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Messages from TNT
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on May 25, 2018, 5:24 am NST

The staff member that posted many updates on the neoboards last week, hardtotame, has been back at it early this morning with more updates on multiple boards.

Battledome Updates
First, on the Battledome board, she has given an update on the progress of BD fixes:

A lot of you have been asking for updates about the Battledome fixes, and for an update on DoN.

DoN - This is easy to answer. We want to fix the Battledome first.

Battledome fixes - *sigh* Okay, so here's what's happening. We took a look at the results of the survey, and we made a list of things that we need to focus on. Our senior-most programmer is the one that's working on it. He's also the one that gets called in every time there's something 'big' that needs to be done. With the current situation we're in (having to optimize the entire website for mobile, looking for solutions to features that currently work on Flash, etc), that's fairly often. Which means, he has to put the fixes on hold and help us with solutions to these other issues, that come with grave consequences if they're ignored. So, he's on one such break right now, and he will return to the Battledome once he's done with his current task. For these reasons, it's very difficult to give you a timeline that we can be sure we'll stick to, but we can tell you that you ARE on our list of priorities, and we're working on it (just not at the moment, unfortunately).

Wraith Resurgence Prizes
Over on the Site Events board, she gave additional updates about the plot:

We haven't finished running the script for this, so if you haven't received your trophies or prizes yet, don't worry - it's coming!

I see a lot of concerns about some of the tiers and prizes (the ones that stand out to us are the users who missed the top tier by the 'Stickler for Time' achievement, and the users who donated a large number of potions in hope of a better prize).

We need some time, but we will be looking into these concerns and seeing what we can do about them. You can expect to hear from me again in a week's time about this (if they haven't been addressed already by then).

She later stated that there may be scope to changing the plot prize requirements to exclude those who missed the Stickler For Time (Fiendish Formations on day of release) achievement:

RE: Time-specific achievements affecting trophy tiers
We're sorry that you had to miss out on certain parts of the plot, but apart from 'Stickler for Time', we will not be reconsidering the tiers for this plot. Good point about the prize shop vs. prize tiers systems - awarding plot points takes a lot more planning and effort, and we did not feel ready for it with TWR.

And posted that those who suffered glitches with plot steps may have their issues looked into:

If you got a response to it just hours ago, it will be looked into. I see another user that has reported the same bug in the bug report we got today. Again, this will take a while as we're still just awarding trophies right now, but it will be looked into.

She also made a general board asking for opinions on whether some of the plot weapons that were given out should have their icons reduced:

I have read a few arguments for and against nerfing plot weapons.

In the past, I have advocated for certain things because a few people were vocal about it on the boards, only to realize after it was implemented that there was another side to the argument that we hadn't considered, that you brought up after it was too late to change. I don't want to make that mistake again, so please voice your opinion here so that we can consider both sides of the argument before making a decision.

Item Fixes
And finally, she gave updates on item fixes (of which many have already been fixed!):

RE: Item fixes in general
I understand you want us to focus more on fixing things that are broken. Accordingly, we're making this a priority, and we plan to give you weekly updates about what we've fixed that week. We're thinking of doing this in the editorial. What do you say?
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jellybecca, 05/25/2018, 5:29 am NST
What are the complaints that people are having about the Stickler for Time? Is it because of the random reset time? I missed getting the top tier because one day the Fiendish Formations seemed to reset at a different time.

Wonder if they're looking into it and will look at updating trophies/prizes because of that glitched achieve.

herdy - JN Staff, 05/25/2018, 5:57 am NST
Stickler For Time is all a lot of people are missing out on the top trophy by. And it's an achievement that you could miss by not logging on for a single 24 hours during a plot that was having literal weeks of nothing happening at a time.

jawsch, 05/25/2018, 6:03 am NST
As always, I'm going against the grain and think people that missed Stickler for Time should stop complaining.

Top tier prizes should be hard to obtain that's why they're a top prize and typically end up being expensive, this idea of going back and moving the goal posts so more people can be awarded a prize they didn't earn sets a precedent of going back to "everyone gets the same prizes" nonsense.

(And no, I didn't win the top prize if people think I'm just being greedy)

sketch, 05/25/2018, 6:38 am NST
I'm with jawsch on this one, there's a reason they're top tier prizes! Both complaints kind of contradict each other...for the potion, people who put it more effort and donated more want to be rewarded; for the Stickler for Time, people who put in less effort (i.e. not checking when FF started) want to be rewarded

Imo if you took the time to check on TWR every day (or at lesst jn) and were able to complete the required achievement, you should get the top tier. Although for the potions they put an item limit and clearly didn't intend on us spending thousands of np to make more and go beyond the achievement.

herdy - JN Staff, 05/25/2018, 6:47 am NST
Normally I'd be in full agreement but I feel the sheer amount of time where nothing was happening in this plot makes it an outlier.

