extra potions.

doomdesire5, 06/13/2018, 1:31 pm NST
No potion here, and I donated several times over the limit needed...

cat, 06/13/2018, 2:48 pm NST
I didn't get a potion, but I only donated a couple extras to get one of every kind.

mistyraider, 06/13/2018, 2:54 pm NST
Wracking my memory, I think I might have donated between 30 & 50 extra potions. I'm sure it wasn't anywhere near 100. I haven't gotten the Potion of Healing or any emails.
Hope this info helps. As moonlightwitch said, I'm just happy it's over

grouchybeast, 06/13/2018, 3:14 pm NST
I haven't had a mail or a potion. I donated 20 potions to each patient, plus some extra (may another ten or twenty?) to Fyora.

xhxixdxdxexnx, 06/13/2018, 4:25 pm NST
Got the potion, donated at least 10 potions to each patient, a lot more to the first

inusfan, 06/13/2018, 4:56 pm NST
Dang that would of been really nice to get, but figuring the plot would have point based rewards I focused more on attacking a bunch everyday in the battledome and ignoring donating potions. Don't really feel I deserve this potion(unlike top tier trophy which I missed for missing day 2 of the one achievement because of the time thingie) but overall this plot was such a disappointment...

katina_choovanski, 06/13/2018, 10:10 pm NST
How the heck am I supposed to remember how many potions I donated. Is that something we can look up somewhere. Geeze Louise, I wish they'd get it together a little bit. I only got 1 potion and really don't want to lose it to them thinking I got 2. Such a PITA!

haharissa, 06/13/2018, 11:46 pm NST
I did get the potion, i’m thinking I donated maybe 50-100 ish extra potions? I used all of the ingredients I was able to farm myself and didn’t buy much extra. I think I had like 100-150 of the wraith ectoplasm though from before those were capped, so most of the extra potions I donated came from those extras

rosi, 06/14/2018, 2:27 pm NST
I donated extra potions (don't remember the exact number though) but I didn't get anything

lunas, 06/14/2018, 3:03 pm NST
looks like people who way overshot the mark get nothing more than those who donated around 75 to 100 extra potions. No idea how many I donated, at some point I stopped doing more than the bare neccesary ones because it was impossible to get more ingredients and refused to buy them. I think I got maybe 50 extra or something.

lunas, 06/14/2018, 3:03 pm NST
(Also no Potion xD)

keyblade_warrior_10, 06/14/2018, 4:28 pm NST
I got the extra potion and the NM but as of 4PM NST my extra potion has disappeared from my invent, I have gotten no REs (there's no way, I haven't been on since I checked my invent 12 hours ago) and they've not posted an update? I'd rather lose the second potion than try to figure out if they've fixed it or not, they haven't put up the help desk yet and you've got to email and I honestly don't know how to do that from Chrome/Gmail and it be formatted and categorised so they'll actually see it.

rosi, 06/14/2018, 5:16 pm NST
@keyblade_warrior : well, if you send an email to the generic support@neopets.com you'll only get an auto-response and your email will pile up The real issue probably won't be handled in weeks or even months

keyblade_warrior_10, 06/14/2018, 5:27 pm NST
Yeah, that's the other thing I was afraid of. I guess I'll let it sit for a bit and see if they push an update this evening, that's something they've been bad about too is actually fixing something and not telling us until hours later when we need to know when the fix was actually pushed.

omnidraconis, 06/18/2018, 3:01 pm NST
I donated 300potions for the jetsam for sure,while the others were all varying from 50-100potions

capedragonlady, 06/19/2018, 6:16 am NST
I donated 1005 potions total, which cost me well over 12 million NP. Really not worth it.. so won't do that again. And what about battling Kaia, which I did 507 times. ??? Nothing for that...??

capedragonlady, 06/19/2018, 6:17 am NST
I donated 1005 potions total, which cost me well over 12 million NP. Really not worth it.. so won't do that again. And what about battling Kaia, which I did 507 times. ??? Nothing for that...??

invader_of_worlds, 06/22/2018, 3:47 pm NST
I would have much rather had a prize shop, and I sold my potion as I currently have a 50% healing item anyway.

invader_of_worlds, 06/22/2018, 3:47 pm NST
I would have much rather had a prize shop, and I sold my potion as I currently have a 50% healing item anyway.

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