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Nimmo Day Roundup
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on June 15, 2017, 11:59 am NST

New colours are now active for Nimmo Day!

Biscuit | Candy

A new Goddess themed clothing set is also now active:

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elephante109, 06/15/2017, 12:27 pm NST
Wow, that clothing set looks awesome!

purplebin, 06/15/2017, 12:54 pm NST
So with 3 different candy pets now, I guess we can abandon the hope that we will be getting different types of candy. It's all some form of striped hard candy, almost like an edible version of marble. Which I guess is just fine.

pikachu315111, 06/15/2017, 2:14 pm NST
@ purplebin:
Eh, I wouldn't abandon the idea of different kind of candies just yet. While the first batch will probably be the striped hard candies, when they get more comfortable with the Colour they may start experimenting.

berdor, 06/15/2017, 4:00 pm NST
There's Sunburned but Happy Grey Nimmo again, as a goddess this year, moving up in the world.

stories2btold, 06/15/2017, 4:18 pm NST
That Nimmo is too lemon

stories2btold, 06/15/2017, 4:18 pm NST
I like how they avoided putting any chocolate chips on the torso to keep from... awkward placement.

sabriogando, 06/15/2017, 4:27 pm NST

josie, 06/15/2017, 5:18 pm NST
The outfit is really pretty.

eliz1bef, 06/15/2017, 6:13 pm NST
That outfit is amazing.
I love the candy nimmo.

The nimmo fans should be thrilled.

cat, 06/15/2017, 8:19 pm NST
@purplebin - I always expected that, after all solid colored candies are probably going to be too close to existing colors.

Mmm, butter mint quiggle :p Biscuit looks nice too.

That clothing set's color and theming remind me of Futaba's palace.

ducky - JN Staff, 06/15/2017, 11:48 pm NST
Oh. The clothing is awesome. It makes nimmo tolerable :p

Also for candy colour. I don' t mind different colour polkagris. Just that if pets with mane/whateverfurrypart like gnorbu, wocky, tonu, peo - it will be cotton candy or something instead of hard candy.

inkpot, 06/15/2017, 11:59 pm NST
love that candy nimmo. i'm a lover of yellow and those faint pink stripes mixed in look amazing. not big on nimmo though so i'm feeling a lil complicated lol.

vincent7577, 06/21/2017, 7:27 pm NST
all hail the nimmo goddess, bringer of water and life

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