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Faerie Festival Updated
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on September 27, 2017, 6:48 am NST

You may notice a change at the Faerie Festival today, it seems someone has vandalised the area - and Fyora is offering a reward for information!

There's also a new site theme tied to all this you may have noticed, with some interesting new characters and the Masked Intruder Defender at the bottom:

The trading post icons for this theme also feature the Kiko from the Chocolate Factory:

What all this means for the event, however, is anyone's guess. Stay tuned for more!

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jessalynn, 09/27/2017, 6:50 am NST
I heard that a few Neopians are thinking that this could mean the plot is coming sooner than what was said in the NT. :-/

rawbeee, 09/27/2017, 6:55 am NST
All of the event icons are just reused from the Kiko Lake theme.

purplebin, 09/27/2017, 6:56 am NST
My footer will only show the Xweetok no matter how many times I refresh.
And the TP icon is the same Kiko as they use for the Jumpstart theme. In fact, everything is the same as the JS theme other than the header and footer.

theartofscreaming, 09/27/2017, 7:00 am NST
Hmmm, peculiar. I only get the Xweetok as well. AHHHHHH I'M SO EXCITED THOUGH ASAKLSKFHLSIGHLADKSDHGL

rawbeee, 09/27/2017, 7:01 am NST
The footer image doesn't rotate.

jessalynn, 09/27/2017, 7:10 am NST
Yeah, I've noticed that with mine throughout all of my accounts...

marc, 09/27/2017, 7:21 am NST
Seems like this "theme" is a work-in-progress.

mlooshka, 09/27/2017, 7:22 am NST
I'm also only getting the xweetok - weird. I'm cautiously optimistic about the appearance of a defender. Could this possibly mean that they'll finally fix Defenders of Neopia? Only time will tell...

ladala, 09/27/2017, 8:08 am NST
Is that Xweetok from anywhere? I looked in Dr. Sloth's Image Emporium and wasn't able to find anything similar.

Because if that's new, then that means they have an artist who can match older Neopets artwork. And that's pretty exciting.

The other three aren't new, though. Korbat and Koi are definitely recolored from other things, and the Defenders Kougra is the Defenders Kougra.

skiasma, 09/27/2017, 8:11 am NST
Well, this explains why they released the avatar yesterday...

purplebin, 09/27/2017, 8:45 am NST
I suppose we will hear something in the news today.

purplebin, 09/27/2017, 8:49 am NST
So is this "proclamation" the flyers that were tacked to the trees during the Festival? If so, they were premature. If not, then what were those?

pikachu315111, 09/27/2017, 8:51 am NST
I bet you the Xweetok is Reizo, Kaia's friend.

Interesting to see they'll be using the Defenders of Neopia in this, or at least Masked Intruder. Hoping this means good things for Defenders of Neopia, Season 2 needs more or it.

But I'm excited! I'm glad they just didn't end the Festival, they had something happen other than that announcement on the news! We'll see where this goes...

herdy - JN Staff, 09/27/2017, 9:00 am NST
Yeah the Kiko is likely not related but you never know.
Also possible it's all existing art that was just never released on the public site. We'll see, I guess.

kingloui17, 09/27/2017, 9:41 am NST
Its as if it's a rule that every single piece of art for site themes and avatars has to be completely tacky and ugly for JS.

will - JN Staff, 09/27/2017, 9:43 am NST
Ahhh a new Xweetok character! This makes me so happy!

topaz644, 09/27/2017, 10:19 am NST
Maybe the Xweetok is related to Xandra.

It's okay with me if they build a plot (or plevent) upon TFR.

dustin, 09/27/2017, 10:57 am NST
I'm hoping those rotations are just placeholders... such a random assortment of characters lol.

dustin, 09/27/2017, 10:58 am NST
Plus the theme is awful. Purple, red, and blue?!

atryeu, 09/27/2017, 11:02 am NST
Isn't it an old theme? I thought new ones are added to the bottom of your lists, but this was located about 3/4ths down the list for me. I noticed when I changed it back to my theme I use, because I wasn't going to visit the site again if I had to stare at that horrible purple and red theme again for the whole plot

Anyway, it looked familiar like I'd seen this theme before over the years, but maybe there was one similar I'm thinking of instead? I always keep my one on and don't pay much attention to the others.

