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Altador Cup Prize Shop
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on June 29, 2017, 3:53 pm NST

Winners of the Altador Cup have been announced a little earlier than advertised! Congrats to Kiko Lake for taking home the gold!

This means prizes are now out! You can claim your trophy on the main Altador Cup page, and your prizes in the prize shop! Don't forget that the Staff Tournament prize shop is also open!

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dustin, 06/29/2017, 4:40 pm NST
Yay now that the AC is over maybe we'll get that plot!

jesse101_9_9, 06/29/2017, 5:48 pm NST
That is dumb luck that Maraqua got bronze

mollyscribbles, 06/29/2017, 6:13 pm NST
The 'Models Wanted' isn't displaying for the AC Team Logos Bag; my Zafara has it on and is ready to pose!

josh_m, 06/29/2017, 6:26 pm NST
Just add your pet to the Show us your pet area.

stories2btold, 06/29/2017, 6:30 pm NST
Kiko Lake wins again... awesome *eye roll*

And man, are those some awful prizes lol.

dustin, 06/29/2017, 8:14 pm NST
^ I wasn't impressed with the prizes either aside from the stamp as usual. That's why I only got to rank 1 and quit haha.

maxgarou, 06/29/2017, 8:34 pm NST
Prizes are really getting uglier every year that's for sure. AC is getting tiring, nothing changes, those games need a revamp.

purplebin, 06/29/2017, 9:30 pm NST
The only decent prize is the Yooyu!!
Every year I regret spending so much time playing, and I never learn.
I did get a new trophy here for all the modeling I did of the (ugly) new wearables, though.

cat, 06/29/2017, 11:23 pm NST
That is dumb luck that Maraqua got bronze
And yet it is so satisfying.

sketch, 06/29/2017, 11:34 pm NST
Wooo...3 points! I made no effort at all this year, AC has just become boring and time consuming at this point imo

ducky - JN Staff, 06/30/2017, 12:24 am NST
Dumb luck? Eh? It would have been dumb luck not to give them a chance and devoted maraquans kept playing and it is their reward.

I mean, what would be point of playing after first round if you couldn't go up and down like that but be tied to your bracket?

prizes indeed are meh. With shorter tournament, when I can barely make AllStar, there I go missing Yooyu again D:

inkpot, 06/30/2017, 12:45 am NST
kiko lake again? =_=
i knew it was coming, i just... eh, boooring.

fullspeed93, 06/30/2017, 2:14 am NST
7th place somehow magical in 3rd does not reward consistency

herdy - JN Staff, 06/30/2017, 3:26 am NST
Yes, dumb luck. Devoted members from the other 4 teams in the top bracket also kept playing - and played harder. TM was the weakest team in the top bracket and they scored 9 more points over the course of the finals. MD, who MQ beat to third, scored 37 more points over the finals. If KI, MD, VP, or TM had been placed in the mid bracket, they would be on the podium.

stories2btold, 06/30/2017, 5:15 am NST
People just drank too much saltwater apparently. Congrats to MQ.

sketch, 06/30/2017, 6:34 am NST
That yooyu beanie is terrible!!

topaz644, 06/30/2017, 10:29 am NST
I haven't actually counted and compared but it's quite possible that there are even more yooyu themed items in this year's prize shop than last years.

Good grief.

rynneer, 06/30/2017, 11:31 am NST
I'm ticked that your player rank didn't even do much for how many points you got... I got rank 4 and I expected a little more than a measly 700 points, especially considering how bad the prizes are this year.

bodhi, 06/30/2017, 3:22 pm NST
rynneer : I ranked 3 and got 753 points. Ranked higher last year, but c.b.a. this year.

bodhi, 06/30/2017, 3:28 pm NST
I'm 100 points short of being able to afford all the banners. I think I'll use 100 to get the Moltara and Kiko ones and NP to buy the cheaper two other teams, as I'm too cheapskate to buy the two mentioned, with NP lol

invader_of_worlds, 06/30/2017, 5:51 pm NST
Just to think I got more points from the staff tourney then by playing in the cup. 26K in points for the staff one. I have not played the cup sense the fifth one.

foxycleopatra, 06/30/2017, 6:39 pm NST
Congrats to all the teams and best of luck next time!

I actually don't mind at all that i was flagged this year. Sure it stinks that I'm only 1000 points away from the stamp, but there really wasn't much in the shop to disappoint me lol

Hopefully JS can get the kinks worked out in their flagging system and update the rules/ post in editorial specific things that make you look suspicious. But otherwise I thought it was a great AC!

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