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New Plot Steps
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on December 28, 2017, 1:03 pm NST

UPDATE 29/12: The glitched plot steps from the weekend have now been made live again. Our plot guide has been updated with the new steps.

There's a new activity live in the plot - The Infirmary. You can find it by clicking the red signpost in Taelia's Potion Centre. There are new achievements for this step.

IMPORTANT: This step will not work on Firefox.

This step is essentially a plot version of Charity Corner. You'll be donating potions from Taelia to heal the recovering Neopets. Currently, there is only the Jetsam available and it can only be healed using Taelias Concoction I (the others will be greyed out if you have them).

To use one, drag it over the Jetsam. You get an achievement for using one, three, and five potions. There is an FAQ for this section of the plot, and certain answers imply that the Jetsams needs may change over time.

The FAQ also implies that donating beyond the five needed for the achievements will be greater rewarded later down the line. This would make it the only uncapped activity in the plot so far, so it is currently unclear if this is the case.
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michael, 12/28/2017, 1:11 pm NST
Fingers crossed this step stays up

dustin, 12/28/2017, 1:16 pm NST
I'm not even getting drops to make potions..

mavegibson, 12/28/2017, 1:25 pm NST
What an utter dung-show. I mean, come on TNT, get it together. I'm not installing Chrome just to do this weak, buggy excuse for a plot.

novelista, 12/28/2017, 1:25 pm NST
Looks like the Jetsam needs five rainbow potions--I only had three, so I'll have to make some more.

He's the only patient there at the moment, but it looks like you can use the other potions on patients that aren't there. Weird.

novelista, 12/28/2017, 1:32 pm NST
Like Dustin, I'm not getting the drops, either--just the chests and a few bits of food.

mavegibson, 12/28/2017, 1:36 pm NST
OK, I've discovered that it actually DOES work on Firefox, it just acts weird. But the potions do get contributed to the jetsam. Just FYI for anyone using FF.

mavegibson, 12/28/2017, 1:38 pm NST
What happens is you drag the potion to the jetsam and you get taken to an image of the potion. If you hit the back button to return to the infirmary your potion count on that page should have gone down. If it doesn't go down, just try again. It sometimes takes me a few tries to get the potion to count.

degenius, 12/28/2017, 1:41 pm NST
Was trying to get ectoplasms to make concoctions and collected 9 while hitting play again in the BD, but when i checked my invent there was only two??

mavegibson, 12/28/2017, 1:44 pm NST
The BD is messed up right now, not awarding prizes properly.

1jediboy, 12/28/2017, 2:08 pm NST
WHEW! I was hoping this would happen to the three original potions!

nimaessa, 12/28/2017, 2:23 pm NST
Someone knows what to do in the 4th achievment in this new step?

herdy - JN Staff, 12/28/2017, 2:25 pm NST
4th achievement is unknown, but likely unavailable at this point. The wording heavily implies we'll have to either use all potions (which we cannot yet do) or cure all Neopets (which we also cannot yet do).

josie, 12/28/2017, 2:42 pm NST
I made 7 potions and gave them to the Jetsam, but now it won't let me make more. The letters on Taelia's scroll are back to purple, and I can no longer click on them to make additional potions.

I also noticed the bar above the Jetsam's head has not moved at all.

Does this mean I'm done for today after only 7 potions?

puffkins2000, 12/28/2017, 2:44 pm NST
Meh, I'm not getting anything from battling the wraiths to even make potions. XP BD is glitched for me, too!

herdy - JN Staff, 12/28/2017, 2:58 pm NST
We don't know at this stage, josie. It might increase daily. It might be a community goal. It might just be broken.

1jediboy, 12/28/2017, 3:02 pm NST
Constructive note:
"(the others will be greyed out if you have them)."

This should specify "potions" are greyed out. The patients aren't there yet; so they CAN'T be greyed out. Thank you for reading.

michael, 12/28/2017, 3:07 pm NST
Battledome is fixed for me and dropping all items again

michael, 12/28/2017, 3:15 pm NST
Atleast it dropped the 15 daily limit of assorted items, however it seems to keep showing me earning items past the limit but not actually receiving them.

herdy - JN Staff, 12/28/2017, 3:27 pm NST
@jediboy: While that's correct for the moment, there is a greyed out version of the NPC uploaded, so it is entirely possible they will be at some point when they appear.

mavegibson, 12/28/2017, 3:57 pm NST
BD is still not awarding prizes, so it hasn't been fixed yet.

maxgarou, 12/28/2017, 4:36 pm NST
I'm not donating more than 5 till we are sure that giving more grants us more Plot points

mistyraider, 12/28/2017, 4:43 pm NST
not donating more than 5 either, 'specially cuz the BD is currently not awarding prizes.

