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Free NetDragon Box in the NC Mall
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on August 7, 2017, 11:57 am NST

To celebrate the purchase of JumpStart by NetDragon, the NC Mall has a free box on sale containing a few goodies themed around a Scorchio Party!

Inside, you'll find the following items:

SPECIAL NOTE: These items are only wearable by Scorchios.
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stories2btold, 08/7/2017, 12:11 pm NST
make cute clothes for a species almost no one has? uh... ok...

mistyraider, 08/7/2017, 12:14 pm NST
Really cute, but, only for Scorchios? -- what were they thinking?

Is NetDragon running the site now, or is this more of JS's cluelessness? urg

hprox, 08/7/2017, 12:18 pm NST
I assume it's just because they saw Scorchios and were like "Dragons! Perfect!" and ignored all other dragons...and pets...

recklesse, 08/7/2017, 12:22 pm NST
This is a first!

I don't remember there being any other species-specific NC clothing. Not sure what to make of that.

The clothes themselves are pretty cute. Especially that frock.

eliz1bef, 08/7/2017, 12:33 pm NST
Weird. But not, Oohhh! Coool! Weird! Just "okay... and they were thinking what?" Weird.

artemisaltori, 08/7/2017, 12:37 pm NST
boring. what's the point of species specific NC stuff?

purplebin, 08/7/2017, 12:39 pm NST
It would be okay if they planned an outfit for each species, but there's no way that's happening.

recklesse, 08/7/2017, 12:42 pm NST
I hope they aren't going to make a habit of it... or, even worse, stop making species-specific clothing for np and put everything in the Mall.

topaz644, 08/7/2017, 12:44 pm NST
It's a pretty box!

I don't see the line about how we can claim it on sides. Can we? I assume so if the items are nc.

inkpot, 08/7/2017, 12:49 pm NST
i don't really mind the species specific-ness.

i mean i wouldn't want this to become the norm but i see no harm in giving a rather unloved species some love. idk

clothes are cute tho

inkpot, 08/7/2017, 12:51 pm NST
actually, i'm more confused as to why it's an nc item and not just np.

pikachu315111, 08/7/2017, 12:53 pm NST
Why not also allow Shoyru, Draiks, and Skeith also able to wear it? They're dragons too. Unless they're going to get their own free clothing set too.

Also, is it suppose to dress the Scorchio up like Daenerys from GoT?

topaz644, 08/7/2017, 12:54 pm NST
My Scorchio is on my side and she's just thrilled there's something just for her in the Mall. I just want to be sure I can claim one there.

recklesse, 08/7/2017, 12:58 pm NST
The clothing is NC.

No reason you shouldn't be able to claim it on your side account.

stories2btold, 08/7/2017, 1:39 pm NST
Also, is it suppose to dress the Scorchio up like Daenerys from GoT?
Since she looks nothing like/has never worn anything like that, I'd say no lol.

forever_future, 08/7/2017, 1:58 pm NST
I appreciate a freebie, but I don't have any scorchios. I have a draik, though... Isn't that enough of a dragon...?

ummy - JN Staff, 08/7/2017, 2:02 pm NST
I actually have a Scorchio...but they are male.

maryishhx3, 08/7/2017, 2:05 pm NST
Hey JN Staff, I'm trying to contact someone from staff about my pteri that is turning 644 days soon :p

absolutejudith, 08/7/2017, 3:10 pm NST
I cannot find it is the NC Mall. Where should I look?

absolutejudith, 08/7/2017, 3:11 pm NST
Never mind. I just found it

jcdiva7, 08/7/2017, 3:11 pm NST
I own nothing but usuls Oh well. Guess this will go in my gallery

dustin, 08/7/2017, 3:31 pm NST
Thought it was cool until I saw it was only for Scorchio
Draiks are Dragons too! And Shoyru's?! Skeith...?

pikachu315111, 08/7/2017, 3:47 pm NST
But then, what are the clothes based on? Would seem random for them not to be based on something being a species exclusive and meant to celebrate NetDragon's acquisition of JS. I figured a "Mother of Dragons" reference would go along the dragon theme.

purplebin, 08/7/2017, 4:35 pm NST
So now the news is updated, and there is no mention of the Party Pack! Has TNT ever themselves talked about NetDragon yet?

labtech468, 08/7/2017, 5:04 pm NST
I like the wearables, I don't really mind them being species-specific, it is a little odd though

dave - JN Staff, 08/7/2017, 6:13 pm NST
@purplebin: Yes they posted a TNT notice board awhile back.

adventurer262, 08/7/2017, 6:16 pm NST
Scorchio Party... Maybe this is the sign of an upcoming plot?

