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JN Server Upgrade
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on March 31, 2018, 9:59 pm NST

Pssst: April Fools!

Hello all! Just a quick announcement. A few hours ago, we upgraded our server to use some new software: Gypmu Power v1.8! Our server is now being powered by a friendly little Gypmu whose job is to provide the power needed to keep JN running.

There are multiple benefits to this upgrade:
  • Our server costs will be lower! Gypmus are cheaper to take care of than paying for electricity!
  • We now have a friendly little Gypmu! Say hello!
  • Lots of other technical... things.

There are, however, a few downsides:
  • The Gypmu is easily startled. Please take care to not frighten him! In particular, no clicking on him. (It's the virtual equivalent of tapping on the glass!)
  • If you notice JN experiencing any downtime, we apologize—our little Gypmu probably needed a short bathroom break.

If you notice any problems around JN related to this upgrade, please don't hesitate to let us know so we can investigate. And let us know what you think about this new technology in the comments!
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dsshaw, 03/31/2018, 10:02 pm NST
Someone's definitely been bored with all the normal Jellyneo chores... cute!

lokaula, 03/31/2018, 10:05 pm NST
I love it!!

potteread2, 03/31/2018, 10:09 pm NST
Love it!! Hehe, he got tired and the screen went black so I tapped him. I'm a monster.

will - JN Staff, 03/31/2018, 10:14 pm NST
Let!! Him!!! REST!!!!

isom, 03/31/2018, 10:15 pm NST
He's adorable! Can we keep him?!!?

treerunner, 03/31/2018, 10:16 pm NST
So adorable!

ducky - JN Staff, 03/31/2018, 10:24 pm NST
I am disappointed there isn't angry msg when you click it.

eternal_song, 03/31/2018, 10:24 pm NST
does he know that i love him?

wallen87, 03/31/2018, 10:25 pm NST
Why is it running so fast? Perhaps a cyber kitty cat just out of frame - poor little critter

forever_future, 03/31/2018, 10:35 pm NST
Aww! I hope he gets some rest soon!
Stop clicking on him!

Thanks for the fun!
Reminds me of Rosie! I loved having her around! She was so helpful!

dolchay, 03/31/2018, 10:37 pm NST
I love him! Can we keep him??!?!

forever_future, 03/31/2018, 10:38 pm NST
Gee! I can't believe that Rosie help was 2 years ago! Boy time goes by quickly!

wallythorp, 03/31/2018, 10:47 pm NST
Oh so hard not to click on him

faithiefaith, 03/31/2018, 10:52 pm NST
Hehehe. I like tapping him.

shmivienne, 03/31/2018, 10:59 pm NST
Lil bud is working hard. Is he getting minimum wage? Vacation days? Insurance? A union? Maternity leave?

jess_chan_97, 03/31/2018, 11:07 pm NST
Lovely!! So hard for me not to click on him

fuzzyflufffeet, 03/31/2018, 11:13 pm NST
Aww I hope he gets a break sometimes

katina_choovanski, 03/31/2018, 11:28 pm NST
I want one....

Very good idea guys. Awsome cute. I think he must've drunk a Rockstar.

1jediboy, 03/31/2018, 11:35 pm NST

On behalf of the Petpet Protection League I demand the following information about your new "power source"!

The Gypmu's name.
The Gypmu's age.
The Gypmu's diet.
The Procurement of these Gypmu's.
The Gypmu's amount of allowed breaks.
The Gypmu's favorite colour.

If information is not present, and your power source is deemed "inneopiane" by any accounts, ye shall be reported to the higher-ups of the PPL. *nods*

bonju, 03/31/2018, 11:36 pm NST
I'm calling the PPL

starfirefluffy, 03/31/2018, 11:50 pm NST
so cute

thepapercutjellyfish, 04/1/2018, 12:01 am NST
Awh, so adorable!!

thaurialiel_lelfe, 04/1/2018, 12:02 am NST
Cute April Fool

wallen87, 04/1/2018, 12:09 am NST
He is so great. All of family love it. Still working him too hard even if an AF prank... best in a long time

evaliah, 04/1/2018, 12:13 am NST
I love it ! Can we adopt him ?

pika, 04/1/2018, 12:16 am NST
So cute! I hope there are other Gypmus helping the little guy. I just wanna take him home!

hulatu, 04/1/2018, 12:32 am NST
I love it!I want it to keep runing till the end of the world!

slenderman645, 04/1/2018, 12:40 am NST
cutest thing ever, I hope it stays here forever lol

floralinertia, 04/1/2018, 12:43 am NST
So great. Love the illusion of the site shutting down!

hgmilstead, 04/1/2018, 12:56 am NST
What a cute little Gypmu . But I think you're working him too hard here, so I might just have to mousenap him and take him home with me.

josie, 04/1/2018, 12:56 am NST
OMG, how adorable I can't stop playing with him. I want a little Gypmu!

