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The Madness Continues
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on June 5, 2018, 11:26 am NST

If that impossible-to-obtain Neopia Central stamp album avatar was out of reach for you, here are some other new avatars that might be a little more possible, but still ridiculously expensive:

In order of above: NeoQuest II, Battle for Meridell, Meridell vs. Darigan, Scarabs, Coins, Altador, Other, Space Station Coins, Evil Coconuts.

As always, check out our Stamp Album guide and Stamp Checklist Tool to see how many more stamps you need to complete your album!

TNT, if you're reading this, there's an extreme supply problem with certain stamps, particularly older r101 stamps that were released in extremely limited quantities (250 or less!)

UPDATE: TNT has posted some comments on the reactions that people are having to the new stamp avatars:

Wait, we saw so many requests for [stamp avatars], we didn't even stop to think whether there were any drawbacks to doing this. Meh. *Another* lesson learnt for next time. Sigh.

Yes, we always intended to release more avatars for other areas of the site, but now it looks like we need to push that up the priority list.
We do want to rerelease some of the very rare, old stamps. I've seen Dr. Sloth's Auctions, but like you said, only the super rich will ever be able to get them, again. Do you have any more suggestions on how we can do this 'carefully'? Adding them to dailies but making them extremely difficult to get seems like a good idea..
tl;dr: They had the best intentions, but now see that more action needs to be done. Looks like rare stamps could be re-released soon, along with some avatars that are not stamp-based.
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There are 97 comments below. Add yours!

lucaspms55, June 5, 2018 11:35 AM NST

One more^
jawsch, June 5, 2018 11:55 AM NST
Anyone want to buy a Flaming Evil Coconut?
mellygirl123 - JN Staff, June 5, 2018 11:58 AM NST
New unobtainable avatars - my favorite! /s
zeelink, June 5, 2018 11:59 AM NST
Wow, did not see that coming. Even though many of these are near impossible, I still appreciate TNT playing 'catch-up' with the collectors avatar. Hopefully they will keep this up with the more recent collections.
ziporen, June 5, 2018 12:15 PM NST
I mean... I'm not too happy about this either, but at least they'll have to release other kinds of avatars once all of the completed albums have avatars, right?

... Right? -insert *unsure* smiley-
libra, June 5, 2018 12:17 PM NST
do they not realize or do they just not really care?
ducky - JN Staff, June 5, 2018 12:22 PM NST
Well. It's does make sense that avatar collector top places should belong to stamp collectors. Right?

I cannot say what I really think because I am sure Dave has set some filters.

I mean YAY if it's something there might be a chance. But then there are those albums...

*pokes Golden Coco Stamp and Flaming Evil Cocont*
dr_tomoe, June 5, 2018 12:30 PM NST

Holy moley.
zixianna, June 5, 2018 12:40 PM NST
Oh, so THATS why my Sczzy Stamp sold so fast, and probably at half what it'll go for now... *sigh*
erica630, June 5, 2018 12:40 PM NST
Bold of you to assume that TNT is merciful.
zixianna, June 5, 2018 12:43 PM NST
'Well. It's does make sense that avatar collector top places should belong to stamp collectors. Right?'

I hope that was sarcasm.
Basically, it's 'buying your way to the top of another list'. Top stamp collectors already get top stamp collector trophy, now it's getting weighted heavily on avatars too? Gah. I was out on Stamps YEARS ago, cause, really, stamps are boring. Go read a book
biediep, June 5, 2018 12:54 PM NST
I am the happiest Neopian alive right now T^T
7 new avatars just like that, and the Other, Altador and Scarab ones are so nice! Now to save up for that LC coconut and EEC lol.
ducky - JN Staff, June 5, 2018 1:00 PM NST
I hope that was sarcasm.

It was P2W

I mean yeah YAY for them giving avatars for complete albums and congrats those hoarder resellers *pokes Jawsch*

But still it... well as long as those have buyable stamps it's ok. But retired/oldoldold prizes like LC prizes. It's just dung. Complete dung.

I cannot even get the dang BTB throphy even I'd read all the r99 books that my pet has not. Because it refuses few newer books. So. Yay.
zixianna, June 5, 2018 1:44 PM NST
Hah, yup....
I'm actually surprised, I forgot I'd finished my Scarabs page *lol* Yay! I have a 'stamp' avatar (eventually I guess?)

'well as long as those have buyable stamps it's ok'

I was definitely hoping that was how they would handle Stamp Avatars - just make them for new pages as they went. Well, poop.

