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10/27: Scrappy on the Neoboards
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on October 28, 2017, 10:52 am NST

Yesterday evening, Scrappy took to the Neoboards and posted some nice tidbits about the upcoming plot.

Regarding the quality of the plot so far, and this week's editorial:
I understand you guys are upset about the plot not being here yet. You guys can think what you want about it, but the fact of the matter is we are trying very hard (not just me, every single TNTer) to get it going and make it great! There's no reason I can give you that will satisfy everyone but we want it to go out just as much as you guys! We sincerely apologize for the long wait.

The editorial? Yes, I had to deal with some things and I didn't want Neopian Times to release late but it [wasn't] a "the editorials cancelled" it was a it will be posted later, and now it is. Again, very sorry for that delay as well!

Honestly any other issues please neomail me and lets chat!

Regarding why there has been a delay (shifting priorities due to the NetDragon acquisition):
[username removed], I totally understand that but I also did talk about the delay. I'm sorry if it hasn't been daily updates but I mentioned there was a priority shift when the acquiring happened that pushed some things back.

We are working as hard and as fast as we can. I do also try to be very open and honest with you guys! If you have issues, you can always come to me. (Unless they are a support issue)

Regarding when the plot may begin (but let's take with a grain of salt!):
Alright, first. I'm going to be honest here - we are not going to give you a play by play of our office and what we do. I'm sorry but I'd probably get in trouble. The plot will probably begin in about a week or two.

Regarding the return of Key Quest:
KeyQuest...come on? Guys, Key Quest is a VERY difficult fix. Maybe one day we can fix it but it won't happen right now. I'm sorry to tell you that!

And a later post, after asking for more details on Key Quest:
[username removed] how much more detail can I give you? The coding behind it is a mess and thats just how it is..

Regarding the acquisition of NetDragon, and whether it is good news or bad news for Neopets:
GOOD NEWS!!! Guys seriously, if you believe nothing else at least believe this..it was good news!

However, these things take TIME! I know that is the worst word to hear but even getting resources take time. Nothing happens over night and I know to you guys it has been forever but since the acquisition and all that it actually hasn't been that long.

Regarding the discontinuation of Flash and what that means for customisation and games:
Yes of course we are planning to change NP before Flash has more issues! That is a HUGE prject (think about all the items) but we are looking into every solution.

Regarding a possible, upcoming Random Contest:
From a user: will you let us make avatars and you(TNT) choose which to implement?

From Scrappy: Actually, [username removed] I think I want to make that as a Random Contest!

And finally, on her way out:
Okay guys Scrappys gotta go! Final note, I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

I'll be back on tomorrow for anyone who wants to chat but you guys are all amazing and your opinions are warranted and welcome!


PS Sorry for any snarkiness (kinda)
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