Please....let's keep him!

moonlightwitch, 04/1/2018, 1:15 am NST
I thought this was for real!!
Happy April fools day JN

Is there going to be a new sidebar them where we have him available ?
Also I don't think PPL will say much unless we zap him to make him go faster

tuttifrutti, 04/1/2018, 1:39 am NST
Awe....how cute! Poor little thing looks a wee bit tired, tho......

abc12345, 04/1/2018, 1:46 am NST
Can't stop clicking at him Even mr coconut likes it

jweb, 04/1/2018, 1:53 am NST

papayaa, 04/1/2018, 2:00 am NST
This made me laugh, haha I love it!

deedee, 04/1/2018, 2:13 am NST
ahhhhh puhleeeze can we keep him?!

uzhul, 04/1/2018, 2:14 am NST
Is so nice!!! keep it please!!!

nand09, 04/1/2018, 2:28 am NST
t Jokes on you in cellphones the site doesn't turn down and all i have is a little funny mouse running and if i'm bored i can click on him to turn down the site XD

swevin, 04/1/2018, 3:11 am NST
Very cute! Thanks JN!

maknaetani, 04/1/2018, 3:19 am NST
I love him ;3

geri, 04/1/2018, 3:34 am NST
Love him! Just watching him run gives me a complete workout ... I think I need a nap now!
Great start to April!

neoaura, 04/1/2018, 4:22 am NST
"awww..." is what i wanted to say until i realised that this is animal cruelty!


mistyraider, 04/1/2018, 4:29 am NST
rabbit, rabbit, rabbit
Happy April 1
You rock JN. . . and keep on running Gypmu

yuki_na_suisyoo, 04/1/2018, 4:38 am NST
Run...run...run... it's ipnotic...

dingbat, 04/1/2018, 5:25 am NST
You do realise that the belt is moving in the wrong direction don't you

lareborba, 04/1/2018, 5:27 am NST
so sweet

cloonshannagh, 04/1/2018, 5:30 am NST
*cuddles gypmu* Here Little JN. Have some chocolate and carrots.

postal, 04/1/2018, 5:34 am NST
Strangely hypnotic and adorable all at the same time. Job well done

dingbat, 04/1/2018, 5:34 am NST
um.... just started moving in the right direction. That was pretty fast!!

capedragonlady, 04/1/2018, 6:42 am NST
That is so cute!! You people are really innovative. I just love him/her.

neoelaine2, 04/1/2018, 7:04 am NST
Does the Petpet Protection League know about this?

neosmitten3518, 04/1/2018, 7:11 am NST
What a cute way to power on!

deathnote5, 04/1/2018, 7:19 am NST
I love this adorable critter. I keep clicking him cuz I'm a monster XD Anyway, I love the little guy.

chocolatjellopudding, 04/1/2018, 7:22 am NST
Happy April's Fools JN

Though I wish this little guy would stay

lilhouseinthewoods, 04/1/2018, 7:44 am NST
LOL. It's kind of like those food packages that when you flip them over to read the instructions it says 'Do not turn package over'. LOL.
You click on him before you get the message about not clicking on him.
Wish I could have seen the belt going backwards that was an awesome trick.

tamuril, 04/1/2018, 7:45 am NST
Love the LiL Gypmu!! <3 He shows just how much we utilize the information in Jellyneo

He be a true trooper AND a keeper!

phenixia, 04/1/2018, 7:47 am NST
Waaaaaayyyyy better and cutter than Chadley! I love this one!

beedeebee, 04/1/2018, 7:57 am NST
I love heeeem!!!

tomatereloco, 04/1/2018, 7:59 am NST
Guys, it is amazing! I love it

scraggles, 04/1/2018, 8:07 am NST
OMG! lovin the "outsourced" power JN site has never been faster! Look at those lil legs GO!

purrmeister, 04/1/2018, 8:38 am NST
Oh my goodness he's ADORABLE AND I LOVE HIM!!!

