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Unreleased Avatar
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on September 22, 2017, 1:13 pm NST

It appears there is an unreleased avatar related to the Faerie Festival:

It is unclear if this means the Faerie Festival will be unexpectedly extended, or if it will just lead into November's plot.
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thepapercutjellyfish, 09/22/2017, 1:32 pm NST
Gah okay I'm excited!!!
I can forgive the festival for being a little lame this year if it ties into the plot

rylon - JN Staff, 09/22/2017, 1:45 pm NST
Shame about the line at the top, but really impressed with the animation!

ag128l, 09/22/2017, 1:48 pm NST
Yes! I was hoping for a new faerie avatar.

purplebin, 09/22/2017, 2:07 pm NST
Could this be the bonus they were talking about for visiting every day? If so, that's going to upset a lot of people!

There is quite a long story going on in that avatar, and it definitely does involve what could be a wraith at the end...

zeelink, 09/22/2017, 2:25 pm NST
You're right Rylon, it's well animated. Curious to see what this will be about...

tyuio_k50, 09/22/2017, 2:28 pm NST

Oh my gosh, I didn't even notice that! I hope they fix it.

inkpot, 09/22/2017, 3:02 pm NST
i don't like the line up top either but i figured it was intentional... the word escapes me but something like a shine? to emphasize that the avatar is popping out a bit?

further... i really can't stand these movies avatars. what happened to the cute stand-still ones that are easy to match fonts with? i'm also tired of avatars with rounded edges... i know, i sound like a whiny baby.

inkpot, 09/22/2017, 3:03 pm NST

pancaketime, 09/22/2017, 3:26 pm NST
There was also the accidentally released NC mall Wraith Resurgence chests, so I'm hopeful that the FF is so underwhelming because it's just laying down story for the plot.

1jediboy, 09/22/2017, 4:22 pm NST

warnerbroder, 09/22/2017, 4:49 pm NST

topaz644, 09/22/2017, 5:14 pm NST
It runs like a movie. Get me popcorn and an intermission.

stories2btold, 09/22/2017, 6:04 pm NST
I’m saying it right now— Kaia is Xandra in disguise

parody_ham, 09/22/2017, 6:59 pm NST

kayotico, 09/22/2017, 8:52 pm NST




winterland, 09/22/2017, 10:44 pm NST
Mmm... if i recall correctly the neopedia states that, when faerieland falled down, some caves where discovered that goes to haunted woods?

zeelink, 09/23/2017, 1:47 am NST

Well, her facial expressions during Wing It seem kinda...mean? I dunno. Something might be up.

pw2065, 09/23/2017, 2:20 am NST
I think it is just a big prize for last day visiting festival main page

cloonshannagh, 09/23/2017, 8:23 am NST
Something Has Happened!

A Shadow glides silently past, stealing all the joy from the world. BluBunnyBaby doesn't look very happy anymore...

Yes, it has happened before, but it just struck me. considering......*lol*

xxsinger, 09/23/2017, 8:49 am NST
I totally agree with you on that.

gordy_777, 09/23/2017, 10:44 am NST

If Queen Fyora actually gets to fight back against the Wraiths, that'd be hype. And do make sure Brynn is at the ready.

cat, 09/23/2017, 2:28 pm NST
I was right, this is seguaying into a Plot, or at least an extended Halloween event.
Keeping in mind the hint we had earlier might not mean the Plot's in November, it could also be interpreted as the Plot goes from October to December, a better length for a full plotplot.

OK, gotta be careful not to overhype myself.

unfree, 09/23/2017, 2:30 pm NST
@cat, I don't think it will extend into December, I can't imagine it would overlap with Advent Calendar.

kanadiansnowbunny - JN Staff, 09/23/2017, 3:06 pm NST
neopets is moving forward....whaa?

themeepit32, 09/23/2017, 6:51 pm NST
Holy Kau!
is this a plot?

1jediboy, 09/23/2017, 7:45 pm NST
It's an epilogue. I'm calling it. I wonder what's going to happen on the last day of the Faerie Festival.

inkpot, 09/23/2017, 7:51 pm NST
i wonder if this plot will include the usual comic... considering how incapable this art team is i can honestly see them omitting the comic in some way or just cutting and pasting old assets around... which both would be disappointing but... here's hoping neither are the case. :ccc

inkpot, 09/23/2017, 7:54 pm NST
also it may just be me but the face at the end really doesn't look like a wraith imo. i have a feeling it's someone in a halloween mask or something that leads way into the halloween event... though it's odd they'd make a gif depicting it so i'm not entirely sold on my own thoughts lol

lokaula, 09/23/2017, 8:00 pm NST
It's all so exciting!

stories2btold, 09/23/2017, 9:31 pm NST
Well, her facial expressions during Wing It seem kinda...mean? I dunno. Something might be up.


beyondelsewhere, 09/24/2017, 9:44 am NST
I figured the mean facial expression was pretty much to say "ha! Bet you won't get the wings on this faerie! I'm rigging games here like in the Haunted Fairground!"

elephante109, 09/24/2017, 1:14 pm NST
Hmm, after looking at the avatar a few times, I think the face at the end looks like the one on the Friendly Cultist Plushie, not a wraith.

thecrazyoo, 09/25/2017, 3:41 am NST
Although I like this is looking like a plot coming, I'm not really a fan of them redoing the same exact thing that lead into the Faeries Ruin. I want a plot that has absolutely nothing to do with faeries, I'm tired of them. Faerieland already had many recent makeovers while places like Meridell still have a really really REALLY old and ugly map. And we still have no Lutari Island.

nightshadeswiftswing, 09/25/2017, 4:03 pm NST
The Darkest Faerie Returns 2: Electric Boogaloo perhaps?

pancaketime, 09/25/2017, 11:35 pm NST
The news today did more or less confirm that something is coming: "Have you heard the buzz about the shadowy and unrecognizable figure that appeared nearby? This visitor disappeared in the blink of an eye that it has most of us thinking that we dreamed it up!"

josie, 09/26/2017, 6:12 pm NST
I missed the shadowy figure. Guess I wasn't paying enough attention

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