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Plot Update: Malum in the Infirmary + Extra New Steps
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on February 9, 2018, 9:37 am NST

UPDATE: Additional steps are available. There is a new activity accessible through the table on the Headquarters page - Fiendish Formations. This is a matching game where you have to mirror the movements of the Wraith playing pieces. There is a point bonus for quick completion and an achievement for getting 1,000 points on stage 1 (the only currently available).

IMPORTANT: This activity will have two achievements related to completing steps on the day of release.

Our guides are updated with the new details!


A new patient has been added to the Infirmary! Malum is asking for concoctions, three new achievements for helping Malum are available, and the "One of Every Kind" achievement is also available (with the prize being an avatar):

Check out our plot walkthrough for a step-by-step on what's new:

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dolchay, 02/9/2018, 9:53 am NST
Got it

I wouldn't wait to long personally cause with Fyora and the Skeith there and now malum you can easily donate all the potions to get the 1 of every kind

daughters_ofthe_moon, 02/9/2018, 10:07 am NST
Do you think that's all the sick people now and we should use all the potions/ingredients we have left?

thatgirlmarie, 02/9/2018, 10:09 am NST
I've donated one of every kind and it isn't unlocking :/ Anyone else not getting that achievement?

jawsch, 02/9/2018, 10:20 am NST
Check your avatar list, I still got the avatar but it didn't show the achievement as unlocked and I didn't get the pop-up

dolchay, 02/9/2018, 10:22 am NST
I got mine just fine

only thing i noticed is when you click on the green box is it didnt pop the award up but it still got it

also don't forget that 1 potion that we have not donated yet which is potion X does need to be given to Malum

thatgirlmarie, 02/9/2018, 10:35 am NST
I had to refresh a few times and it finally gave me the option to click! Yay!

purplebin, 02/9/2018, 10:47 am NST
There is also a new achievement category header, with the image of the map from the table.
I am guessing this is the last of the infirmary and battle achievements, and we won't need any more potions after this.

beyondelsewhere, 02/9/2018, 10:53 am NST
I noticed the new header. Wonder if this is going to lead back to a new land? Or maybe we have to track that not-so-friendly-Kaia faerie down across the worlds... ooo. Maybe a wraith land?

atryeu, 02/9/2018, 11:12 am NST
The last achievement category is showing 10 achievements for me... Just a heads up for nobody who noticed yet.

dolchay, 02/9/2018, 11:18 am NST
saw the 10 achievements as well

wonder where we have to go or what to send in a score

grandwolfmon, 02/9/2018, 11:59 am NST
got those achivements and the avatar! tough also i have a new achivement tab with image of a map.

dillpickles, 02/9/2018, 12:00 pm NST
More new dialogue, too! Today has been exciting!

dolchay, 02/9/2018, 12:12 pm NST
completed day 1

fyi. map is active now!

grandwolfmon, 02/9/2018, 12:14 pm NST
For all those interested about it, you gotta have 1 of each 10 potions and give them to malum, fyora and the skeith. It will officially and fully open the "1 of each kind" achivement.

josie, 02/9/2018, 12:18 pm NST
Very exciting I was panicking because I didn't get the avatar, but then went back to the infirmary and noticed that I didn't give potion 9 to the Skeith. After doing so, the avatar showed up in my list.

The box under one of a kind is there, but no prize shows up. I'm sure they'll fix that later. I remember we had that issue before.

topaz644, 02/9/2018, 12:29 pm NST
The Enchanted Map is clickable now with so many more achievements. ugh. I thought we were about done. lol

kyrette, 02/9/2018, 12:37 pm NST
There's a new game, called Fiendish Formations. You get it when you click the map.

topaz644, 02/9/2018, 12:42 pm NST
Scored 1022 on my 2nd try. The first time I didn't see the instructions and thought I was playing snow wars 2 or checkers

purplebin, 02/9/2018, 12:49 pm NST
If you click the pause button in the game you can see the instructions.
We get 8 days of games, and achievements for doing each one on the day they come out.

mavegibson, 02/9/2018, 12:51 pm NST
Where are the instructions?

mavegibson, 02/9/2018, 12:59 pm NST
OK, so the instructions are viewable on the pause screen of the game.

1jediboy, 02/9/2018, 1:25 pm NST
*spazes out*

yekith, 02/9/2018, 1:35 pm NST
I scored 1000 on that new game and the achievement is still not unlocking. Happening to anyone else? Is it still not fully up? Is there a button to actually send score I'm not seeing? (I assumed it's automatic).

topaz644, 02/9/2018, 1:39 pm NST
My scores sent auto. Try playing again and get a few points over 1k maybe.

yekith, 02/9/2018, 1:39 pm NST
I did get over 1000. I just said 1000 cause it's what's needed. :/

topaz644, 02/9/2018, 1:46 pm NST
Yekith did you do the Malum infirmary step?

yekith, 02/9/2018, 1:47 pm NST
It worked now! But I realized what'd happened was something really weird. The first time I played it said score zero (which as slow as I played was impossible). So I played again. That time it showed me a harder, longer level with different icons. It confused me, but I went with it?

