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Ixi Day Roundup
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on July 11, 2017, 12:49 pm NST

Two new colours are now active for Ixi Day:

Marble | Pastel

A Chic themed clothing set is also now active.

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purplebin, 07/11/2017, 12:57 pm NST
Pastel is really pretty! And it looks like not all Marble pets will have a swirl. The golden part is beautiful, but I'm not sure about the dots.

trista, 07/11/2017, 12:59 pm NST
Pastel i like , colors are so cute together

elephante109, 07/11/2017, 1:17 pm NST
Marble looks like Jelly to me!

cat, 07/11/2017, 1:30 pm NST
These colors are lovely! I'm glad Marble pets will reflect multiple kinds of marble and not just swirls.

saiphami, 07/11/2017, 1:36 pm NST
interesting. marble is very out of the box but could have some cool customization options...

stories2btold, 07/11/2017, 1:42 pm NST
Pastel is lovely! Marble however...

eliz1bef, 07/11/2017, 2:10 pm NST
I love the Marble so much!! I had glittery gold marbles just like that when I was a kid. I'm really liking the Marble PB. I think the Pastel is cute, but that PB is not really my thing. Can't wait to see the outfit!

beyondelsewhere, 07/11/2017, 2:57 pm NST
I was hoping for Candy, alas. I do like the pastel colour though. I am tempted to change up my faerie ixi for a pastel one because the colours are nicely muted. Hmmm.

thepapercutjellyfish, 07/11/2017, 3:16 pm NST
Both are amazing! The marble looks like leaves falling in autumn.

rosi, 07/11/2017, 4:47 pm NST
Ooooh! Now I know what will be the final colour for the newest addition to my family! Pastel is just... wow! Dreamy! And in fact it also reflects my Ixi's name I kinda dislike the marble colour this time, especially the spots, though the shine on the forehead is well done.
The set of clothes will be ancient Greece style; why they called it 'chic' instead of classical is a mystery to me

vaporesque, 07/11/2017, 5:05 pm NST
@ eliz1bef I agree, very nostalgic

Elsewise, marble seems very end of summer party time. Plus, it should make fall customizing more interesting.

Pastel looks like sorbet again , which always makes people happy.

dogslover123, 07/11/2017, 5:08 pm NST
Both colors are nice, i want a Pastel Ixi now

inkpot, 07/11/2017, 5:15 pm NST
both colors are absolutely gorgeous! if only all art on this site could stay consistently this well done.

josie, 07/11/2017, 7:25 pm NST
They're both beautiful! The marble especially is something totally different and unexpected.

I also like the new Ixi outfit

froststar936, 07/11/2017, 7:47 pm NST
If I wasn't so in love with my Ixi's Royalgirl color scheme, I might be tempted to paint her Pastel. I really like the way it looks.

mortychichi, 07/11/2017, 8:34 pm NST
Oh wow they're really pretty :o
I think the art style is a little bit different? Maybe the new company actually comes with new artists

inkpot, 07/12/2017, 1:00 am NST
^ one can only wish.

ducky - JN Staff, 07/12/2017, 3:15 am NST
Huh? The new colours have been excellent in past year or so (maybe few weirds but mostly it's colours that cannot look cool)

sabriogando, 07/12/2017, 1:33 pm NST
Marble looks like barf
Pastel is amazing though, beautiful and customizable <3

1jediboy, 07/13/2017, 8:37 pm NST
My son, (an ixi), and I think the marble one looks REALLY cool!

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