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Today's Colours: Candy Lutari and Zombie Kougra
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on February 13, 2018, 7:33 am NST

To celebrate the love this month, a new pet colour is being released each day through Valentine's Day. It looks like today, however, two new colours are going live: the Candy Lutari and Zombie Kougra!

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dave - JN Staff, 02/13/2018, 7:34 am NST
Apparently only a couple species are going to be getting the love this month, though...

sherlocked55, 02/13/2018, 7:58 am NST
I like the candy lutari!

cheyennet2, 02/13/2018, 8:51 am NST
Wow, more decent new colors for lutari and kougras, which have already had some great colors released recently. Fans of these pets will be pleased.

ducky - JN Staff, 02/13/2018, 9:03 am NST
Lutaris have less colours, cool them to get some love but kougra? There is plenty of species that would need more love

pikachu315111, 02/13/2018, 9:44 am NST
If any Neopet needed multiple Colours it's the Vandagyre.

This had me wondering, maybe these Kougra and Lutari Colours were already done and being saved for their Pet Days (notice Kougra Day and Lutari Day are right next to each other). However, maybe because they were recently done they decided to release them now and just draw new Colours for their Pet Days. If true, that means JS is 2 months ahead with Pet Colours having done Chia, Tonu, Mynci, Uni, Gelert (who we know is getting Steampunk), Scorchio, Chomby, Shoyru, and Krawk.

purplebin, 02/13/2018, 9:55 am NST
@pikachu315111, that's a good theory.

kyrette, 02/13/2018, 10:05 am NST
The Candy Lutari <3
Why is the paint brush so expensive? -^-

dustin, 02/13/2018, 10:08 am NST
Why have they been making all of the recent Candy colors these gummy looking ones? Where's the variety?!

solsticesprite, 02/13/2018, 10:22 am NST
They had the opportunity to take another chunk out of the Kougra ear because Zombie, and failed to do so.

1jediboy, 02/13/2018, 10:53 am NST

ducky - JN Staff, 02/13/2018, 11:26 am NST
Why have they been making all of the recent Candy colors these gummy looking ones? Where's the variety?!

Like the Candy aisha that was released a month ago?

cat, 02/13/2018, 12:28 pm NST
Lutari, Chia and Vandagyre could use multiple colours. Vandas are really behind so in one way it would have been nice to give all the bonus colours to them, but I know players who don't like the vandagyre would feel left out if they got all the new colours.

That candy lutari is really obnoxiously bright pink, but otherwise fairly nice. Zombie's fairly standard. I wish they'd made the stripes look like flesh colour so it's like the kougra's fur is coming out.

purslane, 02/13/2018, 1:09 pm NST
And no one, no one likes vandagyres.

abomination in every sense of the word.

psychopath, 02/13/2018, 3:03 pm NST
Take that back! I have a sweet baby Vandagyre who is very offended.

purslane, 02/13/2018, 3:11 pm NST
babies are okay, I guess

purslane, 02/13/2018, 3:14 pm NST
oh also, there are neopets that are worse than vandas, such as Kacheeks, Draiks, Lennys, and non-UC Xweetoks.

So your Vanda can feel better about it!

maxgarou, 02/13/2018, 8:49 pm NST
I think Kiko, Chia and Jubjubs are way worse.

tomatereloco, 02/13/2018, 9:22 pm NST
Coconut jubjub is love. And Draik are so nice!

ducky - JN Staff, 02/13/2018, 9:54 pm NST
Actually quite many like vandas, I shall have stealthy one when FFQ happens.

The one of the reasons why you don't see them more is their lack of colours and the clothing they can wear.

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