Now I realized it was a glitch and it made me play a higher level. Of course it wouldn't give me the achievement for level 1. Or any higher one either cause I didn't play the previous!

Neopets. xD

topaz644, 02/9/2018, 1:49 pm NST
When you press the pause button it takes you to the main screen where it says resume or start over. It looks like it just made you resume, maybe, neopets...lol

yekith, 02/9/2018, 1:52 pm NST
No, but it didn't happen after pressing pause. I'd left that page completely after that first game ended with zero, then came back and clicked on the only available level again...and it played a higher level, evidently. xD

dementia20, 02/9/2018, 1:54 pm NST
can confirm, it's working fine now
Already got the Day 1 Achievement and prize (and the new avvy yay )

berdor, 02/9/2018, 2:53 pm NST
We just got a lot more achievements for Fiendish Formations, looks like at least 8 days of this. They really want that longest running plot record.

jmo7692, 02/9/2018, 3:21 pm NST
Hi JN staff. Any chance you guys could change "Revisited" and just put "Part 2" instead? Otherwise, I love your guide.

keyblade_warrior_10, 02/9/2018, 3:45 pm NST
Heya, JN staffers, could we possibly have the plot temporarily added to the dailies list/custom dailies at this point so it's easier to remember to check back/access the plot? (I add access the plot because if I do it directly from Neo and not from your plot guide there have been times it was a bit of a rigmarole if it wasn't on the front page.) Not sure how necessary it would be but it was a thought. Thanks.

keyblade_warrior_10, 02/9/2018, 3:48 pm NST
Afterthought: I mean, as it is the plot guide is on the front page but I thought it would be a bit easier to not forget because I personally only check the guide when/if I need to and I have friends who don't use guides at all that I know use you dailies tool.

mavegibson, 02/9/2018, 4:15 pm NST
I always put a link on my browser's bookmarks toolbar whenever there is a site event that needs to be visited daily. It helps me to remember to do it. Right now I have a link to the plot HQ that I visit every day to check for new activities, and also for the achievement which I think was accidentally revealed earlier, for visiting HQ every day of the plot.

sakibou, 02/9/2018, 4:33 pm NST
Has anyone gotten the Fiendish Formations achievement for today after several attempts? I just want to make sure there's not a limit per day that you can try.

topaz644, 02/9/2018, 4:34 pm NST
also for the achievement which I think was accidentally revealed earlier, for visiting HQ every day of the plot

I certainly hope they removed that every day thing because there was so long a stretch of nothing going on it's unrealistic for us to have checked HQ every day. They even said in the news it was off track.

topaz644, 02/9/2018, 4:37 pm NST
@sakibou I am wondering too. I have a gold check after 2 attempts. A nf of mine said she kept doing it to up her score and saw a silver check after having gold? Has any one else saw a silver check?

herdy - JN Staff, 02/9/2018, 4:43 pm NST
If you continue to play after getting gold the medal on the send score page will be silver - the actual medal on the main page will remain gold, however.

topaz644, 02/9/2018, 5:01 pm NST
Thanks Herdy. Do we think the silver means any thing?

I was thinking gold meant day of but apparently not? Will anyone get a green check tomorrow?

purplebin, 02/9/2018, 5:36 pm NST
I'm wondering what those white ovals next to the level numbers are all about.

And I'm willing to bet that the Fiendish Formations background will show up as a prize at some point.

topaz644, 02/9/2018, 5:49 pm NST
If the Fiendish Formations keeps growing like the Chest step did I hope the bonus clock gets friendlier. lol

mogster, 02/9/2018, 7:46 pm NST
What if you can't get past the screen with the 1 2 3 4 buttons? Tried 3 browsers.

kawaiicurls, 02/9/2018, 10:40 pm NST
What if you can't get past the screen with the 1 2 3 4 buttons? Tried 3 browsers.

^ Try chrome, click the little white oval to start the game

mistyraider, 02/10/2018, 5:15 am NST
Ok, I don't mean to be stupid and I'm not good at games, but I'm lost. Any one have suggestions? How do I know when I get a good match on one piece?

thatgirlmarie, 02/10/2018, 7:35 am NST
I guess they're not releasing them daily or maybe at a set time daily, because level 2 isn't available yet...

daughters_ofthe_moon, 02/10/2018, 9:14 am NST
The map wasn't active for me last night before I went to bed, just done it now, does that mean I won't get the complete on day achievement since it's the 10th now?

purplebin, 02/10/2018, 9:31 am NST
Day One always lasts through the next day, for anyone in a time zone that might have missed the release on the first day. Day Two should be tomorrow.

dave - JN Staff, 02/10/2018, 9:33 am NST
I completed Day 1 of Fiendish Formations today and got the achievement.

lia_19_85, 02/10/2018, 12:13 pm NST
Day 2 just released!

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