@mavegibson said it well -- this is an utter dung-show.

rodgerflint, 12/28/2017, 5:01 pm NST
I just hope the BD will allow wraith items to drop again when a user's total dips below the cap lol

charlie_eppes_, 12/28/2017, 5:18 pm NST
Guess I'm going to have to buy some potion items so I can do my 1 to get me to 5. I've been trying the battledome but it's not working. First day of the glitch I got my daily limit of everything but today and yesterday I haven't gotten anything after the reset. Hope they fix it soon now that the new step is out.

invader_of_worlds, 12/28/2017, 5:30 pm NST
Good thing I made a ton of potion one, but dont have much of the next two. As well as being too late to catch the now removed challenger.

xfer, 12/28/2017, 5:37 pm NST
Some people have said the normal wraits drops are still being awarded, but not for me, which is so sucky! I gave the right concoction the needed times, but after this, I don't know if I'm willing to pay for the drops needed.

pikachu315111, 12/28/2017, 5:42 pm NST
So in addition to fixing the normal awards for the Battledome, they're gonna have to now give us a way to obtain more Wraith materials. Wouldn't mind if they let us gather 15 a day or something (also making it separate from from the normal BD awards), if they want to limit how much we get.

cat, 12/28/2017, 9:48 pm NST
I'll probably do this step in Chrome since I already had it downloaded for times Firefox won't cut it. It's disappointing that the steps seem glitchier in Firefox though.

tanoshii, 12/28/2017, 11:18 pm NST
anyone on mobile/tablet? I tried in Safari, Puffin and Chrome and can't do the drag and drop thing on my ipad. ;/

biediep, 12/29/2017, 12:30 am NST
Why? WHY would you get me super excited by calling it a Charity Corner when it doesn't even do anything/reward you anything at all?! T^T You made me think we'd get a random item for every potion we use or something lol.. But it's not like it matters since the BD won't award you the stuff you need to make more potions anyway...

cat, 12/29/2017, 1:24 am NST
I'm not even sure I can donate the 5 potions because I'm not getting any ectoplasm drops and only have enough to make 4 potions.

morganjoisle, 12/29/2017, 1:26 am NST
@mavegibson: Uggggg, same. I don't trust internet explorer with all of neopets's security issues, and I feel even less safe logging into neopets on my phone.

lunas, 12/29/2017, 4:50 am NST
For me the drops began again an hour or so ago. But there are way less materials being given out than before. I had to battle 3 times for one Wraith Claw or Fur, and haven't gotten any ectoplasms so far.

mistyraider, 12/29/2017, 5:13 am NST
I gave the jetsam 5 Concoction I's yesterday. The bar over his head barely registered green. This morning the bar had green about 2/3 of the way across. So today I gave him 3 more Concoction I's, thinking the bar would get more filled in.

I thought maybe if the green bar was fully filled he would go away and a new pet would arrive to be healed. Unfortunately (and this is not scientific), it looks like the green bar is less after giving the 3 more Concoction I's.

px, 12/29/2017, 5:20 am NST
I think it's a community thing, like the bar gets filled by all of us? and then when it's filled, a new pet (meerca I guess?) will show and we'll have to give him the Concoction II potions?

purplebin, 12/29/2017, 5:31 am NST
I'm not getting credit for giving the Jetsam any potions in Chrome or Firefox. Although the bar over the Jetsam's head had only a little green last night and has more today, the Red Cross still says zero.

purplebin, 12/29/2017, 5:34 am NST
Oh, after reading the FAQ I see that the green progress bar is from everyone's donation.

purplebin, 12/29/2017, 5:44 am NST
I don't see anyone else unable to donate, and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong!

mistyraider, 12/29/2017, 5:48 am NST
Also from reading the FAQ it looks like this may be a long process. Guess it's time to become more zen, more patient.

mistyraider, 12/29/2017, 5:50 am NST
Wish I could help purplebin, I don't know what to suggest. Oh & the zen comment was aimed at me, not anyone else.