1jediboy, 08/7/2017, 7:25 pm NST
"In celebration of NetDragon joining the Neopets family, theyve decided to treat some of our little friends!" 0_0? Anyone find this description a little creepy? *shudders*

sabriogando, 08/7/2017, 7:45 pm NST
Great, an amazing outfit for an unpopular species, woohoo, 10/10

I'm salty over this
The wig is great
It would fantastic on my Aisha
And the dress would look beautiful on my Hissi
Darn it

neocoladude, 08/7/2017, 8:21 pm NST
I never realized Scorchios were unpopular until I read these comments? :O I mean, they don't have the prestige of Draiks, but one of my favorite Neo plushes growing up was this huge Red Scorchio plush I got for my birthday...I always wanted the smaller McD version too, but alas, I never got one of those...

thaliel, 08/7/2017, 8:34 pm NST
Not seeing it, I suppose it has disappeared already?

purplebin, 08/7/2017, 8:48 pm NST
One of my plushies is a Scorchio, too. I think I like them better in that form.
@thaliel, you have to click on the New category in the mall to see the party pack.

lokaula, 08/7/2017, 10:02 pm NST
I got excited for naught! Anyway, still a free gift! Lol

hmm, 08/7/2017, 10:25 pm NST
For those not finding it, click on New section. I was able to find it there instead of the usual spot for free NC BDay themed gifts.

spabl, 08/8/2017, 12:44 am NST
No Neo today or is it just me?

dr_tomoe, 08/8/2017, 12:48 am NST
Down for me as well

chrissy, 08/8/2017, 12:51 am NST
Not just you. I came here specifically to see if Neo was down for anyone else.

spabl, 08/8/2017, 12:51 am NST
Always nice to see I am not alone!

chrissy, 08/8/2017, 12:58 am NST
Haha Yeah For a minute there i was afraid they voted me off the island. Again.

chrissy, 08/8/2017, 12:59 am NST
Oh i just checked again and it's working now. YAY!

spabl, 08/8/2017, 1:00 am NST
The new Dyeworks have arrived!

chrissy, 08/8/2017, 1:01 am NST
Too many people in the mall, won't let me in LOL.
I'll keep trying.

cat, 08/8/2017, 1:19 am NST
Kind of wish that it was wearable by all dragon species, then at least I could use it for my draik and shoyru. I wonder if they'll have other packs for other species. Ah whatever, I'll collect it anyway.

recklesse, 08/8/2017, 2:23 am NST

Yeah, I don't see them putting 54 more packs in the mall in short order. What we see is what we get. Presumably they only had time to fit the outfit to one species.

recklesse, 08/8/2017, 4:17 am NST
But, hey, maybe the next 54 freebies from the Mall will be the same outfit tailored for a different pet species.

That could keep them going for years!!

glaniara, 08/8/2017, 6:23 am NST
I missed it too bad, I don't even have scorchio but these look cute

mistyraider, 08/8/2017, 8:55 am NST
It would be nice if JSNT knew more neo history - like Vandagyre Goodie Bag honored a new species, but every pet could wear the items.

@glaniara you haven't missed it. You have to click on the NEW tab in the mall to find it. Enjoy!

firenrocks, 08/8/2017, 9:14 am NST
Scorchios are my favorite species, so I don't mind some new clothes for them; but it does seem a little odd it's only for them. o.0

mavegibson, 08/8/2017, 11:02 am NST
This is going to cause more anger and disappointment in the community than goodwill. What were they thinking?

mavegibson, 08/8/2017, 11:03 am NST
Also, it IS still in the store. You just have to find it. I found it by going to the 'New' section.

panthera_alba, 08/10/2017, 5:13 pm NST
So the free gift I clicked on gives me something I can't use. Hooray.

kreyrie, 08/17/2017, 11:42 pm NST
Well this is lame. To the giving tree with it...

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