rylon - JN Staff, 09/27/2017, 11:05 am NST
Who designed the colour scheme of the CSS? @_@

dustin, 09/27/2017, 11:08 am NST
It also bothers me that they used purple and red together on this.

atryeu, 09/27/2017, 11:20 am NST
JellyNeo staff: I looked through your themes page trying to see why the one was familiar, but you guys are missing most of the site themes. Are you going to update that page in the future to show the others?

marfbear, 09/27/2017, 11:21 am NST
Purple and red always makes me think of that old ladies club - the Red Hat Society. (Look it up, it's ghastly)

rodgerflint, 09/27/2017, 11:30 am NST
So does the fact that the theme appears on my site pref list of themes mean it's unlocked permanently or is this just something they pushed for everyone temporarily?

inkpot, 09/27/2017, 11:42 am NST
i mean i'm excited for the event/plot/whatever but also a little disappointed... like i kinda foresaw that they'd just re-use old images and stuff but... /sigh.

topaz644, 09/27/2017, 12:20 pm NST
The red (and blue) headers are from the JS theme. Looks like they just changed the top banner and footer.

I put the old TFR theme on and it makes me (less) crazy. lol

barbtrapha, 09/27/2017, 12:28 pm NST
I love the header, and I'm super excited about them posting that a battle is coming!

jessalynn, 09/27/2017, 12:33 pm NST
When/where did they post that?!

tyuio_k50, 09/27/2017, 12:34 pm NST

official Neo instagram has confirmed battling!

jessalynn, 09/27/2017, 12:43 pm NST

panthera_alba, 09/27/2017, 1:07 pm NST
The blue and red on the sidebar and header drop-downs remind me of the horrendous JumpStart theme.

scarlet189, 09/27/2017, 1:17 pm NST
oh, a new theme! (even if it is not the best color combo, i can live with it-it's not like it's chartreuse,lime green, and neon mushed together!) wondering if it is a temp theme or will be given as a permanent one?

1jediboy, 09/27/2017, 1:36 pm NST
*walks up to the tattered Faerie Feastival*


W-w-who? Who could've done this?

dave - JN Staff, 09/27/2017, 1:45 pm NST
@atryeu: All themes are listed (excluding the new one above which we need to add.

Make sure you check out the retired page too: http://www.jellyneo.net/?go=sitethemes&id=retired

rawbeee, 09/27/2017, 1:47 pm NST
@ Rylon: Like purplebin mentioned, they seem t have used the JumpStart theme as a template and only thought to change the header, footer and rotations.

atryeu, 09/27/2017, 1:50 pm NST
@dave: I didn't see the retired link originally there, I missed those, sorry about that!

ka_zatha, 09/27/2017, 2:16 pm NST
"Wow, what a busy week. I barely had time to hit the daily wheel..."
*page refreshes, immediately changes site theme"


marfbear, 09/27/2017, 4:15 pm NST
I wonder who the cloaked figures are in the background of their instagram picture.

melinda_kacheek, 09/27/2017, 4:33 pm NST
Yeah I got the Xweetok version too and he doesn't look too happy. Yeah I don't blame him.

Fyora finally did something good by closing the festival. Hopefully she'll abolish that stupid wing game next.

maileth, 09/27/2017, 4:35 pm NST
The Darkest Faerie Statue appears to be staring at you. You think it might be better to get as far away from it as possible... Can that much evil really be contained in a stat

skiasma, 09/27/2017, 5:49 pm NST
I'm just glad you can change the theme in the settings, and that we're not stuck with it for the whole event. Mah eyes.

And now the news says to prepare for battle! Whoo!

jomarcenter, 09/27/2017, 6:05 pm NST
once again Faerieland got attacked, don't tell me Xandra returns.

jomarcenter, 09/27/2017, 6:17 pm NST
anyway 50,000 NP pretty too low for a reward especially since their situation is pretty much similar to what Xandra did to their land.

jomarcenter, 09/27/2017, 6:22 pm NST
And with the site theme... Someone should really be fired for this this is basically a simple ccs coding that even amateur can get this one right heck TNT could have a template code ready for plot use just type in the correct color and links to make it work or place it in visual studio code then just use their visual color picker to change the color if that person don't know how hex color code works.

marfbear, 09/27/2017, 6:26 pm NST
As someone said on one of the boards, story wise the reward is for information on some vandals. They don't know it's bigger than that yet.

