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Aisha Day Roundup
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on January 3, 2018, 5:37 am NST

Two new colours are now active for Aisha Day!

Candy | Water

A new ice-themed clothing set is also now active:

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inkpot, 01/3/2018, 6:05 am NST
both look fantastic! ;w; two great colors.

jcdiva7, 01/3/2018, 9:43 am NST
wow that candy aisha is pretty...water is done well too

ravage, 01/3/2018, 10:08 am NST
oh man, these look so good!

dustin, 01/3/2018, 10:16 am NST
Personally was hoping for Stealthy, but those both look pretty great!

kyrette, 01/3/2018, 10:37 am NST
Oh my, I love the Candy Aisha! Water Aisha is great too!

marfbear, 01/3/2018, 10:52 am NST
Colors are well done, but not tempting me to change my Aisha. Not too fond of the outfit.

thieks, 01/3/2018, 11:11 am NST
Shoot... guess who needs two more Aishas. (it's me)

draakonikihv, 01/3/2018, 12:34 pm NST
Great work with the new colors

vaporesque, 01/3/2018, 1:58 pm NST
@ dustin I was hoping for stealthy also. Candy and water look fabulous, but I will stick with my pirate.

insane000illusions, 01/3/2018, 2:13 pm NST
I'm also disappointed that we did not get stealthy. However the water is very pretty. Candy is just too colorful for me to customize, but they are pretty I suppose. I feel like they missed an opportunity to make the ends of their antennae little candy hearts like you get at valentines day

targoefista, 01/3/2018, 2:28 pm NST
Wow, with the exception of the Jetsam which I am not too fond of, they have been knocking the candy looks out of the park!

mortychichi, 01/3/2018, 3:50 pm NST
Candy is amazing and Water is finally (and thankfully) back on track after the abomination of Water Flotsam

inkpot, 01/3/2018, 3:51 pm NST
they really did blow it with the jetsam, which is a shame considering how often overlooked the species is. i hope they do more butterscotch-like colors similiar to the nimmo tho... i really like the look of it.

cat, 01/3/2018, 4:25 pm NST
Candy looks beautiful, I'm sure the user that requested a Candy Aisha on I/S will be pleased. Water's also well done, I like the ripple pattern on the body and splashes in the antenae and tail.

josie, 01/3/2018, 5:30 pm NST
I love both colors and the outfit too

cat, 01/3/2018, 6:15 pm NST
The outfit's cute, the extra set of ice ears on the wig amuse me.

fidiall, 01/3/2018, 6:21 pm NST
seems like neo died...

haharissa, 01/3/2018, 6:29 pm NST
seems like neo died...
*sigh* glad it's not just me!

dr_tomoe, 01/3/2018, 6:43 pm NST
Okay, good, thought it was just me as well.

myst, 01/3/2018, 6:45 pm NST
*twiddles thumbs* Its been down for over 20 minutes for me now......purge time??? Or tnt is running down the street with the servers in tow to the new office.

purplebin, 01/3/2018, 7:01 pm NST
When I checked Down For Everyone it said Neo is up, but it's definitely not for me either.

atryeu, 01/3/2018, 7:03 pm NST
Came here for the same answer, it's down for me as well, so it's not just me. Site has been giving me trouble for nearly 2 weeks off and on, at times taking 5-10+ minutes to load a single page

psychopath, 01/3/2018, 7:03 pm NST
Okay also glad it's not just me.

purplebin, 01/3/2018, 7:11 pm NST
It's been faster than normal for me today.

contessa, 01/3/2018, 7:13 pm NST
I agree it has been horribly slow for me lately, with repeated time-outs when pages simply will not load and they time out. Tonite it will not laod at all

psychopath, 01/3/2018, 7:20 pm NST
All I can say is that I'm glad I caught up in the plot before this happened.

contessa, 01/3/2018, 7:26 pm NST
Me too psycho! Also glad that I had already chosen my factor for this weekend's Obelisk skirmish

killy, 01/3/2018, 7:30 pm NST
feels like the whole site has been nerfed!

chrisk123, 01/3/2018, 7:31 pm NST
Probably what crashed it... that fast moving plot.

aimierre, 01/3/2018, 7:36 pm NST
So Neo has been down for an hour now....glad it's not just me either.

Also checked the Down for Everyone site and it told me it was up and running as well. *le sigh*

chrisk123, 01/3/2018, 7:39 pm NST
isitdownrightnow.com says out for 1 hr 56 min

aimierre, 01/3/2018, 7:54 pm NST
The site came up for me for about 3-5 minutes if that and just went back down.

dave - JN Staff, 01/3/2018, 8:10 pm NST
It's been down since about 6:15 NST, so almost 2 hours now

charlie_eppes_, 01/3/2018, 8:32 pm NST
Hope it comes back on soon for everyone. Still need to do my daily free NP spin haha. I'm close to the 100k spin and I don't want to miss it.

haharissa, 01/3/2018, 8:38 pm NST
I think this is neo telling me to get work done

1jediboy, 01/3/2018, 9:39 pm NST
The candy Aisha looks like a jawbreaker's layers!

1jediboy, 01/3/2018, 9:49 pm NST
Sad the site went down on HPD...

mortychichi, 01/3/2018, 10:10 pm NST
Did someone down the site on purpose lol there was a big fun auction going on and the site went down before it ended so the user who bid on it 1 hour before got it

summertwinkle, 01/3/2018, 11:00 pm NST
Is the site still down? I'm trying to spin my slot. I accidentally had to restart before I got to 100k once already.

jorgesgirlforlife, 01/3/2018, 11:10 pm NST
Why does everyone like stealthy so much? Isn't shadow enough? Isn't it stealthy just more black?

jorgesgirlforlife, 01/3/2018, 11:11 pm NST
Hmm maybe it's just the outfits you guys want.. I'm not into the NC very much.

vaporesque, 01/4/2018, 12:41 am NST
@jorgesgirlforlife Well, the base colors are more a dusky blue than a grey/black. And it does happen to go fabulously with NC things like Wintery Wings of the Night.

ducky - JN Staff, 01/4/2018, 5:23 am NST
I like stealthies because of the dark shade of blue and the blue eyes are gorgeous. I only have stealthy kau tho, my vanda still waits FFQ


kelsyjones, 01/4/2018, 3:28 pm NST
I'm considering getting an Aisha now for the Candy color...

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