purplebin, 12/29/2017, 6:26 am NST
Okay, I figured it out... and I even got it to work in Firefox.

topaz644, 12/29/2017, 6:38 am NST
Purplebin did you get it to work in FF just by trying over and over and over again the way I had to in order to clear the purple mist?

lonlyangel80, 12/29/2017, 6:39 am NST
*sigh* I've got enough Wraith Claw and Fur, but I don't get any more Ectoplasm. So I've only got 4 Taelias Concoction I.

topaz644, 12/29/2017, 6:41 am NST
I answered my own question...I got it to accept a potion in Firefox. Now I can help my friend who for reasons I wont go into will not get Chrome.

peanutbutter_n_jelly, 12/29/2017, 7:07 am NST
Limiting the number of Ectoplasms, fur and claws we could accumulate and then coming up with a step that requires multiple of those items is really poor planning. Boo hiss.

maxgarou, 12/29/2017, 10:23 am NST
The thing is... if this step awards more points the more Concoctions we donate, and we start creating more and more, sooner or later they will release a new pet in need of treatment and our supply will be shorter. And with BD not awarding any (for most of us) and the ammount limit to these items... I think I better save my ectoplasm, even if it means getting fewer plot points.

sweetneopine, 12/29/2017, 10:38 am NST
PURPLE HAZE AT THE MONEY TREE!!!! Is this new? (I'm up to date on all my steps...but suddenly there is haze there!)

spaghetti_cello, 12/29/2017, 10:40 am NST
I just got purple haze at the fishing vortex!

spaghetti_cello, 12/29/2017, 10:41 am NST
And purple haze at Island Mystic

bertvg, 12/29/2017, 10:46 am NST
Purple Haze at the Healing Springs

spaghetti_cello, 12/29/2017, 10:47 am NST
Also at Mystery Island training school

gamemaster988, 12/29/2017, 10:48 am NST
hello, in the training school have a purple haze new steps of the plot?

dustin, 12/29/2017, 10:50 am NST
There's new achievements as well.

charlie_eppes_, 12/29/2017, 10:51 am NST
I have it at the Training School as well. I went to check but Mystic Murmurs doens't seem to be updated so I'm wondering if this is another glitch?

dustin, 12/29/2017, 10:52 am NST
Yeah, mystic murmurs hasn't updated for me either.

charlie_eppes_, 12/29/2017, 10:55 am NST
I hope it will soon. It's making it hard for me to do my normal stuff around the site lol

spaghetti_cello, 12/29/2017, 10:57 am NST
New achievements are out but no mystic murmurs update yet

sweetneopine, 12/29/2017, 11:01 am NST
AND the Rubbish Dump!!! So I've gotten it at The Money True, Rubbish Dump, and I see others are saying at the Training School...no mystic murmurs update here either.

charlie_eppes_, 12/29/2017, 11:11 am NST
Fishing vortex as well before I gave up on dailies.

mundim, 12/29/2017, 11:24 am NST
Has anyone been able to give theveryone potion to the Jets am using a smartphone?

jessalynn, 12/29/2017, 11:46 am NST
There's purple mist when I first enter the Mystery Island Training School. Is it doing the same for everyone else?

neo_petsrcool1, 12/29/2017, 11:55 am NST
Is there even a page for the plot anymore or do they just give us updates every few weeks?

atryeu, 12/29/2017, 12:06 pm NST
Anybody else having trouble with images loading on Neo? This has been going on for days now and no other site is giving me trouble so it's not my internet. Only certain images are doing it though, such as BD images, Buried Treasure, Altador Council, plot related stuff, etc. Other images on the site come up fine. No lag with pages or anything, just images taking their sweet time to load, if they load at all

boblol2, 12/29/2017, 12:07 pm NST
New Dialogue!

We've just discovered another species of wraith. Kaia helped locate them again.

Are you able to hold out against them?

This one seems stronger than the others, but I’m confident we can defeat them. What really worries me is the mystery behind them - how are Neopets turning into wraiths? What are we up against?

Just a few days ago, there were unusual magical forces emanating from the Wild Woods very similar to what Taelia has found in the ingredients she’s using for her potions. I’ve been scouring the woods in search of the source. I am quite certain we will find something soon.

Please stay safe, Fyora. We’ve never seen anything like this before.