The plot lasted over 200 days. New stuff happened on 24 of them, and only the update of Fiendish Formations required day of release. If the plot had been more squeezed together then having day of release requirements would be much more sensible.

zmicheleh, 05/25/2018, 8:04 am NST
Its a lovely trophy to get. Thank-you very much. I was just concerned about people getting confused with which 24 hrs of which time zone like saying Tarla's here but it could be another 2,4, 6,8,12 hours before she is there for you

tomatereloco, 05/25/2018, 8:20 am NST
Did they ever mention the survey results?

unarella, 05/25/2018, 8:32 am NST
I agree with jawsch, and like him I didn't get top tier (I'm actually still waiting for prizes as I only got 5 achievements). If they change the goalposts it's not fair on users that got things done when they needed to. The only thing I would suggest to them next time is if they are going to do another BD element plot, use a point system instead, as it seems to have worked before and seems like a fairer system from where I'm standing. But plenty of plots have had time sensitive tasks. My two cents

lazybutt, 05/25/2018, 8:41 am NST
I like this TNT employee way more than Scrappy. She's much more eloquent!

zixianna, 05/25/2018, 8:41 am NST
I'll say I am on the fence on Stickler.
I missed it, and I'm not even sure I wasn't logged in that day. When there are no updates for weeks at a time on something, a thing that pops up and disappears before most people even know about it is bad form. I do wish they'd 'changed the goalposts' back when when it happened, keeping with the long established 'day and a half for the first day of timed events', and I can see people disapproving of addressing it now that the entire plot is over. I won't complain either way, but hope they learn the 'day and a half lesson' from this.
Heck, I'll gladly sacrifice a stamp and an avatar for a TNT that actually communicates on a regular basis.

rickyqt, 05/25/2018, 8:42 am NST
Change the rules after the game has been won or lost? Change the name of the game to then please: Stickler for Time (Just kidding!)

If there was a verifiable glitch to the program timing then sure - if people just weren't paying attention then why should anybody pay attention?

Just my thoughts.

Thank you everyone for all the hard work you do - it is appreciated and should be rewarded as such. Take care!

ducky - JN Staff, 05/25/2018, 9:17 am NST
Stickler for Time is the only complain I kinda understand. Week or two nothing, and then one Friday starts 24h update thingie for a week. No, I did not expect it to have day and half because it was not event like DD or GMC. It was just part bigger event.

But when fansites give you update, news give you update and boards scream for update. Is it really someone elses fault that you missed it?

But then again, ASSUMING something is not really... Well people should not assume things. esp on Neo.

I've also seen people whining about not getting top tier only because they didn't bother to train their pets (there was basicly over a year time to do that). I do like that there is something more to achieve to people who have time and do things daily than everyone getting everything without doing much.

(I was very excited that GMC final prize went back to "on release day" way)

recklesse, 05/25/2018, 9:31 am NST
The real problem with stickler for time was the game ran from noon to noon and not midnight to midnight.

I could have checked in at 3am NST on day one, then at 2pm NST the next day (so visiting and checking for updates every day) and I would have totally missed the first Fiendish Formations achievement. Again, for those who didn't quite follow that: That's still checking in EVERY DAY!

zixianna, 05/25/2018, 10:19 am NST
-I could have checked in at 3am NST on day one, then at 2pm NST the next day (so visiting and checking for updates every day) and I would have totally missed the first Fiendish Formations achievement. Again, for those who didn't quite follow that: That's still checking in EVERY DAY! -

I don't even think I knew that part. Chances are I would have been on at 8-10AM on Friday, and not at all on Saturday, and thus would have been on that day and still not have seen the plot step at all. I rarely play on weekends at all unless there is a specific reason (i.e. events).

airylouise, 05/25/2018, 10:38 am NST
I really like this staff member. It seems like they have the right priorities with fixing flash and optimizing for mobile.

Can anyone give me a quick low down on the big battledome changes that people are asking for? I've never been a big battledomer so I'm not sure. Thanks!

mavegibson, 05/25/2018, 10:58 am NST
Exceptionally well said, sketch: "for the potion, people who put it more effort and donated more want to be rewarded; for the Stickler for Time, people who put in less effort (i.e. not checking when FF started) want to be rewarded"

I wholeheartedly agree with that. I checked in on the plot every single day, often several times a day, just to ensure I didn't miss anything. I would say I was definitely a "Stickler for time."

