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New Wild Woods Step
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on January 19, 2018, 7:23 am NST

Yet another new plot step in the Wraith Resurgence today! This time, we're heading back into the Wild Woods again in search of Kaia, who has gone in alone against Aethia's orders.

After successfully navigating the maze, you'll find Kaia, and get a good look at the villain behind all this - Malum!

If you cannot find Malum/Kaia on the first try, the lockout for this version of the Wild Woods is 30 minutes.

NOTE: You'll also get a message about an Earth Faerie dropping something. This appears to just be an advert for a new mall superpack, not anything related to the plot.

» View Our Step-By-Step Guide «

There is also new dialogue in both the Infirmary and on the Story So Far page.
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stories2btold, 01/19/2018, 7:48 am NST
His color is interesting, like a Spotted/Wraith mix?

a_lost_cat, 01/19/2018, 8:13 am NST
He looks very neovian, maybe a redraw plot? Or maybe we will see the monster reserve again!

I was hopping for a krawk island plot, where the map is visually changed bt wraiths attacking, and it buildings in places get destroyed and stuff.

bodhi, 01/19/2018, 8:45 am NST
AAARGH! KIKOS STOLE MY LOCKS BOOK! *rants and raves and cusses*

mistyraider, 01/19/2018, 8:48 am NST
I know how you feel bodhi. Pant Devil stole a wraith potion from me.

rylon - JN Staff, 01/19/2018, 8:51 am NST
The Malum artwork sure looks interesting!

topaz644, 01/19/2018, 9:19 am NST
New paint brush color: inked

aro, 01/19/2018, 9:44 am NST
Looks epic, nice! Finally things are spicing up a bit. I loved how Kaia defied Aethia's orders.

jessalynn, 01/19/2018, 9:51 am NST
Is Malum new or a recurring character?

aro, 01/19/2018, 10:12 am NST
Couldn't find his Book of Ages entry, so I guess he's new? Certainly don't remember him if he's not new.

herdy - JN Staff, 01/19/2018, 10:16 am NST
He's new, yes.

eliz1bef, 01/19/2018, 10:22 am NST
I hope he's a massive beast in the battledome. All of the opponents so far have been snores.

pikachu315111, 01/19/2018, 10:47 am NST
Um, maybe you shouldn't post the image of the main bad on a post telling everyone there's a new plot step available. Should have just said there's a new plot step of searching Kaia in the Wild Woods and let everyone discover for themselves what I'd imagine was suppose to be a major reveal of the big bad.

herdy - JN Staff, 01/19/2018, 10:59 am NST
Jellyneo is a site full of spoilers - if you're wanting to go into Neopets blind, we're probably not a good site to be visiting.

psychopath, 01/19/2018, 11:04 am NST
I imagine Kaia may be a traitor with her being mad.

Either that or she thinks she could've taken care of it herself.

stories2btold, 01/19/2018, 11:26 am NST
Jellyneo is a site full of spoilers - if you're wanting to go into Neopets blind, we're probably not a good site to be visiting.
I was always under the assumption people ONLY come here for spoilers/info anyway lol.

pikachu315111, 01/19/2018, 11:38 am NST
@ herdy:
Yeah, I know, and in the past you always made mention of new plot steps and battledome opponents. But it just feels like the Malum sneak peak was meant to be a surprise after "solving" the step.

Also there's a difference between a news post you instantly see on the main page and an in-depth guide to something. I expect spoilers in the in-depth guide, though for news post I do kind of expect them to be least spoiler-y as possible.


pikachu315111, 01/19/2018, 11:43 am NST
Also, with how this plot is set up, pretty much you have to rely word-to-mouth (or fan sites like Jellyneo) to know when a new step is active. Instead of activating it when the news updates, JS activates it in the late morning/afternoon. So it's very easy not to know when a new step has actually started.