And yes, the BTB trophy got hosed by the Wheel of Extravagance (large % of r100s compared to overall number of books), and the removal of language switching for reading. I even made pretty graphs I'd like to post one day to show 'pets name vs # of boring books' to show how unfair that really is to newer readers especially.
mellygirl123 - JN Staff, June 5, 2018 2:06 PM NST
It would be really awesome if all the stamps were currently obtainable. Who knows, maybe TNT will re-release some again?
airylouise, June 5, 2018 2:13 PM NST
I see no reason why there shouldn't be avatars for each page of the album!

That being said I 100% agree that the ancient, unavailable stamps absolutely should be re-released somehow.
queen_megs, June 5, 2018 3:05 PM NST
Was that question in the editorial the other week asking for more stamp avatars not being sarcastic? I thought it was...

Hmph. Here's hoping they do re-release the older r101s and do something about the r90s (Golden Shell went from ~30mil to ~42mil after this year's Charity Corner).

Have they forgotten about clickable avatars? Game avatars? Other item-related avatars?? They don't all have to be stamp and event ones.
2b4saken, June 5, 2018 3:12 PM NST
I'm not sure why everyone gets so up in arms about this. Honestly this is something that should've been done years ago. Everybody wants TNT to make progress updating the site, but when it's progress you don't want it's suddenly a problem.
aviagua, June 5, 2018 3:20 PM NST
Well this explains why my Neomail was flooded with offers for my Scuzzy Stamp! I'm really happy that TNT decided to go and make all these avatars (especially the Scarab one as I completed that collection a while ago.)
eliz1bef, June 5, 2018 3:27 PM NST
GAH! I've got one scarab left and now its price just exploded beyond the already insane price it was.
mellygirl123 - JN Staff, June 5, 2018 4:00 PM NST
@eliz1bef I like to go backwards from most expensive downwards so if the avatar is released or something then you have the most expensive already.
1jediboy, June 5, 2018 4:12 PM NST
lissait, June 5, 2018 4:21 PM NST
i’ll never get avatar collector avatar, yay!!!!
1jediboy, June 5, 2018 4:24 PM NST


Thsi iz a reel skitcy saontciut! *dart in neck* *conks out*
nightshadeswiftswing, June 5, 2018 4:26 PM NST
Really makes me wish I held onto some of my event stamps a lot longer than I had.... stamp prices about to skyrocket!
suzuka - JN Staff, June 5, 2018 4:27 PM NST
Of course I go to Neo homepage and Jawsch already has the coco one set on my friends list
nightshadeswiftswing, June 5, 2018 4:29 PM NST
Question though, when was the last time we had an avatar released that wasn't stamp or event related?
nightshadeswiftswing, June 5, 2018 4:32 PM NST
Answering my own question. Caption Contest seems to be the last one, which was a 2018 release. Before that I'm thinking it was 2014?
jomargem, June 5, 2018 4:39 PM NST
I've been saving and... almost had the 50 million for the Golden Coco Stamp. Out of reach again
mandypandy667, June 5, 2018 5:12 PM NST
Feels like they don't know how to make avatars that arent related to stamps or events
mogster, June 5, 2018 5:18 PM NST
Need a new hobby now I suppose. I was collecting because I liked the stamps. It's not fun when it's impossible.
beyondelsewhere, June 5, 2018 5:22 PM NST
@mandypandy667 considering I STILL have the wraith BD challenger box on my Anchor Management page, they don't seem to be good with coding things that should show up once on a page and then go away. =/

I am not unhappy about these new avatars, I think it's great to have one for each of the albums. I know I won't ever complete them, but it's a nice reward for those who DO.

I'm sad I am reading that the AC avvies might not be forever, only during the AC. I have wanted a Faerieland avvie for so long.
dark169, June 5, 2018 5:47 PM NST
Why not release a new Avatar for guessing the murderer in the Ski Lodge Murder Mystery?
mortychichi, June 5, 2018 6:19 PM NST
Nice, look at all those richer rich people

Many of those were already hoarded beyond the reach of anyone not from TC lol
topaz644, June 5, 2018 6:28 PM NST
I thought JS had listened to us when we said slow down with the freakin stamp avies.

Fix the AAAs revenge avie for crying out loud. I'm a stamp collector and it's just luck that I had all the Scarabs before today.
mortychichi, June 5, 2018 6:33 PM NST
Guys on TC were suddenly buying Scuzzy and Terask Stamps hours before the release, must be just a coincidence
lia_19_85, June 5, 2018 6:33 PM NST
I'm kinda torn. I always tried to finish albums that had no avatar, because I feared that would at some point. But now it's a bit unexciting.