However, I think the 'noon - noon' rather than 'midnight - midnight' timing issue is a fair point (time zones notwithstanding). Their decision to run it from noon to noon means someone could conceivably login every single day and still miss the achievement. For this reason, I think it would be fair to reconsider it.

Ideally it would be great if they could verify that someone checked the site on those days, and if they did and missed it, reward them the achievement. However, if someone missed that achievement because

mavegibson, 05/25/2018, 11:01 am NST
Ideally it would be great if they could verify that someone checked the site on those days, and if they did and missed it, reward them the achievement. However, if someone missed that achievement because they didn't check in on either of those days, they shouldn't be rewarded.

But something tells me that they won't be able to verify to that degree. They will likely only be able to either downgrade the required achievements, or else leave it as is.

chaosshadow, 05/25/2018, 2:31 pm NST
I had to make an account just to comment on this.

For people discussing Stickler for Time, I missed the first day of Fiendish Formations. It was not because I was 'lazy' about checking the Wraith's Resurgence page (I checked every single day, regardless of the long hiatuses); it was because, unlike *every other* 'day of release', where you're given a day and a half (due to a mid-day release on the first day before it normalizes to a midnight-to-midnight schedule), you only had noon-to-noon to do this one. There was no opportunity to acclimate your schedule, and no warning that there was a strict 24-hour period on this single step (unlike, again, every other 'release day' challenge, from Daily Dare to previous plots).

In my case, I checked the morning before Fiendish Formations went live, and due to my schedule cold not easily check into Neopets again until the next afternoon-- the exact wrong schedule to allow me to see that the game was even up, l

chaosshadow, 05/25/2018, 2:32 pm NST
[...]let alone allow me to actually complete on 'release day'. If it had been done as it has always been done in the past (the midday 'grace period' due to the way they post content), this would not have been a problem and I could arrange my schedule (as I did for the rest of the event) to make sure I did the board on the day of release. This was not the case.

So I really take umbrage to the posts saying people wanted to do 'less work' for a reward, or were too 'lazy' to check in. This was an anomalous event release, completely contradictory to how Neopets has previously released handled this kind of content (both in not allowing the grace period and making it a noon-to-noon instead of midnight-to-midnight), and it's effectively punishing players for TNT's inconsistency.

anomally, 05/25/2018, 2:43 pm NST
Ooh, I do so hope that they switch over from Flash. From an article I've seen, they're going to stop updating Flash in 2019 or 2020 so it would be a huge problem if they were still running it.

mavegibson, 05/25/2018, 2:54 pm NST
chaosshadow - Your situation is a perfect example of what I was talking about. Someone checking in every day and still missing out due to timing. That's exceptionally unfair, IMHO, and they need to correct that.

dr_tomoe, 05/25/2018, 3:10 pm NST
Does it worry anyone else that they only have one senior programmer doing everything?

cheyennet2, 05/25/2018, 3:27 pm NST
I missed the first day of fiendish formations by less than an hour :/

I'm nkt upset about missing out on the top trophy or the stamp, even though it is very valuable. Rather I am sad that I missed the avatar. Of the 5 avatars related to the plot it is the only one I would ever be interested in actually using and its the one I didn't get...

lunas, 05/25/2018, 4:03 pm NST
So happy to see they're taking things seriously about the Stickler for Time achievement! I worked my butt off to get everything in time and missed that one by a literal hour or two! Besides stickler I got every other achievement! Hope they follow through.

shayyy, 05/25/2018, 4:19 pm NST
Honestly, plots and events are one of the only reasons I still bother with Neo. They weren't updating it for a long time, so I stopped visiting every day and started checking JN about every three days. Whatever choice they make, I won't hate them for it, but I would be a lil excited if they would overlook the Stickler achievement.

dave - JN Staff, 05/25/2018, 4:49 pm NST
I would normally say that if you missed the boat, then you wouldn't deserve top tier prizes either, but I think this plot has been different, especially since the timing and release of steps has been completely random.

In the future, to keep things fair, they need to:

(1) Always start off timed series of events (i.e. things lasting multiple days) with a "day one and a half". They didn't do a day and a half for Fiendish Formations. (And they also didn't do one for the daily faerie quests event, which also caused trouble.)

(2) Start new "days" at midnight NST, *not* at noon.

