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Baby Re-Release Capsule
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on February 23, 2018, 10:53 am NST

A new re-release capsule has appeared in the NC Mall! It will award Baby-only items from the NC Mall, both retired and currently selling. In addition, it includes four new Baby-only items that are exclusive to this capsule. The items, however, are not bonus items, but rather mixed into the pool of possible items.

We're still looking to add the contents of this capsule to our guide, so if you open it up, please send in a report with what you receive.

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topaz644, 02/23/2018, 11:36 am NST
The Hooded Faellie Baby Blanket is still for sale in the Mall. So is the Shamrock Tutu

topaz644, 02/23/2018, 11:42 am NST
I'm not opening mine yet. Maybe they will pull that stuff out? I don't want what's still for sale in the Mall and cheaper than the capsules.

beingniceisfree, 02/23/2018, 1:28 pm NST
So is the Baby Birthday Dress(buyable) that I got several of from those awful caps! I've submitted a ticket, I sure hope TNT will do something about people spending 200NC on a random 150NC buyable. So wrong.

topaz644, 02/23/2018, 1:41 pm NST
I bought all the baby stuff in the mall even before I had a baby pet because I knew I'd be creating one. I welcomed my new baby today and bah humbug I refuse to open the new caps until this is addressed.

mavegibson, 02/23/2018, 2:38 pm NST
That's an unfortunate choice for capsule label. It looks like Pepe the Frog.

cat, 02/23/2018, 2:47 pm NST
I wish they'd released the spring body paint in the mall as a Spring shop wearable. I also think the capsule should have been 150 NC because most of the baby wearables to date have been that price. And I agree, it shouldn't include buyables.

skiasma, 02/23/2018, 3:05 pm NST
The inclusion of the MME background is so strange. Just because it has Baby in the title...

purplebin, 02/23/2018, 3:10 pm NST
It's an unfortunate choice for a costume, too!
Those red eyes are not cute, and in general having the pet's face in the mouth of the costume isn't cute either.

beingniceisfree, 02/23/2018, 4:25 pm NST
Aww, I hope that TNT can straighten this out, so unfortunate in so many ways. Why do these releases right before end of day, on Friday?

purplebin, 02/23/2018, 4:59 pm NST
I hope people have sent tickets.
TNT finally fixed the Tree of Petals BG today, after I sent a ticket, but none of the new Chia outfit is working yet and I think it's because no one (including me) has let them know.

1jediboy, 02/23/2018, 5:04 pm NST
@purplebin: That's straight up nightmare fuel!

1jediboy, 02/23/2018, 5:09 pm NST
*Sees new items*
You know there are still no "all-neopet wearable" diapers?
Not just that, but there are no "Potty-Training" related things AT ALL!
No books, no "big-kid" pants, not even a single plastic potty.
How do they expect us to potty-train our pets with little to no help?

1jediboy, 02/23/2018, 5:11 pm NST
...and what about the "full-size" neopets that are just born and aren't painted baby? They're still MENTALLY babies. What about them? You've got the Cherub Wrap, but that's an NC item...

1jediboy, 02/23/2018, 5:14 pm NST
(^Forgot to add Vandas can't wear them.)

1jediboy, 02/23/2018, 5:22 pm NST
I just found out a Baby Giant Moach is in there!
Can you imagine how hysterical the baby would be if they opened the capsule and THAT came out?!?!?!?!

ladyamethyst, 02/23/2018, 6:26 pm NST
Great. Sleepers in both Clothing & Accessories categories :/ Was wondering why I got two clothing items from one cap

katina_choovanski, 02/23/2018, 8:23 pm NST
OMGosh...I feel so STUPID right now. A fool and their money are soon parted. They get me every daggone time. All I wanted was the Facepaint, the Frogarot costume and the gown. I spent about $30 on caps. NOT ONE!!!

peppermint, 02/24/2018, 12:03 am NST
I was wondering about that too... if it's supposed to dispense retired items, why in the heck does it offer things that are currently buyable? Maybe I'm out of the loop since I rarely buy these things, but have other mystery capsules given out buyable items?