Don’t worry, Aethia. We can get through this. I’ve been following your progress on the enchanted map. You’re doing a good job

mavegibson, 12/29/2017, 12:09 pm NST
Purple haze at the Battledome as well.

boblol2, 12/29/2017, 12:11 pm NST
New Mystic Murmurs

boblol2, 12/29/2017, 12:17 pm NST
New wraith does physical, air, and earth

boblol2, 12/29/2017, 12:20 pm NST
Wraith Fang is the new ingredient.

New potions:

Still waters run deep.
1x Wraith Fur , 1x Wraith Fang

The unlearned are learned in their own crafts.
1x Wraith Claw , 2x Wraith Fang

mavegibson, 12/29/2017, 12:23 pm NST
Not Battledome, training school I meant.

@atryeu Yes, I've noticed Neo is taking forever to load the past few days. it's pretty frustrating.

lunas, 12/29/2017, 12:37 pm NST

I used up my alotted daily items in the BD this afternoon, so now have to wait 12 hours to complete the new things. GAH

lonlyangel80, 12/29/2017, 12:41 pm NST
Are there any tipps for the new Mystic Murmurs?

jessalynn, 12/29/2017, 12:42 pm NST
@mavegibson: Which training school are you talking about?

mavegibson, 12/29/2017, 12:46 pm NST

mavegibson, 12/29/2017, 12:51 pm NST
Is anyone else having trouble getting ectoplasm to drop? I had no trouble getting more fur and claws, but the snapjaw wraith hasn't dropped a single ectoplasm after many battles. I don't have any ectoplasm, nor have I had any since the early days of the plot.

lonlyangel80, 12/29/2017, 12:55 pm NST
I've got the same problem mavegibson

mavegibson, 12/29/2017, 12:58 pm NST
I just ended up buying a bunch.

boblol2, 12/29/2017, 12:59 pm NST
1. Mystic Murmurs: http://www.neopets.com/twr/
2. Due the Faeries' Chest: http://www.neopets.com/twr/lockpuzzle/lock.phtml
3.Get the Winged Palm Blade
4. Fight Wind Rider Wraith
5. Potions:

One Neopian's trash is another Neopian's treasure: http://www.neopets.com/medieval/rubbishdump.phtml

Still waters run deep: http://www.neopets.com/faerieland/springs.phtml

The unlearned are learned in their own crafts:

boblol2, 12/29/2017, 1:09 pm NST
0_O umm....why is the money tree covered in the purple fog? I already did the steps and there is one potion for every area, but the money tree.

boblol2, 12/29/2017, 1:11 pm NST
Potion number 6 is also used on the money tree.

boblol2, 12/29/2017, 1:12 pm NST
Sorry, potion 4 (One Neopian's trash is another Neopian's treasure) is used on the money tree.

mavegibson, 12/29/2017, 1:19 pm NST
Does mystic murmurs use the same system this time as last time?

boblol2, 12/29/2017, 1:19 pm NST

boblol2, 12/29/2017, 1:24 pm NST
Potion update:

4. One Neopian's trash is another Neopian's treasure: http://www.neopets.com/medieval/rubbishdump.phtml


Still waters run deep: http://www.neopets.com/faerieland/springs.phtml


The unlearned are learned in their own crafts:


demento_recraves, 12/29/2017, 1:24 pm NST
Still Waters Run Deep is also for the Ye Olde Fishing Vortex

boblol2, 12/29/2017, 1:37 pm NST
Sorry for posting like crazy, but I think I have a complete Walkthrough:

1. Mystic Murmurs: http://www.neopets.com/twr/
2. Due the Faeries' Chest: http://www.neopets.com/twr/lockpuzzle/lock.phtml
3. Get the Winged Palm Blade
4. Fight Wind Rider Wraith
5. Potions:

(4)One Neopian's trash is another Neopian's treasure:


(5)Still waters run deep: http://www.neopets.com/faerieland/springs.phtml


(6)The unlearned are learned in their own crafts:


Achievement Prizes:
Deft Divinator: Shenkuu Faerie Notepad
Open Sesame: Mysterious Locked Chest
Just Another Day: Rank Up (nothing)
Seasoned Combatant: Shining Celesta Sword
Roughrider: Skilled Warrior Vest
Four Once and Four All: Rank Up (nothing)
Hi Five!: Rank Up (nothing)

dolchay, 12/29/2017, 1:42 pm NST
I finished all except for

One of (Every) Kind

im assuming it can't be completed right now?

boblol2, 12/29/2017, 1:51 pm NST
That believe so. I think that the jetstream (and thus the achievement is a community event)

topaz644, 12/29/2017, 2:03 pm NST
I have gotten all steps to work using firefox. See me on the OLDPD board for help!

cloonshannagh, 12/29/2017, 2:52 pm NST
Thank you boblol2! Posting good information is good!
JN's guide is pretty much updated now.