If they had kept those two things standard, I doubt there would have been many (if any) complaints, and they also wouldn't need to be re-considering final prize tiers.

mavegibson, 05/25/2018, 5:15 pm NST
dr_tomoe - That wasn't lost on me. It's very alarming to me to get some insight on just how thin their dev team is.

shayyy, 05/25/2018, 6:34 pm NST
Honestly, it's probably a miserable place to work right now. They really inherited a sinking ship.

morganjoisle, 05/25/2018, 6:39 pm NST
@jawsch and sketch: If this were an event like the GMC or Daily Dare that only took about a month at a time max and/or could generally expected to have time-sensitive steps I would agree, but for this plot it seems like a LOT of people were locked out of the top prize by this single step. Sometimes dedicated neopets players aren't able to be on every single day, and it would be frustrating to be locked out of the top trophy due to not being online for a single 24 hours period over 8 months.

josie, 05/25/2018, 7:13 pm NST
@dr_tomoe - I was wondering about that too. But it also explains a lot of things. This one person simply doesn't have the time to do it all. They need to get him some help

On another note, I like the staff member who posts all these updates. It's great that they're taking the time to do so. We've been asking for better communication, and it seems that it's finally happening.

xfer, 05/25/2018, 7:13 pm NST
I got the top prizes and I am so happy. However, just because some grown ups have jobs and lives outside neo, it isn't something that should be punished. Maybe these people with jobs love Neopets more than the average player, but they need to work to eat and pay for the internet, so giving them a day and a half, is the least TNT could do to recognize older players without disturbing much stuff. Anyway, hopefully the stamp becomes extremely expensive later, so I can sell it lol

mortychichi, 05/25/2018, 10:18 pm NST
WHAT ON EARTH has happened to the art team again? Just looking at the new Shenanigifts makes me wanna puke

zmicheleh, 05/26/2018, 1:56 am NST
yeah I concur and the luau should be revisited along with the stickler for time

recklesse, 05/26/2018, 2:56 am NST
With the programming team based (apparently) in Bangalore, midnight NST becomes a more realistic rollover/launch time for features.

No need for the 'day and a half (or third, or quarter, depending) if we are given a full Neopian day to complete it.

recklesse, 05/26/2018, 2:57 am NST
A day being midnight to midnight, not two half days tacked together.

mamsmelk_jr, 05/26/2018, 11:01 am NST
I'll say it again, I really like this staff member,
Also on the Stickler of Time achievement, I did not manage it because it was released at noon. I have no problem with something that is time sensetive (would have been bumbed if I missed it because of that but I would not complain). But I live in a different time zone, so while I checked every day to see if there was new plot stuff, my timing was off because I expected new stuff to be released at midnight (9 in the morning is midnight NST for me, so checking before work is usually fine)

rosi, 05/26/2018, 4:53 pm NST
To everybody complaining about people lamenting the "stickler for time" miss: I think you got the whole question wrong!!! It's not people not logging in or checking for updates EVERY DAY (= their own fault), it's an unfair treatment towards people living in OTHER TIME ZONES! (= TNT's fault of being US-biased) ;
Those people did IN FACT log in every day, but due to time zone differences (i.e. offices in California are still closed) they saw no updates and maybe the following day when they returned they missed the first day of the event by a matter of minutes! .
The whole Fiendish Formation and Faerie Quest event timing was extremely unfair and needs reconsidering because it was biased against European time zones .

rosi, 05/26/2018, 4:53 pm NST
I've said it countless times, wrote tickets and messages to the editorial and now the staff seems to have acknowledged the mistake by bringing back the one-day-and-half first day (which in fact was introduced to -guess what!- accommodate to time zone differences), so why are there people who still don't get the simple notion that not everybody lives in their neck of the woods, that the Earth is round and time zones were established for a good reason?
And no, I didn't miss the avatar and the top trophy for that reason, and I'm actually very happy with the second-best pool of prizes I got, but so many people I know have been ruled out just for that stupid, narrow-minded reason and NOT FOR THEIR NEGLIGENCE that some sort of class action was needed.

nimaessa, 05/26/2018, 5:30 pm NST
Look to this text from NF: "The Altador Cup Committee has postponed the sign-ups indefinitely for undisclosed reasons. All attempts to contact the committee members have been fruitless so far. Check back for updates as we try to gather any information we can about the upcoming tournament."

Could the Darkest Faerie cause problems in Altador Cup? She used to be one of Altador's protectors...

1jediboy, 05/26/2018, 8:06 pm NST
"TNT will be out of office on Monday, but stay tuned as we will be riiiight back on Tuesday!!" *image of a poogle slacking off*

"The Altador Cup Committee has postponed the sign-ups indefinitely for undisclosed reasons. All attempts to contact the committee members have been fruitless so far."