samidark11, 04/1/2018, 8:38 am NST
I'm too scared to see what happens if I click him! I love this lil guy!

pamy1307, 04/1/2018, 8:40 am NST
So cute!!!!

silverlilli, 04/1/2018, 8:49 am NST
It's sooo cute can we keep him, please?

ladyamethyst, 04/1/2018, 9:04 am NST
The feet animation is darling!

fuddles, 04/1/2018, 9:07 am NST
GAH!!! Sooo adorable!!!

braided, 04/1/2018, 9:18 am NST
Absolutely adorable! made my day

jayia, 04/1/2018, 9:49 am NST
If the cute lil guy has to come down, can we download him so we can keep one for ourselves?

sosoeuso, 04/1/2018, 9:52 am NST
omg I wanna.... Keep.. On... CLICKING... ON... HIM....

1jediboy, 04/1/2018, 9:53 am NST
*comes back with an official from the PPL*

1jediboy: Well? Do you have the information we requested earlier? ',:L

Official: I'm not sure if this wheel is up to code...

rockieslf, 04/1/2018, 10:01 am NST
Thank you for making me LAUGH! You guys are the best!!! I hope our little friend can stay a while!!!!!!!

aphrael21, 04/1/2018, 10:05 am NST
This is amazing!

samsummer1, 04/1/2018, 10:19 am NST
He is ador- D: Agh! The lights turne- op there it goes- able

inkpot, 04/1/2018, 10:25 am NST
this is soo cute! i wish he was here forever... is that horrible of me? lmao

lynnitha, 04/1/2018, 10:41 am NST
So adorable! I wish he could stay forever

skerpioen, 04/1/2018, 10:42 am NST
haha love it, so original

lunar_rainbow_star, 04/1/2018, 10:50 am NST
I'll take 3, please!

dsw1793, 04/1/2018, 10:59 am NST
I just went back to my Dailies page. The Gypmu followed me...

Like the fabled Chickenman: "He's everywhere, he's everywhere!!"

rosi, 04/1/2018, 11:05 am NST
How cute!! Happy Easter and April Fool's Day

vellen_, 04/1/2018, 11:44 am NST
This is the cutest little critter!! Kudos for the best April Fools so far

ducksbreath, 04/1/2018, 12:09 pm NST
want one...need one

catscats365, 04/1/2018, 1:06 pm NST
The little guy must be getting a massive workout. One day you'll be the strongest petpet! One day!

beyondelsewhere, 04/1/2018, 1:21 pm NST
I keep coming back here just because the little guy in the corner is adorable. I'd like to add to the requests to keep him (a new JN theme?) because he makes me happy.

marfbear, 04/1/2018, 1:55 pm NST
This just made me smile - I love it! Good job as always.
Also, want to add that your annual negg hunts are still my all time favorite neo related thing ever.
Thanks for the many, many great things y'all have done over the years.

1jediboy, 04/1/2018, 2:30 pm NST

scarlet189, 04/1/2018, 2:33 pm NST
Adorable! And can we make him a mascot for JN, please?

cat, 04/1/2018, 2:49 pm NST
Aww, this is so cute! Strangely hypnotic, I agree.

1jediboy, 04/1/2018, 3:08 pm NST
Official: Mr. David and the Jellyneo team.
The proper care for Gypmi must be EXTENSIVE! If you do not have proof that you are caring for this creature properly, we have the jurisdiction to take him away and give you a fine. Please provide the information requested earlier or your Gypmu/Gypmi will be taken by the end of the day and returned back to Geraptiku.

chanty, 04/1/2018, 3:30 pm NST
Lovely Petpet! <3

purplekittykat, 04/1/2018, 3:34 pm NST
Hello There! Do you have treats for your Gypmu?

rose_of_autumn, 04/1/2018, 3:35 pm NST
I would die for him

vampressqueen, 04/1/2018, 3:39 pm NST
its a cutie. <3
im a devil too. i kept clicking on him

josie, 04/1/2018, 3:40 pm NST
We need a cabinet theme with him! That would be so cute

vampressqueen, 04/1/2018, 3:43 pm NST
i just made him flip

rosiethorns88 - JN Staff, 04/1/2018, 4:00 pm NST
y'all PPLers need to chill. o.o He's legit - JN Staff and gets the same perks and pay as other JN Staffers.

debgil, 04/1/2018, 4:03 pm NST

1jediboy, 04/1/2018, 4:18 pm NST
1jediboy: Yes, Rosie, but what about his name, age, diet, procurement, amount of allowed breaks, and favorite colour? This is important information! We're just looking out for the little one's health and safety!

