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New Plot Dialogue
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on January 2, 2018, 10:26 am NST

Today there has been another plot story update today. This time, new dialogue has been added to the Infirmary page. It seems the Jetsam was abducted from the Haunted Woods.

You can also view this update on the Story So Far page. Similar to the Spooky Food Eating Contest, it appears labelled so that you should not be able to view this dialogue until you have completed the relevant plot steps. Our dialogue guide has been updated with the new addition.
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purplebin, 01/2/2018, 10:54 am NST
The progress bar does seem to be advancing, at least.

dustin, 01/2/2018, 11:03 am NST
So as of right now there's still no way to fill his progress bar completely, right?

herdy - JN Staff, 01/2/2018, 11:09 am NST
It seems to be either community based or advancing on a haphazard timer. Certainly, there's no way for a single individual to fill the entire bar themselves though.

dustin, 01/2/2018, 11:21 am NST
Ah, I see. Thanks Herdy! Hopefully this plot picks up a bit faster soon. Not a fan of this snails pace considering how easy the steps are.

maxgarou, 01/2/2018, 11:42 am NST
Well at least the plot seems to be advancing a bit more faster than before.

1jediboy, 01/2/2018, 5:23 pm NST
Blinding red light...

Has there ever been a "blinding red light" in a previous plot before? There's still a chance that this plot might have a little more Neopian lore than we originally thought... I hope...

bodhi, 01/2/2018, 6:40 pm NST
This event...thing...has run so long and had so much empty time, I got bored with it before Christmas. :\

mistyraider, 01/3/2018, 8:31 am NST
I haven't gotten any wraith Fangs for a couple days of battling. Are they no longer dropping? I've only gotten 30, so I don't think I've maxed out?
My positivity about this plot falters so often! It would be nice if the paced picked up, even just a leetle bit

aethne, 01/3/2018, 1:04 pm NST
@mistyraider- Are you 100% positive that you only got 30? I've heard rumors that there was an overall total cap on the number of items you could get, no matter how often you battle, the number I was told was 35. Anyone else had this issue? I haven't had any drops at ALL for 2 days now, stopped getting one after the other until nothing at all, except the usual codestones and such.. TNT sent a reply to my ticket saying that the issue has been addressed, but I don't know what that means...

mamsmelk_jr, 01/4/2018, 4:05 am NST
Well today marks the first day that the Jetsam is in the correct bed for me now the potion needed is actually above him instead of floating somewhere in the middle. On another note, ectoplasma hasn't dropped for me in the last 2 days, and since I only have 1 in my inventory.

jweb, 01/10/2018, 10:25 am NST
comming soon ?

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Completing this helps you move up the ranks in the Resistance.

Generous Giving
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Completing this helps you move up the ranks in the Resistance.

Mirthful Meerca
This Meerca is back to his old self, and thanks is due in no small part to the six potions you donated.

Completing this helps you move up the ranks in the Resistance.

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