I have a lot of baby items, and buying one of these would already be a gamble... but to buy one and then (with my luck) get something that's currently for sale cheaper in the mall? I wouldn't even be able trade something like that in hopes of getting the retired items I'd like.

topaz644, 02/24/2018, 4:46 am NST
...and I just got an Abigail Daily Dare prize from Apple Bobbing so that hasn't been fixed yet.

leftover_bees, 02/24/2018, 6:03 pm NST
They really need to remove the buyables (including the fortune cookie items) from the prize pool.

cat, 02/24/2018, 11:32 pm NST
Off hand I'd guess that the staffer that coded the lists of items to be given out simply searched for NC wearables with "Baby" in their name and added them without thinking about whether the items were baby only (so we got backgrounds and trinkets) or still buyable.

I appreciate the rerelease cap, I just wish it were cheaper and that the exclusives had been released as seasonal buyables.

1jediboy, 02/25/2018, 11:11 am NST
*looks up* Is no one else concerned about the lack of "baby-mess" protection or prevention? Seriously! There is so much dung in Neopia!

From the studies I've done, it seems there's a day-care relatively close to the Pick-Your-Own orchard. THAT'S why there are so many dung-piles there!

Maybe if they "handle" this subject, the amount of dung-piles will go down in Pick-Your-Own, and we'll see more berries there! They are updating the prize pools of the dailies...

cat, 02/26/2018, 2:09 pm NST
I suppose we could use a diaper wearable, but in the interests of preventing as many messes as possible it should be NP.

1jediboy, 02/26/2018, 2:38 pm NST
*taps nose*

zixianna, 02/27/2018, 9:31 am NST
Curious if the current legal arguments around 'Loot Boxes' in games will affect NC Capsules.

spabl, 02/27/2018, 2:40 pm NST
After opening some babycaps and getting cheap buyables I was happy with the Baby Holiday Ruffle dress I got out of one Untill that same dress became buyable in the Mall today!!!

purplebin, 02/27/2018, 3:40 pm NST
Someone also claims to have gotten the Baby Holiday Ruffle Dress from redeeming a NC card. Not sure if it was the main award item or the bonus after every 4 cards.

topaz644, 02/27/2018, 3:51 pm NST
TNT seems to be missing in action in many areas the last couple weeks. Any one have info?

recklesse, 02/28/2018, 5:36 am NST
@topaz, yes there does seem to be something going on (or rather NOT going on) at HQ. People are speculating on the boards that there may be some some restructuring of personnel happening, but nobody can be sure what's going on, and JS certainly aren't going to tell us.

purplebin, 02/28/2018, 11:23 am NST
Has the retirement date changed? I thought it was much later than March 1 before.

leftover_bees, 02/28/2018, 1:20 pm NST
I think the retirement date used to be the 13th.

tanoshii, 02/28/2018, 2:28 pm NST
I'm afraid I agree with recklesse..the editorial has been gone for 2 weeks, and there's too many NC glitches going on at the same time without any response. Kind of reminds me of when they were laying off all the old TNT staffers and replacing them with Jumpstaff.. and when Droplet finally came back from her maternity leave for a bit and then announced Scrappy was doing the editorial.
It would be a shame if Scrappy suddenly left, she was the only person who really seemed interested in what the players wanted and came to the boards to talk..

1jediboy, 02/28/2018, 3:09 pm NST
You know what would be really good for Neopets?
If Disney bought it from NetDragon.

Hear me out: Disney GREATLY cares for the assets it acquires! Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and soon enough, 20th Century Fox!

I think if Disney got it's hands on Neopets, it would be right up there in website video game importance right next to Club Penguin Island. We'd be seeing Neopets based commercials ALL OVER Disney Channel! The WHOLE TNT HQ would be completely renovated with new technology, more staff, more servers, and best of all, MORE BROADBAND!!! (Which equals LESS LAG!!!)

We'd probably see some sort of Neopets MOVIE if Disney owned it! HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I personally think that should happen... Just my thoughts.

