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New Wonderclaw Machine
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on March 1, 2018, 6:15 am NST

As advertised yesterday, the Stormy Ombre Machine has retired from Wonderclaw. A new machine is now released - Warrior!

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(Earlier advertising of the Haunted Faire machine retiring was incorrect -- those items are still available.)

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purplebin, 03/1/2018, 6:17 am NST
Wow, I might not play this machine at all! There are only a couple of items I like.
And this was awfully early for it to update.

1jediboy, 03/1/2018, 8:50 am NST
*looks at Wario prize pool*
This has NOTHING to do with Wario! FALSE ADVERTISING!!!

skiasma, 03/1/2018, 10:50 am NST
Mostly eh, but those backgrounds are astoundingly good.

marfbear, 03/1/2018, 11:18 am NST
Gonna save a lot of money on this one.

mavegibson, 03/1/2018, 12:41 pm NST
Not bad. About half of the items are nice. Some are truly terrible. What is up with that helmet?!

The worst is the Champion's Cape and Wig. Looks terrible on every pet.

inkpot, 03/1/2018, 2:26 pm NST
i like about half of the items too.
seems like i might have to spend on this wonderclaw, since i know very few will considering the theme. will wait a while though...

the bg's though are beautiful. O^: maybe not the most versatile but wonderfully done, imo.

mavegibson, 03/1/2018, 2:38 pm NST
Yes, the backgrounds are exquisite. The sort of backgrounds that are nice enough I would build a customization around them.

kahlana, 03/1/2018, 4:52 pm NST
Don't like the theme in general but the BGs are lovely! Very nice art.

dr_tomoe, 03/1/2018, 7:38 pm NST
So now we have Warrior Wig and Warriors Wig.

purplebin, 03/1/2018, 7:39 pm NST
What's going on with the Enter the Battle BG? It's zoned as BG and lower FG, but there is nothing in the lower FG zone.

vaporesque, 03/1/2018, 8:03 pm NST
@inkpot I actually thought the same

mavegibson, 03/2/2018, 9:22 am NST
@purplebin the sparkles coming up from the ground are in the lower FG zone.

kawaiicurls, 03/2/2018, 6:56 pm NST
Is it just me or does this feel like they tried to be a little inspired by Black Panther with some of these?

purplebin, 03/3/2018, 8:35 am NST
@mavegibson, that's what I thought at first, but the sparkles show up in the SWF image with the rest of the background. But then on closer inspection I see that there are a *few* sparkles that do show up in front of the pet, but not many, and they don't rise very high. Oh, well, I can't imagine any lower FG item that would work with the BG anyway.

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