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Daily Dare Prizes Released
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on May 16, 2018, 6:03 am NST

Final prizes for the Daily Dare are now released! Our guide has been updated with the details:

View Our Daily Dare Guide »

If you logged on this morning, you may have been awarded last year's prizes in error. In addition, some people are reporting duplicate sets of prizes in their inventories and in some cases one of their prizes not appearing in their inventory.

As always, if you get duplicate prizes your best course of action is to discard them.

Lulu On Vacation participants may also be experiencing their final bonus prize not being properly awarded.

Typically we would advise submitting tickets about missing prizes, but with the switch to a new support system happening imminently, it isn't clear how effective submitting tickets will be at this point.
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sakeru187, 05/16/2018, 6:10 am NST
Didn't get my final Terrace and Beach View BG but sent a ticket anyway. Good luck to everyone.

targoefista, 05/16/2018, 6:10 am NST
I’m pretty happy about the re-release of the retired avatar. Nice to get a new one.

sakeru187, 05/16/2018, 6:15 am NST
Me too! I didn't even realize the avie was released until I looked at the DD final prizes XD

purplebin, 05/16/2018, 6:43 am NST
I just now got my Lulu bonus prize BG.
None of the DD stuff glitched for me, luckily.
I already had all the avatars and site themes from before.

gordy_777, 05/16/2018, 7:22 am NST
So it turns out I completely forgot about finishing this event and skipped half the challenges. And to make matters worse, they gave out the Daily Dare avatar for the first time in over a decade.

I am genuinely mad.

yasmin_sb, 05/16/2018, 7:25 am NST
I'm a bit annoyed at missing out on the avatar, but at least I got a nice shiny silver trophy and another book for my pet to read. I'm not fussed about the other prizes.

mavegibson, 05/16/2018, 8:24 am NST
Really glad I already had the avatar because this year I made a decision up front that I would go for silver. I wasn't up for spending all day trying to get some of the scores like I've done in past years. ANGTFT.

chesu - JN Staff, 05/16/2018, 8:27 am NST
I'm so glad I completed everything on release day; since there were twenty-one squares, I assumed the event had one more day, and I'm sure a whole bunch of people who haven't yet finished all the challenges thought the same...

morganjoisle, 05/16/2018, 8:40 am NST
So uhh for some reason I got three of the collectible charm when I go to my inventory?

Umm should I be expecting TNT to clear my duplicate prizes? I was also up at 2am this morning and received last years and chucked them in my SDB for safekeeping. They're still in there/haven't been removed yet.

beyondelsewhere, 05/16/2018, 9:09 am NST
TNT won't clear the prizes. I believe the general rule is that you discard them yourself. Not to money tree or anything, but choose the Discard option and they POOF

puffkins2000, 05/16/2018, 9:27 am NST
Um... I think I may have gotten LAST year's prizes? O__o

1jediboy, 05/16/2018, 9:36 am NST
Oh! I forgot to say this LAST DD post... The art for Lulu this year reminds me of that old Nickelodeon show "KaBlam!" Doesn't she look like that this year?

1jediboy, 05/16/2018, 9:39 am NST
Some are getting duplicates, some get none?
Sounds to me like some got other people's prizes!
Why don't we just give it to them?

1jediboy, 05/16/2018, 10:01 am NST
(I think I was kidding. That probably wouldn't be allowed.)

bodhi, 05/16/2018, 12:27 pm NST
I also thought there was one more day.

mavegibson, 05/16/2018, 3:50 pm NST
I thought there was another day too, Chesu. So glad I did each challenge on day of.

drzoidberg, 05/16/2018, 4:41 pm NST
I also thought there was one more day! Bad design!

cat, 05/16/2018, 7:13 pm NST
I thought there might be one more day too, because of the design, but was worried by the expiration date on the Lulu tickets so I played it safe.

escrainus, 05/16/2018, 7:58 pm NST
Wasn't it stated since the begining it would only last 20 dyas? anyways, I'm more angry at the fact that we have to discard last year prizes that where given by an error just becuase TNT can't run their codes properly

starleogirl09, 05/16/2018, 8:34 pm NST
TNT responded on this board about the duplicate prizes: http://www.neopets.com/neoboards/topic.phtml?topic=159440476&next=101

They want you to discard the extras and last year's prizes if you received them

teresa, 05/16/2018, 10:19 pm NST
I have mixed feelings on the avatar re-release haha. I am very happy that those who never got it were able to receive it, but at the same time (as someone who already had it), I'm sad that I wasn't able to get a new avatar.

una, 05/17/2018, 1:18 am NST
I wish people would stop complaining about the layout and not having an extra day. It said in the FAQ the dates it would be running from and if I’m remembering correctly that was mentioned here on JN as well. People just need to have something to complain about. These people are the ones “killing” the site, not JS. /rantover

airylouise, 05/17/2018, 9:48 am NST
I think I disagree @una. I also knew when it was supposed to end because I had read the news and stuff. But I completely understand why people thought there was another and are upset. It was absolutely a misleading design flaw that could have been easily avoided.

dave - JN Staff, 05/17/2018, 10:12 am NST
The extra square was bad design, plain and simple. It's completely understandable why everyone thought there was an extra day. Hopefully TNT learns and puts a little more thought into the details of things (which they don't seem to be doing as of late).

cat, 05/17/2018, 2:47 pm NST
If they want a 3x7 layout because each week has 7 days they should have put something in the final square to make it clear this would not be a game day, like a "Finish" sign or something.

airylouise, 05/17/2018, 3:26 pm NST
Yeah! Or just made it one more day.

1jediboy, 05/17/2018, 4:56 pm NST
Sings: Hold on for one more day!

teresa, 05/17/2018, 11:51 pm NST
I do understand the confusion. Fortunately I do mine day of release, but I can understand why someone might think otherwise. After the last day, I saw the last box and was confused thinking maybe there was one more and I was wrong on dates. I can see others thinking that too. So yeah, it wasn't a great design there imo.
I did enjoy the event, though. And I am especially happy that the first day was a 1.5 day, so I am definitely happy. (though I understand those that aren't because of that last day thing)

lunas, 05/19/2018, 6:07 am NST
I didn't get duplicates myself, but why should you discard them anyways? It's their fault that you've been awarded the prizes by accident.

dave - JN Staff, 05/19/2018, 8:51 pm NST
@lunas: TNT's policy is for you to discard any duplicate prizes you may have received from a glitchy site feature. If you don't, it's abusing a glitch in the site for personal profit, which is a freezable offense. Not deleting them is risky.

lunas, 05/20/2018, 1:36 pm NST
I don't think it's so much abusing a glitch. You're not doing anything to profit from it, since it just happened. And I'm sure there's gonna be people who don't notice they even have duplicates until much later on. I know I've got some things in my sdp after so many years that I don't remember how I got. Just don't think it would be fair to freeze those people.

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