1jediboy, 02/28/2018, 3:10 pm NST

tanoshii, 02/28/2018, 3:59 pm NST
I have very mixed feelings on Disney buying Neopets..it could go really well or really badly...
I can see that animation and art and things like KQ and Habi (or something like it) might do very well BUT I can also see them milking players WAY more than now. I can see Disney doing the whole "well its free to start but if you really want to accomplish anything and are a new player, you need to start dropping $$$". I'm already playing a game like that and it's very annoying.

tanoshii, 02/28/2018, 4:05 pm NST
I can see Disney voiding the whole paid is an option concept and doing things like $30 gets you 3 million NPs and $100 gets you 10 million, an extra pet slot, and elite access where you buy boxes directly from the NC Mall BUT its a monthly MEMBERSHIP! Yearly Premium subscription members not included. T_____T; I mean look how they're continuing to milk Frozen while they make the 2nd movie. By the time Frozen 2 comes out, Disney will have made 5-6 "shorts" and they might just string them all together and go TA-DA! There's your movie.

tanoshii, 02/28/2018, 4:08 pm NST
I'm sorry that sounds so negative. ;w;

1jediboy, 02/28/2018, 4:08 pm NST
It might be SEVERELY annoying... But there would probably be some sort of optional "watch an ad to get free perks/NC" system.

There would also probably be some sort of new benefits for veterans systems like we've been begging TNT to make for us.

They wouldn't low blow veterans just to milk money out of a new clientele... I hope.

1jediboy, 02/28/2018, 4:08 pm NST

1jediboy, 02/28/2018, 4:10 pm NST
and they CERTAINLY wouldn't offer Neopoints for money! That goes against EVERYTHING TNT has stood for!

tanoshii, 02/28/2018, 4:19 pm NST
Disney would run things their way though. If it can make them easy money, they might just do it.
Don't get me wrong, I llove Disney movies and I have a *slight* problem with collecting tsum tsum merchandise but I have also seen them do things like yank digital copies of movies out of video streaming services and confused parents going, "I paid $20 for my child's movie and now its gone?" (This is mainly for the vault movies, a concept I also hate but it has been done with non-vaulted movies.) AND they continue to ignore older (well we're oldER now ) fans requests for a proper blu-ray/laserdisc/DVD/etc release of TV shows/DCOMs from the 80's, 90's and early 00's. Some of those shows and movies were never released at all and some only made it as far as VHS and are very difficult to come by. They have some things now for digital purchase on Amazon but considering their choice to yank things at random, I'd prefer a hard copy.

tanoshii, 02/28/2018, 4:20 pm NST
That extra l is going to bother me all evening.

1jediboy, 02/28/2018, 4:39 pm NST
Hmm... Disney does do things their own way...
No doubt something LIKE that might happen to Neopets if they did buy it... But I still think, comparatively to what Neopets is like now, Disney purchasing them would still benefit them.

(P.S. I think they pulled their movies from the streaming services because of the one they're making for themselves that'll come at the end of the year. That'll probably have all, or all most all, of the Disney films/shows/stuff.)

1jediboy, 02/28/2018, 4:40 pm NST
(NEXT year)

tanoshii, 02/28/2018, 5:01 pm NST
I didn't hear about their streaming service but I know the pulling of their movies and things has been an ongoing problem for years.
I'm a "prepare for the worst but hope for the best" (in that order) person. I'll do some research on their app/service for next year but I'm definitely not going to stop buying hard copies of what I can get.

1jediboy, 02/28/2018, 5:39 pm NST
*thumbs up for tanoshii*

Anyone else's stance on Disney buying Neopets?

dave - JN Staff, 02/28/2018, 7:40 pm NST
Considering that Disney has shut down Club Penguin, and the fact that they've also been exiting other online game ventures over the years, I'm not sure I'd want to see Neopets become a Disney brand.

josh_m, 02/28/2018, 8:45 pm NST

Thank you for writing in.
We've sent your feedback on the capsule and it's contents to the NC team.
They will review it and make changes if need be for any future capsules.
Thank you again!
^my reply from Rico about all the buyable nc items with the baby bottle cap. I named every buyable item that I received and all the items in the nursery time nc fortune cookie.

1jediboy, 02/28/2018, 10:39 pm NST
*reads Dave's comment* Eee... uh... yeah... :L

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