Like I was just coming to JN to go to the Item Database, I wasn't expecting to see that a new plot step was active. Obviously, if I knew a plot step was active, I would have done the plot step first before coming to JN.

aro, 01/19/2018, 11:44 am NST
@psychopath I hope the former. Team traitor here.

pikachu315111, 01/19/2018, 11:48 am NST
ANYWAY there's another reason why I came here: Sweet Fyora is Kaia a BRAT in this part. I get what JS was trying to do, but they didn't write it correctly. Instead of showing Kaia was distraught over Fyora's condition they made her nasty and disrespectful to Aethia. I congratulate for Aethia for not just beating the snot out of Kaia, though part of me make me wish she did.

neoprpa, 01/19/2018, 1:06 pm NST
This plot is making me a bit sad. It has confirmed what I've been trying to deny for a long time now, my love for Neopets is completely gone. I just can't be bothered to clear the fog with concotions II and II. I've been on this site for 15 years, literally half of my life, and I just want it to die. /end of pitty party
Have fun with the plot, everyone!

mavegibson, 01/19/2018, 2:18 pm NST
Is anyone else having a hard time getting Concoction IX to work at the Tombola? The other ones have worked fine but for some reason this one doesn't want to take...

mavegibson, 01/19/2018, 3:09 pm NST
Finally was able to do it by disabling all add-ons, which was weird because I didn't have to do that with the others.

cloonshannagh, 01/19/2018, 3:30 pm NST
Kaia is definitely a brat! I want to see her in that empty bed.

tanoshii, 01/19/2018, 3:50 pm NST
I like his coloring.

Also did anyone else notice Malum's name (if they had used Nalum instead) would have been Mulan backwards? xD

broken_essence, 01/19/2018, 4:00 pm NST
Man, this new challenger isn't dropping the items for potions as quick as the others did for me.
Anyone else having that issue?

lynsyhotel, 01/19/2018, 4:06 pm NST
I don't know if it's just me, but the battledome has been glitched or something for a few hours now. It will let me use my abilities, but for the equipment it's only showing me one fist. I have been stuck in this battle against hulking wraith and decided to try the fist, and it only took 5 HP away, so I'm just waiting to see if it will show up my equipment eventually...

cat, 01/19/2018, 4:16 pm NST
Kaia's definitely a brat this chapter. I get what they were trying to do though. The "delicate little heads" comment aimed at Aethia is particularly jarring.

Malus's design is cool looking, kind of a corrupted blue lupe.

foxycleopatra, 01/19/2018, 4:17 pm NST
@psychopath and @aro- I think she's a bad guy (hoping) otherwise she's either stupid or arrogant, perhaps the latter they way the dialogue is written?

josie, 01/19/2018, 4:22 pm NST
I saw the Lupe run away and found Kaia....and that evil look on her face made me laugh. So much for little Miss Perfect

boblol2, 01/19/2018, 4:42 pm NST
But....if she can see into the future, wouldn't she have known about:
1. Fyora being cursed
2. Not being able to catch the lupe
3. Who the lupe is ?

boblol2, 01/19/2018, 4:44 pm NST
If you zoom a bit on the lupe, you can tell he's half neopian and half wraith

flairina, 01/19/2018, 4:56 pm NST
Either something is up with the wild woods for me, or I'm just incredibly lucky, because I managed to find the correct path on my first try for all three so far. I wasn't even aware there was any possibility of NOT finding the correct path for the first two parts, I thought it was just a pointless "click three times and you're done" sort of deal. Huh.

skiasma, 01/19/2018, 5:05 pm NST
"Don't worry your delicate heads about me. I'll be fine."

Wow, rude much?

Malum, btw, is Latin for Bad. Ooh, subtle.

skiasma, 01/19/2018, 5:06 pm NST
I do hope that we get to steal his cape. That looks fantastic.

mavegibson, 01/19/2018, 5:07 pm NST
@cloonshannagh LOLOLOLOLOLOL

aro, 01/19/2018, 5:09 pm NST
@foxycleopatra maybe, I hope she's showing her true form (she cannot maintain the façade) and is showing she's in fact a villain. Her visions would just be distractions from her grand scheme, whatever that might be.

seriouslythough, 01/19/2018, 5:18 pm NST
I also agree with the above that it's kinda poor form to be have the big reveal of this step as the main image of this news update. JellyNeo isn't just a site for spoilers, it's for "Neopet Help, Guides, and News". There are a lot of ppl who visit this fansite to use the other features and do not wish to have the big reveal in their face. The plot updates so infrequently, ppl can't just know ahead of time to not visit JN to avoid spoilers. And if the solution is seriously a staff telling ppl to not use their site anymore, I'm kinda shocked.