Anyway, 6 new avatars :-). But some are not so pretty. The coconut avatar is great, but I'm missing THE coconut of course.
dave - JN Staff, June 5, 2018 7:11 PM NST
@lia_19_85: You can still get the thrill of the hunt for the NeoQuest album page. For some reason they didn't release an avatar for that one...
lia_19_85, June 5, 2018 7:15 PM NST
@Dave Oh! Interesting! I got enough filling to do still. It was just this theorizing thing for me "which album might be next??". I guess I know the answer now!
zixianna, June 5, 2018 8:17 PM NST

It's because 'progress' like this is a barrier to new players. Things are already skewed towards the rich, those who have been around long enough to buy up r101 and r180 items, sell them off at highly inflated prices, etc.

Yes, older accounts SHOULD have certain advantages, but they already have them by way of just being older accounts. They COULD get those items when they were released at reasonable prices. They COULD get avatars for Events that happened years ago, etc etc.

It's when changes that are introduced continue to inflate those old accounts and make things for newer accounts more difficult that the site is actively discouraging new players, and a shrinking player base is one of the largest problems for the site.

Yes, progress, but not 'fill in the blanks from 10 years ago' progress, 'create NEW progress' progress. That's where I think most of us who about things like this are coming from.
1jediboy, June 5, 2018 8:26 PM NST
D: zixianna is right! THIS is the reason the Neopets fanbase is shrinking!

Very astute observation.
1jediboy, June 5, 2018 8:29 PM NST
Making bigger, "harder-to-achieve" achievements is discouraging new users to the point of quitting!

I though it was the lack of quality...
2b4saken, June 5, 2018 8:29 PM NST
But what is it creating a barrier for? The only thing I've really heard people complain about is it makes it harder for people to make the avatar list, but that's something that's already a barrier for new players who can't earn any of the old retired avatars.

The reality is this is a good update for people who collect stamps and if you don't collect stamps this really doesn't affect you because you were never going to buy these newly inflated items anyway.
2b4saken, June 5, 2018 8:34 PM NST
Nobody is quitting over stamps. They're quitting because the site is stale and other areas of the internet are more appealing to the general public. The site refuses to advance the basics (it's basically the same site it was 8 years ago). The majority of new players barely collect stamps so why would this impact them at all?
zixianna, June 5, 2018 9:08 PM NST
-They're quitting because the site is stale and other areas of the internet are more appealing to the general public.-

If that's the case, then this isn't 'progress' like you stated, it's just adding more stale content, and won't help the site overall.
2b4saken, June 5, 2018 9:24 PM NST
It is progress though for the stamp collection community.
2b4saken, June 5, 2018 9:30 PM NST
The people who collect stamps are not the same ones as the ones leaving. In fact the collectables community has been the longest lasting presence on neopets, in large part, because of the act of collecting itself.

The average and newer players, the ones who are apparently the most to suffer with these new avatars, are really not impacted at all.
biediep, June 5, 2018 10:21 PM NST
"The only thing I've really heard people complain about is it makes it harder for people to make the avatar list, but that's something that's already a barrier for new players who can't earn any of the old retired avatars."

And for those who actually put a lot of time and effort into their album it's nice to have new avatars to show for it. Not all avatars are meant to be obtained by everyone easily. But I do agree it would be nice if they'd bring some old retired stamps back into circulation. Especially the old LC prizes. It won't be long now before any that were still active will all be albumed and there will be literally none left in Neopia. I don't think they should be easy, but they should be possible at least. Once there's a handful of them around again it'll be a nice goal even for newer players if that's what they want to do. I've wanted LD and SV for many years and still don't have either of them, but it&
biediep, June 5, 2018 10:24 PM NST
Looks like my post got cut off.
It's what keeps me going and keeps me interested in the site. It's a great hobby imo and all these new avatars stink for those who were already serious collectors but hadn't finished the page(s) yet and now have to deal with inflated prices, but if your album has like 10 stamps in it because you got them for free from dailies, don't complain about these avatars being impossible. *shrug*
escrainus, June 5, 2018 11:53 PM NST
The majority of new players barely collect stamps so why would this impact them at all?

