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Krawk Day Roundup
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on April 17, 2017, 2:17 pm NST

A new colour is now active for Krawk Day:


New wearables are also active:

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purplebin, 04/17/2017, 2:34 pm NST
Boy, they had better be releasing another color later! I was hoping to paint the Krawk on my side account.

sketch, 04/17/2017, 2:40 pm NST
They better release another colour for Krawk day or else that means there's only gonna be one colour for Lutari day too and I will not take that

claytonskitten, 04/17/2017, 2:49 pm NST
They better make it easier to morph Krawks...Clay is lab only.

purplebin, 04/17/2017, 3:08 pm NST
Pirate Krawk Morphing Potions are only about 150k NP, although I'm not going to be trying to zap for Clay.

herdy - JN Staff, 04/17/2017, 3:55 pm NST
It's possible the other colour will be delayed - maybe candy, if they are having to make it more complex to look conceptually different to the elephante.

inkpot, 04/17/2017, 4:01 pm NST
what colors are even left for krawks?
i'm okay with clay tbh, i kinda like that sandy color for customization. i get why it's not popular though.

purplebin, 04/17/2017, 4:15 pm NST
There are still 15 other colors left for Krawks, if you count Elderly as one. 5 of those are lab colors. But it still needs some old ones like snow and strawberry!

boblol2, 04/17/2017, 5:26 pm NST
I guess this is in the realm of colors. I was playing around with the color saturation of the Oracle, and I managed to pull this off. It seems that there are multiple colors that make up the door of the obelisk. http://imgur.com/BDsoN3i

purplebin, 04/17/2017, 5:30 pm NST
No mention in the news of any other Krawk colors.

ladyamethyst, 04/17/2017, 5:38 pm NST
Oh. Oh dear. Oh wow...how can a mask made for only one pet look SO very terrible...? Who OK'd that? Is the wig supposed to sit at an angle different than that of the Krawk's head?

cay, 04/17/2017, 5:42 pm NST
Ah! So cute! This Clay Krawk can do well for a black and white featured customisation!

*points to the exciting news about NC Mall* I wonder what TNT are planning to surprise us with! I love TNT!

cosmological, 04/17/2017, 8:46 pm NST
how disappointing...

josie, 04/18/2017, 12:44 am NST
Catwoman! So cute

cat, 04/18/2017, 3:15 am NST
The Clay Krawk's nice, but there really needs to be a second color.

And that mask is awful, it doesn't even look like they were even trying to make it fit right.

inkpot, 04/18/2017, 3:30 am NST
thanks for that, @purplebin!

i agree with most everyone else here on how awful that mask is. i was looking forward to it, to be honest. i don't know how you could get a mask fitted so wrong... it's... shameful.

themeepit32, 04/18/2017, 7:40 am NST
Maybe the candy Krawk could look like Green SPearmint

themeepit32, 04/18/2017, 7:51 am NST
I still want the Candy Jetsam to be a gummi shark

purplebin, 04/19/2017, 10:36 am NST
And now only one new color for Lutaries, too. Pastel.

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