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Desert Diplomacy Logic Grid

Welcome to Jellyneo's logic grid for the Desert Diplomacy event! As the clues are uncovered, more information will be revealed about who stole what, when it was stolen, and how it was stolen. Your job is to put all the pieces together.

And it's a lot easier if you use a grid!

How to use:

  • Click on each of the squares in the grid below to mark the square as a yes or no. One click is a no, two clicks is a yes, and click a third time to reset it.
  • Your goal: for each guild, have a green checkmark for what they stole, when they stole it, and how they stole it.
  • Columns or rows labeled with a '-' will be filled in as we learn them!
  • Your grid will be automatically saved for you, but you can also manually save.


  • To get you started, we filled in the grid based on the clue "The Illuminated Menuscript was either stolen using invisibility or by bribing a guard."
  • There is an 'X' for all of the methods in the 'Illuminated Menuscript' column except for 'Invisibility' and 'Bribing a Guard'. The clue above tells us it was one of those two.

Got It!

Need some help? View Instructions
HEADS UP! The clues have revealed a sixth guild, meaning that there are six items that have been stolen at six times with six methods. We've upgraded the grid to reflect this, and we've moved your checks and X's appropriately. HOWEVER, you may need to update your grid based on old assumptions! It may be worthwhile resetting your grid (scroll to the bottom) and running through the clues one more time to mark things off. (Tricky, tricky, TNT!)


Save Changes

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