And why is that? *rolleyes* like, seriously, if you are a new player that is just getting into the site, you wouldn't put like a goal something that looks far away from what you can achieve by your own.. the fact that "new players don't do this" doesn't means the site needs to go around stuff only for those that has been since the beggining of time while leaving stuff for new players stale.. we haven't gotten new avatars for games or items or something in a while, events or this..

but if your album has like 10 stamps in it because you got them for free from dailies, don't complain about these avatars being impossible. *shrug*
I disagree, if people don't have a lot of stamps it may be also because there is not much point for them to try to get them since their collection may never be complete due to how rare and impossible to get some stamps can be
2b4saken, June 6, 2018 1:48 AM NST
You can easily get to 150-200 stamps and spend roughly 100k. Which you can do just from a months worth of collecting from Trudy. Most people only want to start collecting stamps BECAUSE they can gain an avatar. If you just want to collect for the sake of collecting it's really easy.
biediep, June 6, 2018 2:15 AM NST
I started stamp collecting because I wanted the Lost Desert stamp avatar. 10 years later I still don't have it but I realized how fun stamp collecting is. I too knew my album would never be complete, I very well realized from the start there were stamps I would never be able to afford in my life time, but I still want to collect as many as I can. Completing a page is an awesome feeling, even if there is no avatar as a reward. These new avatars are just an added and amazing bonus.

If you don't have many stamps because you "don't see the point" then I also don't see the point of complaining you won't get an avatar.
That's like having been on the site for 10 years and never bother to train your pet but then complain that BD plots are "unfair".
biediep, June 6, 2018 2:18 AM NST
These pages were very affordable to complete before the avs came out. If they weren't, I wouldn't have completed them either. My income depends solely on Trudy, the BD and FC so I'm a pretty slow saver. I'll admit it stinks if you were trying to complete these it's pretty discouraging to see the prices go up now because some avatars got randomly released, but if you never bothered in the first place then don't start complaining now
cosmological, June 6, 2018 2:58 AM NST
the main reason i want the older stamp avatars is because they look nice. these new avatars are either plain or ugly...
airylouise, June 6, 2018 5:46 AM NST
People are being SO DRAMATIC.

Stamp collecting and the associated avatars were ONE site feature. New site users are light years away from being on the top avatar list and they would not be any closer if it weren't for these new stamp avatars.

As someone who had to restart recently because of hackers, I can say that there is an abundance of content these past few months. TWR, daily dare, altador cup, altador mini-plot, games, dailies, battleome, etc...

Yes, the site is stale overall. Yes, there is a lot of work that needs to be done to usher the site into a new era. But I would imagine these stamp avatars were extremely easy to create and I highly doubt they took resources away from other site updates. To suggest that stamps is the reason people are leaving neopets/not signing up is an absolutely wild statement.
fenix, June 6, 2018 6:03 AM NST
Most people only want to start collecting stamps BECAUSE they can gain an avatar. If you just want to collect for the sake of collecting it's really easy.
But until JS do something about the supply of retired or unavailable stamps to meet the demand, people are going to lose interest or give up on stamp collecting for the avatars. People like going for reasonable goals.
ladyamethyst, June 6, 2018 7:03 AM NST
15 year player, 547 stamps, no finished albums Curse my focusing on other collections! It will cost me well over 1.1 billion np according to JN pricing, to get JUST the stamps I need (does not include coconuts, coins, charms or unpriced stamps) & that doesn't reflect all of the recent price increases yet
ladyamethyst, June 6, 2018 7:08 AM NST
Needless to say, there's no way I would ever recommend stamp collecting unless you're just doing it to get what you can. Forget the avatars. I have.
una, June 6, 2018 7:26 AM NST
I think they will bring Lenny Conundrum back, so maybe the stamps will get re-released the same way they were originally. They've brought back the Random and Caption contests, makes sense for LC to be on the horizon. Just my thoughts
1jediboy, June 6, 2018 7:36 AM NST
We need a petition for Lenny Conundrum to come back! Last time a petition was made we got back the Random Contest! We underestimate the power of our collective voices! Let us all unite as one to bring back something we love!
cloonshannagh, June 6, 2018 8:25 AM NST
I was going to start stamp collecting. But I don't think so now. BBB and Banna really want a SUAP, so we are saving toward that. I figure just a few more years (10-15) and we can do it. *lol*
airylouise, June 6, 2018 9:37 AM NST
Very rare in dailies seems like a reasonable option. I suppose they could also re-release them in shops as r98-r100?
mortychichi, June 6, 2018 10:13 AM NST
r100 would be useless tho *looks at Emerald Eyrie Coin*
I'd love to see them being made to r99s , rich old players would be so mad
recklesse, June 6, 2018 10:22 AM NST
The main reason the Lenny Conundrum ended was because the script giving out the prizes stopped working properly (basically nobody was getting their prizes) and nobody at Viacom/TNT could find a way to fix it.