1jediboy, 09/27/2017, 6:58 pm NST
The news page says "prepare for battle" to us.

...It is time.

jjensen, 09/27/2017, 7:15 pm NST
All I can think is that this has to do with Lutari island. The Xweetox is clad in island-style clothes. I'm hoping it is!

josie, 09/27/2017, 7:23 pm NST
Soooooooooo excited about all this

wikijason, 09/27/2017, 7:33 pm NST
Soooo they layered this new theme on the jumpstart theme and forgot to change the colors.

insane000illusions, 09/27/2017, 7:39 pm NST
I have to say that THIS purple and red do not go. But a deep Crimson and a deep Eggplant look rather lovely together :p

peppermint, 09/28/2017, 12:57 am NST
That message bothers me... "A grand sum of 50,000 NP is promised to anyone THAT can provide information" It seems like it would have been better to have said "is promised to anyone WHO can provide information"

*shifty eyes* Perhaps it was written by a Fyora imposter.

cay, 09/28/2017, 1:17 am NST
Purple and Red are lovely together :O really hoping we get to keep this theme ^_^" -fingers crossed-

purplebin, 09/28/2017, 7:26 am NST
So today my footer is now rotating images at last, and in my preferences it's called Faerie Festival instead of Destroyed Faerie Festival like it was yesterday.

nimaessa, 09/28/2017, 9:25 am NST
I guess we'll have a new BD arena. The Faerieland Arena... there's a new space in BD for some time... and could bring back the Defenders goals.

morganjoisle, 09/28/2017, 11:12 am NST
FREE XANDRA, FREE XANDRA, FREE XANDRA! How do we know her statute hasn't been stolen or destroyed in this chaos? Is Fyora really doing a good job protecting her statue garden of petrified neopets and faeries at this point in time?

I like the notice, but to my knowledge there isn't anything I can do at the moment. *shrugs shoulders* And 50k? That would've been an exorbitant amount way back when, but with Trudy's Surprise that's kind of a pittance...

recklesse, 09/28/2017, 11:45 am NST
Yay, they've changed the bright red on the side bar to purple!! Much better.

marfbear, 09/28/2017, 12:14 pm NST
MIne still says Destroyed Faerie Festival - both my main and my side. Still bright red, too. Images are rotating though.

purplebin, 09/28/2017, 12:17 pm NST
Yep, mine switched back to Destroyed Faerie Festival and the red and blue things turned purple.

marfbear, 09/28/2017, 1:01 pm NST
Okay, now I've got the purple instead of the red.

purplebin, 09/28/2017, 2:53 pm NST
I'm waiting to see if there are any stage spoilers for the new MME.
It's pretty clear from the ad on the main page that this is a Beauty and the Beast theme, and that the uncursed castle is probably the bonus. I'm hoping we can figure out which ID is the beast, and which is the princess.

beyondelsewhere, 09/28/2017, 3:01 pm NST
A plevent with battles and an new MME! I am so excited! But so broke.

inkpot, 09/28/2017, 5:16 pm NST
really want the new mme but only for the prince's side...

scared to purchase nc with how many stories there are w/ ppl not getting their nc on time for things... :c

topaz644, 09/29/2017, 5:47 am NST
About MMEs. This is the first MME I've bought. I have 2 in my cart with different IDs. (08 and 09) so does that mean I have one of each?

Also are there ever problems with having 2 of them morphing at the same time on the same account? I could move one to a side account if need be.

purplebin, 09/29/2017, 7:36 am NST
@topaz644, yes, you have one of each ID.
There have been some glitches in the past, but probably nothing you can prevent or should worry about. Put them on the account where you plan to use them. Some people like to leave them in the SDB for safety, but I like to put them on my pets to see them morph!

topaz644, 09/29/2017, 7:58 am NST
Thank you purplebin

alikanrbt, 09/29/2017, 2:07 pm NST
look at the page' source-code...

purplebin, 09/29/2017, 4:26 pm NST
I wonder if they plan to change the event icons to match the site theme better.

themeepit32, 09/29/2017, 8:51 pm NST
might be a place holder

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