And I've seen this isn't the first time this issue was brought up. It's really just a simple thing... make it a silhouette, make it a click to reveal, choose any other image that isn't the reveal...etc. It shouldn't be to tell ppl to get lost.

mortychichi, 01/19/2018, 5:57 pm NST
Maybe she was discussing something with Warwick - I mean Malum
Malum went running away leaving Kaia mad at us? I do liked Kaia tho would be rather sad to see her be a villain

teal_pacman, 01/20/2018, 12:58 am NST
UGH This site can make participating 100% in events so demoralizing! They finally increase the wraith item cap, which fixes the ectoplasm bug I had, so I could finally make 3 of each Concoction II and Concoction III to heal the Meerca. I know I could have purchased more Wraith items, but that seems against the spirit of the event and an annoying way to work around a ridiculous bug. I also know that it didn't have to be 3 of each Concoction, but that vague remaining healing achievement had me worried.

So I make 3 of each Concoction and go to heal the meerca and... it's already healed?!?! So we had nearly half the time (16 days vs 9 days) with no warning to complete the second infirmary step? AND those with the ectoplasm bug had 1 day (again with no warning)!? It's really strange that the one aspect of this event that is time limited and can't be completed by someone just starting (the Infirmary) is also the aspect that is most involved, contentious, and bug-ridden (Wr

teal_pacman, 01/20/2018, 1:01 am NST
(continued) It's really strange that the one aspect of this event that is time limited and can't be completed by someone just starting (the Infirmary) is also the aspect that is most involved, contentious, and bug-ridden (Wraith item drops caps/bugs).

I really hope this doesn't disqualify me from any trophies/prizes, especially an avatar or site theme. This would have been my first 100% completed event, GMC, or Daily Dare, even though I've tried nearly every time. It's like they're punishing people for having outside obligations.

boblol2, 01/20/2018, 7:58 am NST
( ͝° ͜ʖ͡°) Yes. Malum=Warwick

All in favor say, "I"

gamer_5_55_555, 01/21/2018, 9:02 pm NST
I got it in the first few tries myself. Though clicking through 8 times for each (2 hours apart) would be a bit annoying, so I'm glad it's that way.

Also if you've lost interest, just do whatever. I have been on again, off again with site events, and I'm fine with that.

The part I do enjoy is reading JN news and comments, so I mostly just do that.

gamer_5_55_555, 01/21/2018, 9:07 pm NST
Also as for buying items, I think that's firmly inside the spirit of the event. They have made items that you can't buy "(no trade)" for a long time now.

Besides, there's events that you literally buy items for (such as charity corner). So I wouldn't feel bad about buying items from other users, if you have the NP to do so. It helps these users earn additional NP by battling and selling the items.

You will still need to battle a fair amount in order to get all the achievements anyways.

alkanna, 01/23/2018, 6:52 am NST
Not sure if this is old hat by now or not -- but the Infirmary DOES actually work on Firefox -- if you have the Tabs Mix Plus add-on.

You have to lock and protect the Infirmary tab first. It will try to load the potion image, but Tabs Mix Plus forces it to open in a different tab instead, and the potion should subtract normally!

Just gave the Faerie Queen six potions this way.

belial, 01/23/2018, 6:56 am NST
Anyone else having a hard time opening the lock puzzle? It starts loading and then it returns to the main page.

octobermoth, 01/24/2018, 7:50 am NST
There's a Shoyru there now. More feeding!

super_neopets, 01/24/2018, 10:55 am NST
There's a part 4 of the Infirmary, and going by trend, an upcoming 5th part.

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