Unless the new bunch can make it work properly, or come up with some other solution, it isn't worth bringing back.
1jediboy, June 6, 2018 10:28 AM NST
“Any ideas?”

I repeat:

There should be some sort of "Donation Auction" where a retired stamp has a set price, (E.G. 1Billion NP), and every time a neopian pledges an amount, the price of the stamp goes down for the NEXT user. The auction is over when the stamp has been purchased. This would be a REALLY good NP sink!
cloonshannagh, June 6, 2018 11:09 AM NST
Since stamps are glued in albums, the avatars make them a guaranteed sink. *lol* *climbs on soapbox* We need more avail to "middle class" neopians. Not everyone can even count to billion. *peeks through the gates at the mansions and drools* *trips off s-box*
1jediboy, June 6, 2018 11:13 AM NST
*catches cloonshannagh* I gotcha! Whew! You good? ... you're good.

You're right! We need to tend to middle class neopians as well!
cloonshannagh, June 6, 2018 11:54 AM NST
Or Josh, Maro and Jasmine could adopt us! Maybe their talents would rub off? *puppy eyes*
parody_ham, June 6, 2018 12:46 PM NST
This was allll kinds of poorly planned out, TNT.
shayyy, June 6, 2018 12:46 PM NST
Whatever, y'all. TNT is catching up little by little. I collect stamps as my priority (idk why), so I'm happy. It's the reason I play games and restock, etc. They will release something soon enough that you enjoy. I think this is a good sign that they will do something about the exclusivity of certain items soon. Maybe bring back the Attic? *hint hint*
berdor, June 6, 2018 1:10 PM NST
If only 3 people on the site can get a avatar because they already managed to complete the page, I really don't see what's wrong with that. Good for them, they probably deserve to feel special.

I hope TNT doesn't let themselves get pressured into taking away from other people's accomplishments just because some users feel entitled to every new avatar just because they 'collect' them.
purslane, June 6, 2018 1:30 PM NST
adding to dailies would be a disaster.
saiphami, June 6, 2018 2:08 PM NST
I disagree that adding to dailies would be a disaster. Both grave danger and faeries cavern stamps cost like, 90m. It's not exactly like that's cheap. It's just putting more into circulation and can sort of remove the issue of people panicking that a 400m coin is going to turn into 1 billion before they can save 100m.

If they are careful, it's fine. Not saying I have the most confidence that they will think this through but I like it a lot more than the sloth auctions.
swamperts, June 6, 2018 2:12 PM NST
They should just add them to the Charity Corner 90+ donation pool. Just make them extremely rare to get, though. Rare is better than impossible since several of those stamps from LC were given out in small numbers. Gives everyone a fair chance, and there's no worries with auctions or shops, I dunno.
mavegibson, June 6, 2018 2:21 PM NST
I am back to saying that they need to make stamps removable from albums.
dave - JN Staff, June 6, 2018 2:34 PM NST
@berdor: I think the question is, should TNT be spending time producing content that only 3 people in all of Neopia will be able to enjoy?
keleri, June 6, 2018 3:55 PM NST
I think it's good that they're putting together batches of avatars like this, but perhaps should have started with something a little more "middle class" like several new game score avatars, restocking avatars like Chocolate!, pet lookup/petpet avatars, etc.

