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Poogle Day Roundup
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on September 19, 2017, 6:11 am NST

Two new colours are now active for Poogle Day!

Candy | Polka Dot

A new outfit has also now been activated - themed around Chucky (Child's Play, not Rugrats :P).

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themeepit32, 09/19/2017, 6:36 am NST
Don't care for Polka Dot
but the candy is adorable

inkpot, 09/19/2017, 7:05 am NST
dat candy is amazing!!!111!!exclamation11!!!

both colors are super! i love polka dot and await more pets to be released in it but that candy is.... hhhhnnnnng.

inkpot, 09/19/2017, 7:13 am NST
what kind of candy is it though?
like a marshmallow dipped in chocolate?

honestly i thought it was a choco (white chocolate) poog at first.

purplebin, 09/19/2017, 8:51 am NST
The new outfit is Deadly Doll Poogle, and I think it's supposed to be Chuckie!

lunaxporch, 09/19/2017, 8:53 am NST
I have no idea what kind of candy it's supposed to be but it looks delicious and I want to eat it.

purplebin, 09/19/2017, 9:33 am NST
I think the Candy is definitely supposed to be a truffle.

spabl, 09/19/2017, 10:01 am NST
OMGoodness, it isn't Chocolat but that Candy Will Do!!

nicole24, 09/19/2017, 10:28 am NST
They are both cute
And the outfit definitely is chucky haha

zeelink, 09/19/2017, 10:40 am NST
I can't believe they did a Chucky outfit, nice XD

inkpot, 09/19/2017, 11:02 am NST
it's the perfect outfit for a mspp.

thepapercutjellyfish, 09/19/2017, 12:12 pm NST
Ohmigash the candy one is unbelievably adorable!!!!

artemisaltori, 09/19/2017, 12:29 pm NST
lol so much for "family friendly". i love how they can get away with making so many references like this that totally aren't pg but yet god forbid we talk about politics or gender issues or "real life" crap

1jediboy, 09/19/2017, 12:55 pm NST
*shudders* Creepy!

1jediboy, 09/19/2017, 12:56 pm NST
(Chucky, not the colors; Those are nice.)

jcdiva7, 09/19/2017, 2:19 pm NST
I agree about the outfit...sometimes I wonder what JS/TNT are thinking when they come up with this stuff

cat, 09/19/2017, 2:48 pm NST
Candy looks like a chocolate, it's a cute design, but I'd rather candy be more distinct.

Chucky outfit just in time for Halloween, nice.

cat, 09/19/2017, 2:56 pm NST
@artemisaltori - how are those even remotely related to a well known horror movie?
Besides, I think you're missing the point, political and religious issues are banned because they cause fights. A movie about a possessed doll only does that if a particularly oversensitive Christian (and it usually is a Christian in my experience) appears and demands anything even remotely satanic be purged from the media. Besides, Chucky's no more family unfriendly than Game Of Thrones.
Think of the children? I am, children love possessed dolls.

cheyennet2, 09/19/2017, 4:03 pm NST
I'm playing devils advocate here, but game of thrones references shouldn't be on here either...

roshchodesh, 09/19/2017, 4:41 pm NST
That's my thought on -- oh look! A squirrel#

twilson1118, 09/19/2017, 5:10 pm NST
Why not cover the Rugrats? It's a pretty big thing for Viacom it seems....

inkpot, 09/19/2017, 5:18 pm NST
i agree w/ cat.

also, i like that neopets disallows such topics. i see enough drama outside of neo to need it here too.

eliz1bef, 09/19/2017, 6:04 pm NST
Is the candy supposed to be a nonpareil? It's cute, whatever it is.

josie, 09/19/2017, 7:45 pm NST
I don't care much for the colors, but the outfit is really cool

ladyamethyst, 09/19/2017, 8:10 pm NST
My significant other was practically raised on 80s horror movies. I wasn't & I slept with the kitchen lights on for 2 months after watching Scream (feel free to laugh, I Everyone's mileage varies

At least there's no handheld for this costume!

ladyamethyst, 09/19/2017, 8:13 pm NST
...I was in my early 20s when I saw that movie. Feel free to laugh even harder!

Anyway - not a fan of polka dot in general even though it's usually pretty well done, but I am LOVING this candy series. Well done, artists!

cat, 09/19/2017, 9:40 pm NST
I'm sort of fifty fifty on horror, I like it up to a point but I've definitely got my limits. My grandma was a hardcore horror junkie (as long as it didn't have teens or kids in the cast) so I'd usually cower in my room with my N64 when we visited. At the same time I love mild horror.

I might get triggered by a really well made mask, but a costume like this? Not really.

ducky - JN Staff, 09/19/2017, 10:26 pm NST
I don't think the children are able to make the connection unless they've seen the movie. Or even adults. Just like I said with Swan Kiko outfit. And if the kids have seen the movie... well the problem is somewhere else than in Neopets.

So yeah. Put your think about the children-card down.

I wouldn't have know to what this references to without Herdy saying it in the newspost (I'd guessed it is from something, because it has been their trend with clothing sets)

ppluk, 09/20/2017, 12:32 am NST
I really want a Candy Poogle now.

spabl, 09/20/2017, 12:42 am NST
I am soooo going to paint Spabl Candy today! Waiting for the Auction to end....waiting...waiting...waiting!

spabl, 09/20/2017, 4:18 am NST
So I painted Spabl but the eyes seem a bit different, a bit sad?

chrissy, 09/20/2017, 5:42 am NST
The eyes do look sad on them

chrissy, 09/20/2017, 5:49 am NST
Do you think the gender makes the eyes different? Hmm.

ducky - JN Staff, 09/20/2017, 10:50 am NST
Whoever modelled Candy Poogle for us, it did have happy mouth but eyes were sad (female) eyes. I tagged those as sad but I guess it will be happy eyes are sad.

I was just wondering which one had wrong, mouth or eyes.

ppluk, 09/21/2017, 4:00 am NST
My eyes are sad as well (my Poogle is female too), maybe they tried something different with the eyes for this color? I am happy with her though, I love the candy colors.

spabl, 09/21/2017, 9:15 am NST
Wow! I went to the Battledome and fought the Lab Ray Guy. Spabl went Male and the eyes went normal! But..since I want her to be a girl I battled again, she became Female and the eyes went sad again! Bummer!

ducky - JN Staff, 09/21/2017, 12:24 pm NST
Feel free to model rest of the missing models

So it seems happy female eyes are sad instead. The only thing you can do make a ticket.

I've noticed the same thing with female Woodland krawk. It has it's unique swf file but the happy eyes are sad.

spabl, 09/21/2017, 12:41 pm NST
I have send in a ticket.

spabl, 09/22/2017, 1:13 am NST
And Rico answered very fast! --Hi spabl!
A solution for your issue has been suggested.
Thank you very much for writing! I'm sorry to hear that there are some art problems with your items and pets!
We have reviewed this issue and have passed it along to our art team for further investigation. If they agree that this is a bug they'll fix it and you should see the changes soon!
Thanks again for your continued support and patience!

ducky - JN Staff, 09/22/2017, 2:31 am NST
Sorry to burst your bubble, but that is just generic reply (that Rico likes to use). I really hope they notice it tho and it gets fixed.

I am very annoyed about those as well

spabl, 09/22/2017, 4:15 am NST

Really?? Ah well, just have to wait and see then.

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