1jediboy, 04/1/2018, 4:20 pm NST
*looks at page* Okay, that handles two of the questions.

rosiethorns88 - JN Staff, 04/1/2018, 4:24 pm NST
he's busy with his first day of work, he hasn't had time to update his bio yet. D:

1jediboy, 04/1/2018, 4:28 pm NST
Official: *reads TJNT benefits package* Actually, it seems this all checks out. He's well cared for.

1jediboy: ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!

Official: *shows 1jediboy benefits package*

1jediboy: 0_0 Hot Durp! I... guess it's ok then. Sorry to have bothered you. Carry on. *bows head*

dakitty1, 04/1/2018, 4:47 pm NST
When you let him rest, he crashes. I feel bad letting hem run or rest. What to do...

topaz644, 04/1/2018, 5:10 pm NST
I want to let him rest too. I feel bad making him get to work again. I suppose I could open JN in another tab while he rests

barbb79, 04/1/2018, 5:23 pm NST
Must. Click. Must! Click!

cloonshannagh, 04/1/2018, 5:49 pm NST
Such a good little Gypmu! He definitely deserves to be staff. He can be the official petpet!

1jediboy, 04/1/2018, 6:53 pm NST
Okay. It's about the end of the day. Time to break character.


Where is the animator of this little cutie?! I INSIST they step forward so I can properly thank them! I'm very serious.

1jediboy, 04/1/2018, 6:54 pm NST

rosi, 04/1/2018, 7:01 pm NST
@1jediboy : Rosie alias rosiethorns88
is Jellyneo's resident artist.
Congratulations on the super awesome animation

1jediboy, 04/1/2018, 7:13 pm NST
Thank you, rosi!

@Rosiethorns88 - Please step forward so I can thank you properly!

sawg66, 04/1/2018, 7:42 pm NST
he just tooo cute

stephie78, 04/1/2018, 7:42 pm NST
Love this!! Wish we could keep him forever!!

roshchodesh, 04/1/2018, 7:52 pm NST

Wonderful! Thank you Rosie!

sycatt, 04/1/2018, 7:59 pm NST

run little Gypmu, run!

*poke* *poke*

chrisk123, 04/1/2018, 8:05 pm NST
Love, love , love! Please don't take him away!!!!!

1jediboy, 04/1/2018, 8:13 pm NST
... I hope you see this.

This animation is by far the best neopet-based animation I have seen in YEARS!!!

Ever since the infamous layoffs, the animation department on Neopets was just downright lackluster! This? This is BRILLIANT!!!

It's so good I feel you should eventually work for Neopets themselves because of how much they need artists like you! Artists who CARE as deeply as you! BEAUTIFUL!

I comment you for such a piece of art found in something as simple as a Gypmu on a treadmill. Perfect! Thank you! Well done!

P.S. I LOVE your RSMachine comics!

1jediboy, 04/1/2018, 9:01 pm NST
Goodnight to all! Happy Easter!

jorgesgirlforlife, 04/1/2018, 10:14 pm NST
Ok so no one's gonna talk about TNT's april fools day stuff? :O

herddog, 04/1/2018, 10:47 pm NST
Thank you, Jellyneo, for li'l Gypmu. So adorable! Wish he could stay--but not on the treadmill. Poor baby.

mrskathy4u, 04/1/2018, 11:34 pm NST
Whats its name????

jen - JN Staff, 04/1/2018, 11:38 pm NST
Fave. heissocuteandsquishyiwanttokeephim

rosiethorns88 - JN Staff, 04/2/2018, 12:30 am NST
His name is Ernest.

mistyraider, 04/2/2018, 4:24 am NST
Ernest is gone.
I miss the li'l guy, tho he's probably glad to take a break! I hope we see him again sometime.

vellen_, 04/2/2018, 5:51 am NST
Aww can we bring back Ernest due to popular demand? I miss him already

rose_of_autumn, 04/2/2018, 9:07 am NST
I miss this little guy

1jediboy, 04/2/2018, 10:21 am NST
Ernest. Adorable!

@Rosiethorns88 - Did you see me commend your animation?

vampressqueen, 04/2/2018, 1:49 pm NST
i miss ernest. he was too cute

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