Looks like still have to battle the wraith before 15 item limit reached.

pancaketime, 12/29/2017, 3:00 pm NST
In Firefox, I'm able to get any potions that are part of a daily that has the same URL after you click the reward button (for example, when collecting an item from Underwater Fishing, the prize is presented on a page with the same URL). I click to use the potion, collect the daily, click to use the potion again on that page, tell it not to resend the data, and back button. That clears the haze for me. I can't figure out how to do it on any of the pages where that isn't the case. (I also has basically no trouble at the Infirmary, I just had to try twice on a couple of the potions.)

topaz644, 12/29/2017, 3:06 pm NST
To clear the mist on FF I used the ctrl+f5 keys after clicking the use potion button. I had to do it several times on one or 2 spots but got it all cleared

tanoshii, 12/29/2017, 3:14 pm NST
I can't open the 3rd chest and without it, I can't fight the new wraith. Tried safari x puffin on ipad so far.

pancaketime, 12/29/2017, 3:27 pm NST
@topaz644 Thanks, I'll give that a try.

topaz644, 12/29/2017, 3:32 pm NST
@pancaketime...also only have the one potion in your inventory that you need for the area. ( I did say see me at oldpd but oh well) lol

maxgarou, 12/29/2017, 5:32 pm NST
I can't fight, my weapons in BD are only fists.
Cleared cache and restarted the fight, but still the same.

boblol2, 12/29/2017, 7:11 pm NST
I don't think the wraith ingredients are apart of the daily BD item limit.

There is a glitch (been there since the new BD opened) where you have to wait for the other player (the wraith) to say something before you can choose a weapon.

xfer, 12/29/2017, 7:24 pm NST
I kinda experienced that. In my case, I could see my weapons, but they were there alongside six or so fists. I wonder what was that.

josie, 12/29/2017, 7:38 pm NST
Thanks to those of you who pointed out that the green bar over the Jetsam's head changes according to the donations all of us make. I thought it's for each player individually, so it's good to know that this is a group effort

maxgarou, 12/29/2017, 9:51 pm NST
I couldn't see my weapons.
First weapon: a fist
Second weapon: nothing
Had to finish the battle that way and that fixed it
The oponent had already spoken. It took more than 15 minutes so I fought like that, won (barely) and that did it.

mortychichi, 12/29/2017, 10:16 pm NST
Are the ingredients apart of the daily BD item limit?
I've reached my 15 item limit with only one Ectoplasm drop and now nothing's showing up

cat, 12/29/2017, 10:48 pm NST
No, unfortunately the Wraith items aren't part of the normal BD limit, if they were maybe we could still get the ectoplasms. The wraith items have their own limit (35) and once you reach it you can't get more.

mortychichi, 12/30/2017, 12:27 am NST
@cat thanks for the explanation! is it 35 of all wraith stuff or 35 of each ingredient?

That's really poor planning on their side tho, what were they thinking??? I can see rich resellers salvaging all the ectoplasms off the market, this is turning into another rich man's game

cosmological, 12/30/2017, 2:09 am NST
what do i do if mystic murmurs isn't resetting? send a ticket?

recklesse, 12/30/2017, 5:57 am NST
what do i do if mystic murmurs isn't resetting? send a ticket?

