Welcome to the Neopian Dictionary! Here, you can find definitions and explanations for all those strange Neopian words that have been puzzling you. Some of the words here were invented by the Neopets Team; others were created by players and have stuck around because they're so useful. From Meepits to MPETs and from RI to restocking, we're here to explain them all!

How do I use the Dictionary?

It's simple! Just type the word you want into the search box on the main page and click the magnifying glass (or hit Enter on your keyboard). If you're not sure how to spell the word, just type in the bit that you know -- our search engine will bring back all the words containing those letters.

You can also View All Words in alphabetical order if you aren't having any luck spelling your word -- or just for something to read on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

What are those strange squiggly symbols in the "Pronunciation" field?

Those are symbols from the IPA, or the International Phonetic Alphabet. They show you how to pronounce a word much more accurately than just sounding out the spelling, because there's only one symbol for each sound. For instance, in normal English, the words "blue", "shoe", "through", "you", "too" and "Peru" all end with the same sound -- something you wouldn't be able to guess just by looking at them! In IPA, there's just one symbol for that sound -- . So you can look at a word written in IPA and know for sure how it's pronounced. That's why you'll find IPA in your normal English dictionary, too -- take a look!

You can find a chart of IPA symbols and the English sounds they represent here.

Help! I can't find my word in Dictionary!

First, double-check that you've spelt the word correctly. The search engine doesn't mind looking for parts of words (so you can type "caps" and be directed to Mystery Capsule), but if you type "Mepeit" it can't guess that you meant Meepit. We all make typing errors from time to time, so there's no harm in checking!

If you still can't find your word, it's possible that it belongs somewhere else on Jellyneo. We don't include the names of Neopet species, the names of famous pets and people, or anything from Petpet Park in Dictionary, because we already have nifty pages that cover all those things -- the Species Encyclopaedia for Neopet species, and our Book of Ages for characters. We haven't included the names of most Petpet species, either, simply because they don't get talked about all that much. You can find those in our Item Database.

This is a Neopian Dictionary, so we also don't include words that are specific to Jellyneo, such as "shoutbox" and "Dailies Do-er". If these are puzzling you, you can always ask on our lovely JN Forums.

If you still think there's a Neopian word we haven't included, then you should get in touch with us using the Submit a Word form!

Please be aware, though, that if you submit a word and it is accepted into the Dictionary you will not be credited in the definition. This is in line with other areas of JN that utilise databases, such as the Item Database and the Book of Ages, as well as real-world dictionary conventions. We will, however, send you a very nice thankyou email in return and award you the Error Fixer trophy for your jnAccount, if you don't have it already. :)

I think you've made a mistake! What should I do?

We'd love you to contact us and tell us all about it! Before you write in about pronunciation, though, please remember that accents vary a lot between Neopians and your version of a word may not be quite the same as ours -- especially in the case of vowel sounds. We've tried to make the pronunciation guides as accent-neutral as possible, but generally we've stuck to British English where there's a conflict, since Neopets uses this dialect. If you genuinely think we've typed the wrong IPA symbol, though, by all means let us know. We want Dictionary to be the best it can be!

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