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TNT Give an Update on Wraith Resurgence
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on March 9, 2018, 1:59 pm NST

On Facebook today, in the comments of one of their recent posts TNT have given an update about when the next plot progress will be seen:

It's unknown if the update will be additonal dialogue, or steps, however.
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billowonders, 03/9/2018, 2:14 pm NST
it'll be 3 lines of pre school level dialogue

purplebin, 03/9/2018, 3:01 pm NST
And late in the week, too.

biediep, 03/9/2018, 3:27 pm NST
Do people even still care anymore? Personally I keep forgetting it's even a thing considering there's like a decade between every step.

rafa_potter, 03/9/2018, 3:28 pm NST
And it will probably slow down the whole website

gordy_777, 03/9/2018, 4:03 pm NST
At this point, it should be a mercy killing. Even if it's had some fun moments, they've been overshadowed by the lackadaisical pacing of it all.

catsrnice, 03/9/2018, 4:41 pm NST
Is the lack of updates really because the 3 pets in the healing place haven't been healed yet?

Is it the fault of the neo community or tnt (or both in a way)

(I stopped donating after getting my achievements personally)

themeepit32, 03/9/2018, 4:58 pm NST
I just gave up after I kept dying to hulking wraiths

1jediboy, 03/9/2018, 5:08 pm NST
Oh, for durp's sake!

1jediboy, 03/9/2018, 5:11 pm NST
At this point, I DEMAND some sort of plot-comic or past Neopian lore!!! ...Please?

1jediboy, 03/9/2018, 5:26 pm NST
I think it's safe to say I was wrong about the GMC being connected:
I'm not sure about Faerieland going up yet, or even if TNT still PLANS to remove Grave Danger... Likely not...
I don't remember what my theory about Roothless connecting to the plot was, but I do remember A theory I had about him...

I hope my headcanon still holds up, though... at least a little.

mavegibson, 03/9/2018, 5:28 pm NST
OMG just end this interminable, boring plot please!! If this is how JS is going to handle plots, I'd rather we not have them at all anymore.

unfree, 03/9/2018, 6:35 pm NST
You'd think I'd take this time to figure out how to defeat Malum on hard, alas...

numb3r, 03/9/2018, 6:38 pm NST
Well, they said that to Caption Contest winners they'd get their avatars this week, yet nothing and they told on monday will get them. Let's see

jayjayyyyy, 03/9/2018, 6:40 pm NST
Still better than no plot, but hey maybe it's because im somewhat inactive so IDC if it's slow. I'd probably be madder in the old days, but hey Neo just isn't Neo anymore.

themeepit32, 03/9/2018, 7:37 pm NST
The dialog boxes are just disappointing

josie, 03/9/2018, 8:00 pm NST
Well geez, that's just as vague as it could possibly be

josie, 03/9/2018, 8:05 pm NST
I noticed Malum in the infirmary is holding his head up now and no longer looks as miserable as he did before, so maybe he's healed soon.

spabl, 03/9/2018, 10:50 pm NST
Some additional info in these weeks Editorial! Charity Corner will be here soon, with some changes? I hope I didn't collect the wrong things! I am not a fan of making things "easier for everyone" like giving out battledome weapons for the plot. Users who are preparing for events like this for a long period of time, like pet training or collecting items do it for nothing I feel!

moonlightwitch, 03/10/2018, 5:52 am NST
Healing all affected site features

Completing this helps you move up the ranks in the Resistance.
Did the fog disappear on its own. I went and rechecked all the areas, is it just me?

moonlightwitch, 03/10/2018, 5:54 am NST
@1jediboy faerie land will be back up in time for the April fools day joke

phenixia, 03/10/2018, 7:43 am NST
I think the plot would have been nice, if it hasn't been so long, without a logical timeline and if I COULD GET ITEMS WHEN I FIGHT!!!! Since the cap on drops, the enemies stopped dropping completly, for me. And a ticket didn't change anything.

tattooedmomma, 03/10/2018, 9:28 am NST
as long as it doesn't end i am still fight the guy on hard i made a mistake while i was fighting him and had to start all over agin

teresa, 03/10/2018, 11:05 am NST
Good luck beating him tattooed!

I'm even more annoyed about the super time sensitive fiendish formations. We've had forever to do every other part
I will be bitter about it until this stupid plot ends *sigh*

1jediboy, 03/10/2018, 12:11 pm NST
*looks at moonlightwitch's comment* Oh boy! *facepalms*

If they tease us with THAT on April fools day, I almost GUARANTEE Wraithland will happen then too!

inkpot, 03/10/2018, 8:29 pm NST
i honestly haven't read a lick of plot dialogue since the initial reveal (and whatever managed to snare my eye while skipping through it--which isn't much). like i'm not immersed in the story at all (be it the average writing or my disinterest in the faeries in general) and frankly i don't feel like i'm missing anything from skipping it either. lol

cat, 03/10/2018, 11:32 pm NST
Just before the final boss always seems to be when plots (and video games) get boring. I'm hoping this wraps up soon so we can see what those new crafting faerie items make.

lunas, 03/11/2018, 1:36 pm NST
Are they kidding right now? This was my first plot that I was actually on for and they made it a complete waste of time. It's been going on for months now, and barely anything has happened. Just put this 'plot' down already and let us all get on with our lives.

alli_draggy, 03/11/2018, 2:25 pm NST
Let's hope you're right-and that the final boss is something my mediocre BD pet can beat!

themeepit32, 03/11/2018, 8:55 pm NST
i'd love to the boss to "accidently" have a 1 hit kill weakness, just to make it up to us on how bland this plot has been

chanty, 03/14/2018, 12:19 pm NST

chanty, 03/14/2018, 12:19 pm NST

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