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Free NC Mall Goodie Bag
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on February 8, 2018, 10:35 am NST

A new goodie bag is available to claim at the NC Mall!

It contains the following item:

(As a reminder, this can be claimed on side accounts)
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fidiall, 02/8/2018, 11:54 am NST
Ooh TNT being generous!

fidiall, 02/8/2018, 11:54 am NST
Ooh TNT being generous!

eliz1bef, 02/8/2018, 12:26 pm NST
Nice item! Much better than some of the cheesier valentines freebies of the past.

kyrette, 02/8/2018, 12:57 pm NST
Excuuuse me, the Door to Your Heart Background was pretty nice too, in my opinion!

eliz1bef, 02/8/2018, 1:21 pm NST
I said SOME of the cheesier ones They weren't all cheesy. Some, though: super cheesy.

eliz1bef, 02/8/2018, 1:53 pm NST
Oh, wait... I do not like Door to Your Heart, so I guess I did mean that one. Sorry!

skiasma, 02/8/2018, 2:45 pm NST
So, beyond the Tangled reference... what about this item? http://wardrobe.jellyneo.net/preview/?id=61363

inkpot, 02/8/2018, 5:04 pm NST
wow! honestly, that's gorgeous. i'm sure many ppl would have willingly bought that from the mall. thank you tnt~! ;o;

1jediboy, 02/8/2018, 5:11 pm NST
Hmm... Very pretty.

dark169, 02/8/2018, 7:56 pm NST
And at last I see the liiiight~

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