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Plot Update + Avatar
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on April 5, 2018, 10:54 am NST

Kaia has been defeated! Today, Kaia's bar at the Forgotten Graveyard was reduced to zero! A new area of the Graveyard is now available - the Clearing, which you access by clicking the tree in the Graveyard. It is currently unclear if any new steps are active.

However, there is a new achievement available in the battling tab, Fight or Flight, which awards an avatar:

It seems the avatar is awarded for fighting Kaia (this includes draws and losses) while the progress bar was present in the Forgotten Graveyard. Kaia herself is still available in the Battledome, but the avatar can no longer be earned by fighting her if you have yet to do so.
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annagd, 04/5/2018, 11:07 am NST
I only beat her once; on Easy (I wanted the petpet).

chrissy, 04/5/2018, 11:25 am NST
I beat Kaia a few times earlier today on hard and also beat her many times a couple weeks ago on hard, still don't have the avatar =(

chrissy, 04/5/2018, 11:26 am NST
You are now eligible to use ' Hidden Identity ' as an avatar on the NeoBoards.

Ah, i had to go to the achievements page to get it. My apologies. I spoke too quickly.

novelista, 04/5/2018, 11:30 am NST
I haven't been following the plot carefully enough to get Kaia as an enemy in the BD.

mortychichi, 04/5/2018, 11:34 am NST
Didn't follow the plot so haven't battled Kaia yet; went to battle her right after seeing this on Easy and wasn't granted the avatar. The achievement seems to be limited to winning over her before she was "defeated".

herdy - JN Staff, 04/5/2018, 11:51 am NST
Thanks for confirming!

zen, 04/5/2018, 12:00 pm NST
I've clicked everywhere on the forgotten graveyard page and can't actually find a way to get to the clearing without using the direct link.

zen, 04/5/2018, 12:02 pm NST
Oops, scratch that, I finally got it!

purplebin, 04/5/2018, 12:25 pm NST
To get to the Clearing from the Graveyard you click on the black tree in the background, a little to left of center, where the small gravestone with the ball on top is.

maxgarou, 04/5/2018, 12:44 pm NST
I think that maybe they will release a new step later today. Otherwise, why show "The clearing" to us?

draakonikihv, 04/5/2018, 1:12 pm NST
Still haven't figured out how to get to the Graveyard without the direct link

Got the avatar. Wanted to look up how many times I fought her but the Fight Record page seems to be undergoing a renovation?

yekith, 04/5/2018, 1:16 pm NST
There doesn't seem to be anything clickable for me. I know I never got anything clickable on Malum's note as others did either. Maybe it's some kind of links that don't work everywhere?

yekith, 04/5/2018, 1:17 pm NST
Oh it suddenly worked! So weird. I was clicking everywhere and nothing! (and it didn't seem weird cause of what I mentioned!)

1jediboy, 04/5/2018, 1:18 pm NST
Meridellian accent: And so the foul darkest of wenches hath been vanquished by the loyal subjects of the Faerie Queen.
What they shall do with her now... *takes bard hat off and holds it* Surely, it shan't be merciful. *bows*

yekith, 04/5/2018, 1:19 pm NST
My cursor does not recognize it as a link, though!

novelista, 04/5/2018, 1:21 pm NST
That's right--I stopped because I can't get the locks to work.

1jediboy, 04/5/2018, 2:07 pm NST
*finds way to clearing* *walks up to a tombstone*
*touches tombstone* *tears stream down face* *leaves a Jasmin flower*
No. This land must be protected. Grab your swords! If anything get in this graveyard, WE STOP IT!!! *clenches fist*

phenixia, 04/5/2018, 2:49 pm NST
So now... let's finish curing the Queen and the skeith.

lunas, 04/5/2018, 2:58 pm NST
so happy i figured out how to beat kaia on hard in time =D

megalomania, 04/5/2018, 3:08 pm NST
I fought on easy only once and got the avatar and never got the malum sword

eliz1bef, 04/5/2018, 3:19 pm NST
I think this is my favorite avatar from the plot so far.

beyondelsewhere, 04/5/2018, 3:24 pm NST
Oh, I like this avatar!

cat, 04/5/2018, 3:30 pm NST
I beat her on Hard once for the achievement and Medium a few dozen times in the vague hope there would be points.

cat, 04/5/2018, 3:34 pm NST
Anyway I like this avatar, that evil look on Kaia's face before she transforms is perfect.

voidberry, 04/5/2018, 4:34 pm NST
Kaia is making the dreamworks face. You know the one. Now you can't unsee it!

flowersformachines, 04/5/2018, 10:20 pm NST
Yeah, it's a nicely made avi. I'll probably never use it since I'm more of a pastel kind of person, but I like it all the same.

neoaddict, 04/5/2018, 10:36 pm NST
does this means wraith event is over?