"There will be no Neopian Times this week, but we will be back next week for an issue full of great articles, comics and stories."


1jediboy, 05/26/2018, 8:06 pm NST
...Eh. I'm not bothered. I had a good day today.

1jediboy, 05/26/2018, 8:08 pm NST
Could the Darkest Faerie cause problems in Altador Cup? She used to be one of Altador's protectors...

*GASP* I might've been right!!! Wraithland WILL get an altador cup team!!!

vaporesque, 05/27/2018, 1:12 am NST
@ mortychichi The Glowing Body Paint was hailed as a new paint brush color, and the Good Time Party bg looks great in some customs. Maybe you just got blinded by the bizarrely made backpack.

teresa, 05/27/2018, 12:14 pm NST
I am glad they are reconsidering the stickler for time thing. (but if they don't do anything, I've kinda already given in to the disappointment haha).
For me, and others, I feel like the biggest problem was that it was noon release instead of midnight release. I checked in on both days, it's just that one was before noon (before step release by maybe an hour-ish?) and the other was after noon (30 minutes after). I had no reason to expect such a time sensitive event, and I did check in both days, just with unfortunate timing. I always check neopets making sure I would get the events assuming a midnight release. I just didn't even think about a noon release which is somewhat my fault, but it doesn't follow what they usually do. I do often check in when I wake up and when I go to bed, but for those two days, I only checked before bed as I had early work days.

I felt like when I checked in (after midnight) and saw no new step and then checked in (after midnight) th

teresa, 05/27/2018, 12:16 pm NST
I felt like when I checked in (after midnight) and saw no new step, and then checked in (after midnight) the next day that it should have been fine.

Obviously not with the noon updates.
Just my two cents.

1jediboy, 05/27/2018, 12:37 pm NST

There should be a Neopets Alert App!
Even if we can't get an app on Neopets itself, there should be one for all the new stuff that happens on Neopets!

1jediboy, 05/27/2018, 12:39 pm NST
THAT would solve our problem! We'll get an alert whenever new plot stuff happens, when new contests open, what new stuff comes in the NC mall, and we'd be able to toggle exactly what we want to be notified about!

1jediboy, 05/27/2018, 12:40 pm NST
(added plus, every time we log in, we get 1NC! That'll accumulate over time!)

rosi, 05/27/2018, 1:16 pm NST
@1jediboy LOOOOOL!!!
But what if the app alert goes live when it's nighttime here and people have switched their phone off? It won't solve anything.
BTW how cool would it be to have a new, wraith only, team?
@teresa: that's why all those people who still say ''you didn't check every day, you don't deserve it'' just because you live somewhere else really get to me

1jediboy, 05/27/2018, 3:28 pm NST
@rosi - Hmmm... if you miss any updates, there is a mass collection of the previous 100 updates on the main page in the app! That way, it’s incredibly unlikely you’ll ever miss an update!
And yes! An all-Wraith team would be AWESOME! And The Darkest Faerie would be the team leader!

joe, 05/27/2018, 6:43 pm NST
Being still bitter about the Ylana Skyfire Keyquest token (I literally worked 27 hours that day), I totally sympathize with those that missed Stickler for Time. I did too, but I also missed Haze Be Gone because of a presumed bug which I feel should also be considered.
(keep in mind I also couldn't beat the Darkest Faerie on hard, so none of this pertains to me, just pointing it out.)

inusfan, 05/28/2018, 5:45 am NST
I missed stickler for time, I logged in everyday and went to event page just in case, battled a bunch almost everyday, when it came to fiendish formations I caught the first day, wasn't sure if I caught it the later half of day 1, or the next day which i assumed would all day be day 1, so when I went on at around 11am the next day and checked and seen no new part opened up I figured there wouldn't be till tomorrow...which I ended up checking on AFTER 12 x.x
It just seems a bit uneven that someone who missed 1 achievement would be lumped in with those who missed like 6, also those who battled and did potions a lot thinking there would be a point shop, or that at least that would earn them points to get top trophy.

teresa, 05/28/2018, 11:10 pm NST
@Joe: I agree that anyone who missed out because of a bug should also be considered.

And ouch @inusfan: Yeah, this plot was a little uneven and unclear about some of the steps. I wish they had let us know that extra battles/potions wouldn't do anything.

I did enjoy the fact that we did have a plot, and I don't want to complain too much because it was a decent plot and the new team is trying, and I'm very glad for that. I'm just hoping they make some fixes for the future.

And I'm glad they switched back to 1.5 on release day and midnight for further releases. Makes more sense imo

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