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Exclusive look at new battledome item "BALL" - You'll want to see our cutting edge report
  • Posted by SirCabbage
  • Posted on April 30, 2018, 1:07 am NST

Now, straight out of this years "'Daily Dare'" we bring you this live, breaking and all-round important report. Thanks in part to AAA and the support of the very secretive bowling ball union (It isn't a very good one as you can imagine) we have been granted the chance to talk and even use a new battledome item, "Bowling Ball of Lost Cities"- or as he prefers to be called "Ball". Our reporters are truly on a roll with this one, they got around to giving us a smashing report.

Early reports have shown this weapon to be right up many user's alleys- "Ball" responds by simply stating "It's just the way I roll". Will this ball be downgraded? Ball doesn't seem too concerned, stating that he has battledome icons to spare. But we will have to wait and see as to if "Ball" strikes out.

This new ball can be yours by obtaining 1200 points in "Lost City Lanes"- it is not a time limited prize, but you should pick it up before it ends up in the gutter.
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ducky - JN Staff, 04/30/2018, 1:59 am NST
Cabbage. You must be proud of yourself.

sircabbage - JN Staff, 04/30/2018, 3:07 am NST
You have no idea- I feel like I really bowled a perfect game with this one.

sircabbage - JN Staff, 04/30/2018, 3:07 am NST
You have no idea- I feel like I really bowled a perfect game with this one.

dark169, 04/30/2018, 4:15 am NST
Shockwave crashed on me when I nearly had my game of Lost City Lanes done, with well above 1200. I decided "Okay, let's get this over with" and went for Abagail's prize. Then I saw how many icons this got and spent 200K in the marketplace.

lasergu, 05/7/2018, 1:29 pm NST
What a day when a 15 icon weapon gets a score of 7.

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