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Photobucket Accounts Disabling Hotlinking
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on June 30, 2017, 10:31 am NST

This is just a friendly public service announcement for anyone who uses Photobucket as an image hosting service, particularly for your Petpage or Lookup images.

Photobucket is shutting down hotlinking (which means allowing you to use images on other websites, like unless you choose to use one of their paid account options. It seems like right now, high-usage users are being affected the most.

If you use Photobucket and would like to continue to use the images on Neopets, we highly recommend that you download a full backup of all images in your account and consider re-hosting them using a different image hosting service such as Imgur. Or, if you'd like, pay for an account upgrade to continue using their services.

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novelista, 06/30/2017, 10:34 am NST
WAT?! OMG, I have a DUNGLOAD of stuff on PB. Curse them! This must be the work of the Dark Faerie!

novelista, 06/30/2017, 10:36 am NST
Sorry for the double post, but I'm reading comments on their twitter page and people are saying they're charging FOUR HUNDRED BUCKS for paid accounts. Wow. Just wow.

ducky - JN Staff, 06/30/2017, 10:40 am NST
I was wondering about the image on one petpage few days ago (they changed ToS on 28th) but did not investigate.

But that yearly price is mad for someone wanting 3rd party hosting

purplebin, 06/30/2017, 10:44 am NST
I read the Terms and Conditions on Imgur, and they also don't allow 3rd party links.
I have only a handful of images on photobucket, but it's affecting me already.
400 dollars for a year to upgrade to the level I can use my images on Neopets again!

thaurialiel_lelfe, 06/30/2017, 11:00 am NST
I use hostingpics for years. It is better and free!

loraloral24, 06/30/2017, 11:07 am NST
Wooooow! Thanks for the heads up!

inkpot, 06/30/2017, 11:32 am NST
what a load of bull. i've known about imgur for years now (and have the majority of my latest uploads there )but i've been using photobucket for YEARS and have YEARS worth of junk on there. it's gonna take me forever to sort through it, re-upload and change any/all my active img links hosted by PB. uuuuuugh

i mean i knew PB was going down the drain but i never thought it'd eventually stop ppl from hotlinking?? i hope they come to regret that decision.

anyway, guess i have a busy weekend ahead of me. B^(

annie123, 06/30/2017, 12:01 pm NST
Wooow what the heck. I know tons of friends who use Photobucket for image uploading on neopets, I can't image what they have to go through now.

ducky - JN Staff, 06/30/2017, 12:57 pm NST
Yeah some lookups look reeaaaaallly pretty with that image!

I already set my account to be deleted. It was fun 14 yrs or so.

novelista, 06/30/2017, 1:19 pm NST
I cleaned out my albums earlier, had them assemble zips that I downloaded, and now I'm moving everything to my imgur account.

My account is set to be deleted on Sunday, according to PB.

purplebin, 06/30/2017, 2:04 pm NST
I'm checking through the 36 images I have uploaded there, and only 8 of them are x'ed out. One or two are still actually working on Neopets! I think I have all the important ones on my computer. It's going to take some work to get everything transferred and then all my links fixed, what a pain.

purplebin, 06/30/2017, 2:38 pm NST
Well, I've got some images on imgur now, but the links won't work on my lookup or pet page. They don't have the correct format.

purplebin, 06/30/2017, 2:52 pm NST
Never mind, I got my lookup working properly now! More work to do on my Turmaculus guide.

blue_star_51, 06/30/2017, 2:54 pm NST
Are you using the direct link on Imgur? It needs to end in .jpg or .png or whatever you image was. The easiest way to get it is to right-click the image after uploading it and select "copy image link".

purplebin, 06/30/2017, 4:00 pm NST
Yes, I was pasting over my old coding with the imgur direct link, but it didn't have the suffix like on photobucket. Once I figured out why it wasn't working I just pasted over the old link but kept the .png in place.

pigeonthunk, 06/30/2017, 4:30 pm NST

I noticed this yesterday. I downloaded all my images, went to imgur, rehosted everything there, and spent what seemed like ages changing all of my code.

The saddest thing was that I had an artistic lab log of images I had created for one of my pets for years worth of lab ray changes. I have the images still but it would be way too much work to go back and figure out the order and reassemble that list. That's loads and loads of artwork, but at least I still have the images.

purplebin, 06/30/2017, 5:05 pm NST
This is a dumb question, but I want to be sure:
I went to delete my photobucket account, and I got freaked out when it said everything will be permanently removed and cannot be restored.
Now I know that just means from the PB site, and it won't delete them from my computer files, but... I need someone to confirm that!

dave - JN Staff, 06/30/2017, 6:03 pm NST
@purplebin: Unless you installed some program from Photobucket on your computer, they can't touch those files.

dave - JN Staff, 06/30/2017, 6:06 pm NST
Speaking of backups--you should always make sure you have a good backup of your files, whether it's from Photobucket, or Imgur, or any image/file hosting service!

There are a lot of good (free) options out there, too!

