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New Dyeworks
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on April 10, 2018, 10:45 am NST

A new batch of Dyeworks have been released by Loic! These will only be available until May 6th.

» View Our Dyeworks Guide «
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1jediboy, 04/10/2018, 1:01 pm NST
Any new baby stuff?!

1jediboy, 04/10/2018, 1:03 pm NST
No. There's not.

anomally, 04/10/2018, 2:13 pm NST
I really wish we had more variety and more neutral stuff.

psychopath, 04/10/2018, 2:42 pm NST
Is there any way to go about resetting your JN password anymore?

The word identification pictures expired last month.

psychopath, 04/10/2018, 2:43 pm NST
I meant for forums.

Can't remember my info.

dave - JN Staff, 04/10/2018, 3:38 pm NST
@psychopath: You can fill out this form for some help: http://www.jellyneo.net/?go=form_jnaccounts

Just be sure to include your forum username and use the email attached to your forum account.

sakibou, 04/10/2018, 4:43 pm NST

You can actually enter "V1 SHUTDOWN ON 2018-03-31" (without quotations) into the Captcha box.

psychopath, 04/10/2018, 6:56 pm NST
Oh okay! Thanks guys.

Didn't know that the appeared caption actually works.

theartofscreaming, 04/10/2018, 8:26 pm NST
These are pretty! Too bad I never have any of the dyeworks items *sniff* XD

ducky - JN Staff, 04/10/2018, 9:14 pm NST


Do you know how PAINFUL it is to get those modeled? *pokes Needed Models*

Backgrouds are nice I wonder when there will be item that I actually own so I don't have to borrow to dye...

cat, 04/10/2018, 11:23 pm NST
I own the original of the Window With Twinkling lights, I may dye it or not. I like the recolours of the spring flower wig, as I recall I didn't get the original because I don't really like the hair colour, but that pink one is gorgeous and the other colours aren't bad either.

1jediboy, 04/11/2018, 12:53 pm NST
(@ducky The following is a role-play and is not emotionally canon in real life. You're still cool with me, Ducky. :laugh

1jediboy: Excuse me?! (billowing voice): HOW DAAAARE YOU!
I was not joking at ALL!!!
Do you know dow many Dyeworks potions I have HOARDED in my SDB?! FIVE!!! Five potions sitting in there waiting for SOMETHING... ANYTHING that I have already that I could have dyed, that I want to have dyed. I would LOVE to model for JN. Have you SEEN my trophy?! Mercy! Every item you need modeled that I have a REMOTE chance of obtaining... is NEOCASH!!! I don't spend money on NC anymore! That is the only SPECK of hope I have for modeling for you! And even then, by time I find out the item exists, SOME OTHER BABY KACHEEK BEATS US TO THE PUNCH!!!

(suddenly pulls out an Everybody Loves Raymond reference):
So until you've lived my life, day after day, week after week, year after DIPPIN' YEAR... you are in no position to judge

1jediboy, 04/11/2018, 12:54 pm NST


*suddenly breaks out crying* I'm sorry! I didn't mean to blow up like that! I have FOUR CHILDREN! *points to neopets* I was just hoping for something cute for my babies! *pulls out hanky and blows nose*

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