forever_future, 04/5/2018, 11:52 pm NST
Oh thank goodness! I was so worried I wouldn't get this avatar when I saw it was for beating her. I thought it might have been for the hard difficulty level when all I could do was the medium. *Phew*

lunas, 04/6/2018, 12:23 am NST
I have to honestly thank you awesome jellies for getting me on board the Throw Pillows train. It enabled me to beat both Malum and Kaia on hard, and get almost the max. amount of points. (I missed the first day of fiendish formations so didn't get the stickler for time). Wouldn't have been able to get this far without you all.

skiasma, 04/6/2018, 7:58 am NST
I only fought her twice, once on easy, once on hard, but I still won the avatar. Whew. It was a busy week+ and I didn't have time to do more.

josie, 04/6/2018, 1:21 pm NST
@neoaddict - No, not yet. Since the Clearing is now available, there's probably more to come eventually.

1jediboy, 04/6/2018, 1:33 pm NST
NO ONE GOES NEAR THE CLEARING! We guard around it! That land is sacred and must be protected! If that deceptive deceiver dares to come near, WE GIVE HER EVERYTHING WE'VE GOT!!!

purplebin, 04/6/2018, 6:21 pm NST
So now they "fixed" the avatar by getting rid of the thick border and giving Kaia her wings. Only the animation runs once and then it goes dark.

dolchay, 04/6/2018, 6:49 pm NST
The avatar was fine the way it was....

mavegibson, 04/6/2018, 7:33 pm NST
The MME is done morphing...

grandwolfmon, 04/7/2018, 11:23 am NST
was only able to fight her on easy, didn't had the levle (still hasn't) for hard or medium

mudy, 04/7/2018, 3:20 pm NST
I LOVE how the avatar doesn't loop so after it turns black it stays black forever. Finally an avatar for the void adult life has left in all of us.

dukula, 04/8/2018, 5:35 am NST
Must, it does loop though. I have it as my current avatars and it loops

dukula, 04/8/2018, 5:35 am NST
*Mudy. Stupid autocorrect

purplebin, 04/8/2018, 11:07 am NST
No, the avatar no longer loops. I was seeing it loop on a side account on Chrome, still, until I did a hard refresh.

br3k, 04/8/2018, 11:14 am NST
I registered just to say that it definitely still loops. At least on Chrome. It loops here on JN and it loops when actually being used on the Neoboards.

Also I was ready to say that it's not even possible to make a gif that doesn't loop, but apparently there's a piece of software that edits the file and prevents it from looping. That doesn't seem to be the case here.

1jediboy, 04/8/2018, 11:21 am NST
Loops on Safari too.

mollyscribbles, 04/8/2018, 11:32 am NST
Just wondering -- how do you make a price suggestion to indicate the price is unable to be determined? Going through my book list, I noticed The Speckled Uni isn't even showing up on SSW but it's set at 175k, so unpriced is probably the safest way to go with it.

zen, 04/8/2018, 1:48 pm NST
I'm on Chrome and the avatar is definitely not looping for me on JN or on the boards.

od13666, 04/8/2018, 1:49 pm NST
Doesn't loop on Firefox on JN.

od13666, 04/8/2018, 1:52 pm NST
Don't have the avatar so can't check it on the boards.

1jediboy, 04/8/2018, 3:25 pm NST
Is it working for anyone on Netscape or Internet Explorer?

1jediboy, 04/8/2018, 3:26 pm NST
Fyora! I miss them!

1jediboy, 04/8/2018, 3:27 pm NST
I just got hit with a wave of nostalgia! I remember Netscape used to have little animation in the top left every time a page loaded!

dukula, 04/9/2018, 2:22 am NST
It loops on my Chrome still and on my Samsung internet (on mobile) too

sakibou, 04/9/2018, 2:44 am NST
Yep, looks like it's been fixed!

moonlightwitch, 04/9/2018, 9:32 am NST
Loops on my chrome on mobile on guild board

zen, 04/9/2018, 1:13 pm NST
I cleared my cache and now it seems to be working!

josie, 04/9/2018, 6:00 pm NST
They must've fixed it. I didn't loop for me all weekend, but now it does again

mollyscribbles - I usually come here and use the special search function if I can't find a price on SW or TP for an item I want to sell. Then I just go with the last price the item went for. If it's been a very long time since the item was last sold, I usually wait and check again at a later time.

moonlightwitch, 04/9/2018, 8:49 pm NST
Pounds fixed

solsticesprite, 04/10/2018, 1:27 pm NST
Do we know which neopet and player got in the killing blow?

bonju, 04/11/2018, 11:14 am NST
There wasn't such thing as a killing blow, since Kaia was just a regular challenger. She just had to be defeated a number of times in total, apparently.

cableknit, 04/12/2018, 9:17 am NST
New plot steps btw

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