* Dropbox
* Google Drive
* Microsoft OneDrive
* Apple iCloud

These services allow you to set up files that live on your computer and sync to an online database where you can access them if, say, your computer crashes. All of them (as far as I'm aware) have free tiers of service available, with paid upgrades above that.

cat, 06/30/2017, 6:23 pm NST
Well that sucks! I guess I'm going to need to move my petpage images, or re-evaluate if I have the time/energy to maintain petpages.

mistyqee, 06/30/2017, 9:14 pm NST
*logs in to photobucket, looks at album*

3338 uploads

*audible groan*

morganjoisle, 06/30/2017, 9:22 pm NST
Oh my gosh this is awful! I know photobucket is hard to link to, and there are so many better sites out there now, but just wow! I guess I'll move over my image files to pinterest, then.

josie, 06/30/2017, 10:11 pm NST
My lookups, pet lookups, petpages, shop layout, gallery lookups, and just about everything else on the site was hosted on photobucket. I spent all day uploading everything to imgur and changing the coding everywhere. What a mess!

I was with photobucket for 10 years, and I can't believe how they let their loyal user base down like that

razzleteddy, 06/30/2017, 10:22 pm NST
It was a sad surprise when I've found out PB changed. So now I'm using the site ImgBB & Imgur to host my pictures.

lisam2, 07/1/2017, 6:49 am NST
hi guys works on neopets!!

AND they say right on their site "We allow hot linking with all images." and "We do not limit the bandwidth on our website"

dave - JN Staff, 07/1/2017, 5:41 pm NST
Speaking of other free image hosting services, I highly recommend NOT using if you're considering it. They've run into problems before:

(Coincidentally, in that post we recommend moving to Photobucket--which of course is no longer our recommendation.)

kaylaneopets, 07/1/2017, 6:25 pm NST
"Also, don't use Imgur to host image libraries you link to from elsewhere, content for your website, advertising, avatars, or anything else that turns us into your content delivery network... If you do ... we will ban you [and] delete all your images"

- Imgur terms and conditions

Any other sites that allow it and would be a safe place to store and link to images? I have 600-800 pictures of a clay neopet I made that were all on the petpage. I need somewhere safe to put the images where I won't have to go through this reuploading again. It's going to take forever.

tabbysam, 07/2/2017, 8:14 am NST
I noticed this happening to users of a forum on another site. Worst part is it started during a few art contests and one person had their entry in a poll replaced with the dial thing.
Also, I never knew Imgur has the same strict terms because everyone recommends it. Are they going to eventually cause problems too since I realize now that many people didn't read it?

liesha, 07/2/2017, 11:57 am NST
I started moving my images to but I noticed that it is part of Photobucket. Hope they don't stop file sharing there too.

liesha, 07/2/2017, 11:59 am NST
Don't know why but the name of the image host I'm transferring to didn't post. (Tiny Pic)

june_scarlet, 07/2/2017, 1:52 pm NST
I've been using Deviant Art more recently, but that's really only good for artwork related things. There's also, which is a subset of Deviant Art where you can store images that you don't want to post to your main account, like half-finished sketches.

ctp02, 07/2/2017, 7:33 pm NST
Someone know if TNT can freeze my account because of that?

saiphami, 07/2/2017, 7:45 pm NST
liesha - supposedly photobucket owns tiny pick so idk if that'll affect things or not. I'm looking for my own alternative

morganjoisle, 07/2/2017, 11:50 pm NST
@liesha: Hey Liesha! I hope you've been doing well. I'll have to tell dad to get on Skype one of these days. We're in Florida right now.

Also, the reason that tiny pic is blocked on Jellyneo is because they started deleting old images and giving new images the same URL. That caused some issues with old images being replaced with inappropriate ones sometimes.

annnnis, 07/3/2017, 12:55 pm NST
Do you have any hosing providers to suggest?

Hosting Pics and Imgur do not permit hotlinking.

dolchay, 07/3/2017, 10:32 pm NST
Does Imageshack work on neopets?

dolchay, 07/3/2017, 10:52 pm NST
I may try imgbb

im not sure if its good or not

43456, 07/5/2017, 4:10 am NST
Is it safe to use DeviantArt URLS for your art instead? I have a lot of my neo art on DA so that would save me the trouble of uploading everything to Imgur or something else.

kaylaneopets, 07/5/2017, 9:28 am NST
Does anyone have any experience with :o Their terms say hotlinking is allowed and storage is unlimited.. it's just so strange because they are pretty much non existent on google search (reviews, comments, etc) and only have 8 likes on their fb page ;~; Plus I don't understand how they would make money off of this? There don't seem to be many ads and there are literally no paid plans available to purchase!

panthera_alba, 07/10/2017, 2:31 pm NST
No Photobucket?
Well, apparently it hasn't kicked me out yet. Still, now I have to transfer my role-play characters over there before it does. Oh, and I should double-check whether I have a Photobucket image as my blog's background.

panthera_alba, 07/10/2017, 3:58 pm NST
High-usage users are affected the most.
I probably have about thirty images on Photobucket, and don't log on often, so... yeah, I suppose I'm towards the bottom of the list. Still moving my stuff, though. I'll have to do it eventually, so might as well start now rather than later.

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