I'd also argue that the "avatar collector" avatar should be a prize for getting, say, 250 or 300 avatars instead of being such a hotly contested competition, heh, but in general I'm in favor of a lot more individual (instead of scoreboard) achievements.
1jediboy, June 6, 2018 3:57 PM NST
agoschi123, June 6, 2018 3:58 PM NST
I hope they make a store of retired objects and that if they want to be worth 1M or more x3
But it would be good if other people do not put on "only the elite can have those things"
1jediboy, June 6, 2018 4:09 PM NST
Good idea! A shop like the hidden tower full of items that are rare like that!
tanoshii, June 6, 2018 4:09 PM NST
I agree that these are long overdue but releasing all of them at once was silly.
There have been lots of boards on other areas of the site where avatars could be given, I fail to understand why they would just do stamp. Unless the 3 people on the site with all the new avatars are spending more money on the site than all the NCers combined...
BTW, what was wrong with my tiered avatar idea, JS?
agoschi123, June 6, 2018 4:18 PM NST
@1jediboy exact! at least that way it will make new users want to play and collect np
nightshadeswiftswing, June 6, 2018 4:28 PM NST
Random thought on some of the super old event/plot avatars, how about a re-imagining of the event? Basically same plot but a few things changed to bring it back up to 2018. Would give new folks and returned folks a chance to experience them and get a chance at the avatars
1jediboy, June 6, 2018 4:37 PM NST
@nightshadeswiftswing - YES!!!!!!! PLOT REBOOTS!!!!! That is something we BADLY need!!!!!
1jediboy, June 6, 2018 4:37 PM NST
@nightshadeswiftswing - YES!!!!!!! PLOT REBOOTS!!!!! That is something we BADLY need!!!!!
zixianna, June 6, 2018 5:00 PM NST
I'm not arguing against Stamp Avatars (though I could, why so many avatars for one type of content on the site?), I'm saying 'just make them for new album pages'.

Since the argument being made FOR them is 'it encourages stamp collecting and rewards stamp collectors', making avatars for new pages does the same exact thing, only without the 'sorry, these new avatars are for past content you weren't around for!' It's akin to giving out a new 'I was first to Moltara' for the first 100 accounts that visited it when it was created.

Making avatars for new pages is Win-Win for collectors. You keep collecting, it encourages others to collect as well.

As for 'spending time on content for just a few people', at least I'm sure adding stamp avatars is trivial for time / code.
invader_of_worlds, June 6, 2018 6:28 PM NST
I would love to see a stamp wheel that acts as a point sink, and gives the chance for high rarity stamps.
nightshadeswiftswing, June 6, 2018 6:37 PM NST
@1jediboy - I mean, I'm one of the elusive players that still has the "Saved Mystery Island" avatars, but I would be quite content getting to redo that plot in full (I had just joined and literally only clicked on the finishing step link out of curiosity and ended up with the avvie). Wouldn't bother me to see others with it
nightshadeswiftswing, June 6, 2018 6:39 PM NST
But doing rebooted plots would really help with the massive amount of retired plot avvies. Mystery Island was like... 2003 which was 15 years ago (old corner). I think 15 years is a good amount of time to consider doing a plot again. As long as it doesn't take as long as TWR
1jediboy, June 6, 2018 6:47 PM NST
Completely agree! Not only would it be a good "less-resources-used" excuse to have a 2.0 map update at the end, (Mystery Island! DX), as well as offer plots to users that weren't ready for when they arrived, (Tyrannia! DX), but it would also hype up buzz for new user participation!

I feel we NEED plot re-dos/reboots!
1jediboy, June 6, 2018 6:48 PM NST
@invader_of_worlds - That's good too!

cocojan, June 7, 2018 5:04 AM NST
100% agree to old plot reboots and being able to remove stamps from the album. So I can -stop- collecting
zodia195, June 7, 2018 7:30 AM NST
One of the reasons why I still play Neopets is because I am a stamp collector. I've yet to finish a section though due to how hard it is to get the rare ones. I've pretty much given up hope of attaining Older stamps and am focusing on newer ones. Anyway, a chance to get the older ones is really nice, but I do wish they didn't cost so much because I am still a casual player and don't play the games as much as I use to get more NPs.
zixianna, June 7, 2018 8:27 AM NST
-remove stamps from the album-

As soon as I can unpoof all my books and regurgitate all my gourmets And there aren't even avatars for collecting those (it's because books are their OWN reward )
dave - JN Staff, June 7, 2018 9:18 AM NST
Yea, I agree that removing stamps from albums is too extreme of a solution, and it doesn't actually solve the fact that a number of older stamps just don't exist in quantity.

Far fewer people would be up in arms about this whole thing if the rarer stamps (likes the ones ONLY released back in 2002--16 years ago!) were just circulated a bit more, either via dailies, Charity Corner, Better Than You/Mystery Pic, etc. (BTY and Mystery Pic are the best suggestions, IMO, as the quantities will definitely be controlled there to keep the other side who may not want re-releases happier.)
1jediboy, June 7, 2018 9:29 PM NST
"regurgitate all my gourmets"

EWW! Why?! Why go there!?
blu, June 16, 2018 2:48 AM NST
Omg TNT, you've got to be kidding me. So much for the high score board. What a joke.

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