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New Caption Contest Avatar
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on February 21, 2018, 4:58 pm NST

The Caption Contest is getting a new avatar. The exact requirements are currently unknown, but the avatar will likely be awarded to winners of the (now monthly!) Caption Contest.

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purplebin, 02/21/2018, 5:03 pm NST
Now I need TWO CC avatars! I don't know if it's worth the hassle any more. It's so very frustrating.

strawberrybells, 02/21/2018, 5:08 pm NST
Not gonna lie, this avatar looks pretty lame...

dark169, 02/21/2018, 5:14 pm NST
There's something off about the avatar's text. It looks like it's the right font, but a point or two off, and a subpixel off-axis.

vaporesque, 02/21/2018, 5:35 pm NST
Aww, off-kilter humor of a "So funny, that they think that was so funny" sort of way.

I actually think the avy is cute.

1jediboy, 02/21/2018, 5:42 pm NST

*flips computer desk*

1jediboy, 02/21/2018, 5:43 pm NST

1jediboy, 02/21/2018, 5:44 pm NST
*sobs loudly, running in circles*

peirigill - JN Staff, 02/21/2018, 6:56 pm NST
Oh boy, now I have to start haunting the CC again. It's never a fun experience.

fuzzyflufffeet, 02/21/2018, 8:31 pm NST
I actually love the avatar. I don't wanna be one of those annoying people spamming their CC link at everyone D:

mandypandy667, 02/21/2018, 10:00 pm NST
Aw man I've never ever had one of my captions even chosen to go up for voting. This is gonna be fun to try and get

moonlightwitch, 02/22/2018, 1:22 am NST
It will be like get X amount of votes or something

Hope they didn't replace the other with this one.

Just another one I will not get

o_ya_toe_knee_is_gr8, 02/22/2018, 2:08 am NST
I don't wanna be one of those annoying people spamming their CC link at everyone D:
last month, I got an entry chosen and didn't spam anyone or anywhere and I still won I just voted for myself about 3-4 times each day and based on my calculation, either 1 or 2 other people voted about once a day for me too. I've no idea who they might have been but they're probably someone I know

topaz644, 02/22/2018, 4:56 am NST
If this is to be awarded every contest it means multiple people I know will probably in each contest. I'll have to come up with a criteria for my votes, like who already has the trophy, am I in it etc

topaz644, 02/22/2018, 4:57 am NST
Maybe we'll get lucky and this one will be awarded to everyone whose caption gets in.

pigfish99, 02/22/2018, 5:21 am NST
I can't stop thinking of the huehuehuehuehue lizard image when I look at this. XD

zeelink, 02/22/2018, 5:36 am NST
I love that avatar!

sakeru187, 02/22/2018, 7:36 am NST
Please don't retire the other one yet T__T

fluffygoth, 02/22/2018, 4:24 pm NST

peirigill - JN Staff, 02/23/2018, 12:29 am NST
I don't think they were planning on retiring the old avatar. Scrappy's original thought was to make the new avatar monthly, and the old avatar yearly.

nicole24, 02/23/2018, 1:00 am NST
They said something about keep voting in the news, so perhaps its random when you vote. However I doubt it, I guess that‘s too easy

kitkatmeeoow, 02/23/2018, 7:27 am NST
You are no longer allowed to spam the boards, only put it in your signature. Apparently it is now considered a freezable offense. Sadly, I only ever saw one small blurt about the new rule so chances are most do not know about it and I am hoping no one gets frozen as people now get hyper competitive for the new AV.

With any luck for me, we will get it with just being chosen or they will not require only the top 25 since this week has 113 entries, far more than past months. I actually got an entry in for the first time in a long time and it would be nice to get the AV right away and not have to stress about it later dangling out of my reach.

kitkatmeeoow, 02/23/2018, 12:41 pm NST
Does anyone know one of the 25 people who won the round yet. They list the winner's list under past winners?

Curious if they got the av or not since that would tell us right away if you get it just from being one of the top people or something else. My guess is being chosen an actual winner.

will - JN Staff, 02/23/2018, 9:18 pm NST
@kitkatmeeoow Nobody has been given the avatar yet, and they sent prizes out already. I don't know why they would announce it before voting for the round ended if they didn't intend to award it this time around...

dr_tomoe, 02/23/2018, 9:53 pm NST
IIRC, when the 100th CC avie comes out, it comes about a week after.

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