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New Fiendish Formations Step
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on February 10, 2018, 12:22 pm NST

Fiendish Formations has now added a new step - Stage 2 became available appox 12 noon. If TNT sticks to this pattern, it means that new steps will be released each day for the next week.

It is unclear at this point if the day of release requirement means the 24 hours between each step releasing or each Neopets day - we recommend completing each step as soon as possible, just in case.

Today's target score is 1,450. It's still ten rounds, but two new unit types have appeared. In order to place them, you have to click multiple times on a square. Infantry (axes) need one click, Cavalry (arrow) require two clicks, and the Artillery (cannons) need three clicks.

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teresa, 02/10/2018, 12:55 pm NST

I didn't see this part of the update until today (I did the Malum infirmary steps yesterday morning). It didn't give me the gold check for the first day
This really sucks I hope it won't affect gold trophy. I must have checked yesterday just before noon and today just after noon

mistyraider, 02/10/2018, 12:57 pm NST
Will this plot never end?

gamer_5_55_555, 02/10/2018, 1:05 pm NST
I'm fine with a longer event. We've had a lot of shorter events ones in recently.

elphapa_the_wicked, 02/10/2018, 1:15 pm NST
This plot is making me want to corrosive spear wand myself in the temporal lobe, even more than the vines from the Tale of Woe plot. I get them warming up to doing things and trying to get it right, but my goodness. These puzzles are mind numbing.

mamsmelk_jr, 02/10/2018, 1:47 pm NST
Darn, I have a double shift at work ONCE and now I've missed the first day so I can't get the achievement We had some time for all the other steps, a little more warning a daily thing was coming would have been nice

pigfish99, 02/10/2018, 2:09 pm NST
I've dealt with the temple of a 100 tombs, and the three mods. I'm fine with this.

maxgarou, 02/10/2018, 2:19 pm NST
It's getting harder. It took me four tries
It will be fun getting the right scores for each day.

kach, 02/10/2018, 2:45 pm NST
ugh, had no idea there were new plot steps until now and missed yesterday. guess im out of the last achievement. hopefully the prize is something i can live without...

mavegibson, 02/10/2018, 3:54 pm NST
I found it quickest to do all the axes first, then the arrows, then the cannons.

amethyst43217, 02/10/2018, 4:28 pm NST
Weird, I had the three units and both day 1 and 2 achievements yesterday! Is this a glitch? Anyone else reporting this kind of thing?

zen, 02/10/2018, 5:58 pm NST
I completed the Day 1 thing last night after 12am NST, I think? And it still gave me the achievement for the same day challenge. Hope this helps.

dark169, 02/10/2018, 6:04 pm NST
Fiendish Formations made my computer crash. Twice. I know I have waaaay too many tabs open on Chrome, but I'm tagging out on this part of the plot.

veldomert, 02/10/2018, 6:07 pm NST
I completed day 1 somewhere between 5 and 6 am nst and still got the achievement

chibiaden14, 02/10/2018, 7:08 pm NST
This plot is getting to be nothing but a hassle to do...

josie, 02/10/2018, 7:18 pm NST
It took a few times, but I finally got the points I needed.

On another note, does anyone know if we can use up the ingredients now to make potions for the patients, or do you think we will still need them for additional patients and possible fog locations? I really don't want to have all these leftovers once the plot ends.

purplebin, 02/10/2018, 8:27 pm NST
I've used all my potions and ingredients. There should only be one more battle opponent, once we find out who the real villain is after getting through all the Fiendish Formations, and we won't be healing him/her. We should also get the final Mysterious Orange Coffer from those battles.
But of course that's just my best guess...

mavegibson, 02/10/2018, 8:31 pm NST
I agree, I don't think there will be any more patients after Mulam so we are safe to just heal to our hearts content.

dogloverluck, 02/10/2018, 8:54 pm NST
Is anyone else getting a glitch in this game where it end your game randomly and just says your score is zero?

josefine378, 02/10/2018, 9:03 pm NST
Seriously, what happened to standard comes out first day, second step isn't the next day? I've been keeping up perfectly with the plot but had one Friday evening off Neo and don't get a gold mark. For shame.

solsticesprite, 02/10/2018, 9:05 pm NST
This is the first plot of any major kind every since Viacom. It hasn't been fiendishly difficult, but there have been difficult parts. It hasn't chopped you off much for time, although there are timed parts. The puzzles are doable, but not for babies.
There's battling, but for the most part you don't have to be super strong and they gave you time to train.

I'm liking this plot a lot.

katina_choovanski, 02/11/2018, 1:10 am NST
I've been able to do all of the requirements until this one. I swear I had to do the first one like 20 times. Any harder and I'm probably out. So close....&&^^%(&*^%#^~~!!!

spabl, 02/11/2018, 1:45 am NST
Wow, I made the second part but how I am ever going to get 6500 points????????

starfirefluffy, 02/11/2018, 3:05 am NST
i just did step 2. i had already done my dailies yesterday by 12 nst (3 pm my time), and didn't see this update until now

rafa_potter, 02/11/2018, 3:16 am NST
What happens when you don’t complete the challenge at the release day? Is the check still gold/yellow, or is it differente colored? Maybe we can have a clue through that.

atryeu, 02/11/2018, 10:41 am NST
I didn't see this yesterday either and hope it will count for release day still. So unfair. I did my dailies around 10:30a yesterday and being Saturday and not having updates in the past on weekends I figured the step would have been there already if it was going to be released

atryeu, 02/11/2018, 10:49 am NST
If anybody is curious, it's 10:47am NST and I completed the 2nd part with a gold check still. I had to do it 2 times though because the first time the dumb game told me my total and high score was 0 even though I know it wasn't

purplebin, 02/11/2018, 10:52 am NST
I wonder if someone just messed up the coding so that it's updating at 12pm instead of 12am.
Even though there is no one in the office, I'm sure plenty of the (small) staff plays on their personal accounts and would have noticed if there was a glitch.

kreyrie, 02/11/2018, 11:16 am NST
I "missed" the first day too. I tried to play but it was so laggy and slow and when I finally got a score through it was zip. nadda, and already 11:53 NST so I just quit. Well there goes all my hard work over this obnoxious and unnecessarily long plot.

kreyrie, 02/11/2018, 11:28 am NST
Why the fridge are there two "Same Day" achievements?

hathor, 02/11/2018, 12:02 pm NST
The 3rd day has begun!

purplebin, 02/11/2018, 12:02 pm NST
I think it's nice that it's not all or nothing as far as playing on the day of release.

And level 3 just opened up, with a new and terribly difficult twist! There is a Wraith Assassin that will destroy the pieces you put down!

purplebin, 02/11/2018, 12:05 pm NST
And my first completed game says I got 0, which I did not. Good practice, though

purplebin, 02/11/2018, 12:06 pm NST
Oh, even with no score I got the achievement, so maybe it was high enough.

mavegibson, 02/11/2018, 12:10 pm NST
Great twist, it really makes the game more exciting. I'm actually enjoying this game, but don't hold me to that. I have a feeling it's going to get very annoying indeed as the levels get harder and harder.

thatgirlmarie, 02/11/2018, 12:31 pm NST
So stupid. I didn't get day-of achievement because of the timing of their release. Unbelievable.

rakkase, 02/11/2018, 12:32 pm NST
I also missed the first 2 parts of this

inusfan, 02/11/2018, 1:53 pm NST
I did part 1 but part 2 released the same day I did part 1? So I missed out on getting 'day of' for part 2... They usually give a day amnesty for those things...

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