Try a ticket. You'll most likely get the stock response that you must have missed a bit. Still, you never know.

mistyraider, 12/30/2017, 6:20 am NST
There are a LOT of wraith ectoplasms on the SW. This morning I've noticed the price going down, not up Still, costing over 3k each.

lonlyangel80, 12/30/2017, 8:28 am NST
To get the answer for my Mystic Murmurs Riddle I have to check those notes at the Headquarter? But my numbers doesn't make sense when I try them to get my location.

lonlyangel80, 12/30/2017, 8:32 am NST
Okay, now I get it. I only need the numbers of note 3. I take all the numbers from every note.

nonne, 12/30/2017, 11:07 am NST
I can't unlock the chest, even if I don't miss keeps turning and doesn't do anything else TToTT

mavegibson, 12/30/2017, 11:23 am NST
I'm not completely convinced healing the jetsam is a community thing. I have given it more than 40 potions and I haven't noticed any real change in the bar. If it is a community challenge then I think TNT vastly overestimated the number of players who are actively engaged in this plot.

mavegibson, 12/30/2017, 11:26 am NST
If it IS a community challenge then it makes sense that you'd get more plot points for giving more potions to the guy, also, BTW. Unless they've already decided that the only way to earn plot points is to complete achievements...

recklesse, 12/30/2017, 12:31 pm NST
Yeah, if you look at the FAQ it suggests the patients will start asking for different potions at some point. I'm guessing healing the Jetsam to a third is the most we can do at this point. We have to wait for him to switch to 'phase 2' to continue filling the progress bar.

mistyraider, 12/30/2017, 1:39 pm NST
Some parts of this plot seem rather well thought out ... others feel like the papers detailing all the steps fell on the floor and whoever picked it up didn't get the pages back in the right order.

mavegibson, 12/30/2017, 4:07 pm NST
Yeah, it's almost like the person who designed and coordinated this plot quit the company and everyone left behind is trying to fill in the gaps that weren't written down. It's so hit and miss.

And some of the coding is shockingly bad/amatuerish. It's completely unacceptable for a modern web developer to be unable to handle cross-browser compatibility.

garfieldo, 12/30/2017, 4:09 pm NST
Anyone else unable to give the Jetsam a potion III for the one of every kind achievement? I was able to give him a II but gave him five I's before giving the III and now it's greyed out.

purplebin, 12/30/2017, 4:37 pm NST
For me it's only showing potion I is needed for the Jetsam, although the FAQ says the requirements could change for each pet, and of course additional pets will need different potions.
The other ones currently greyed out under the Jetsam are either 7, 8, 9, or 10.

garfieldo, 12/30/2017, 4:51 pm NST
@purplebin I had assumed the one of every kind achievement was available but looking at the achievements page here it seems it actually isn't released yet so nvm, thank you.

recklesse, 12/30/2017, 11:39 pm NST
it's almost like the person who designed and coordinated this plot quit the company and everyone left behind is trying to fill in the gaps that weren't written down.

You may have something there.

If it is a community challenge then I think TNT vastly overestimated the number of players who are actively engaged in this plot.

I've seen posts suggesting the bar filled another 5% over the last 24 hours. If it continues at that rate, regardless of whether we donate or not, it will be another 12 days before he's fully cured.

laur0204, 12/31/2017, 2:26 am NST
Is anyone else having trouble getting the infirmary step to work on Chrome? I brewed all 5 of the Taelias Concoction I and nothing happens when I drag it over to the Jetsam. The Jetsam will glow green, but it doesn't get better and the potions are not used up. Refreshing the page doesn't help either.

maxgarou, 12/31/2017, 11:34 am NST
Guys, I hadn't noticed this. In The infirmary if you set your mouse cursor over the red cross, it shows the ammount of concoctions you've donated, so I guess this is a confirmation that the more you donate the more points they will award you.
I hate this cause we'll have to fight a lot more to get all the ingredients (at least those of us who didn't stock on the thousands when this event began) to keep donating, and we're only on the first of seven

thaliel, 12/31/2017, 5:45 pm NST
The faerie chest i simply impossible to complete. Too fast moving, too much lag

thatgirlmarie, 01/2/2018, 8:34 am NST
I had a lot more than 4 misses for my chest attempt and still unlcoked the achievement. Is it possible the number of allowed misses goes up?

thatgirlmarie, 01/2/2018, 9:40 am NST
I also somehow managed 2 Recovered Jetsam keychain things...

bugsbob605, 01/4/2018, 11:09 am NST
I haven't been able to get the infirmary step to work in Chrome, FF, Opera, Safari, or Puffin. Why couldn't they have just made it clicking instead of dragging?

edwardelric117, 01/13/2018, 3:51 pm NST
So....have we made all of the potions??? You guys havent added any new ones to make? So are we making any new ones? I have all the achievements except the one of every kind..

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