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verb, noun
(1) To send a Neopet to another player, using the system found behind the central door of the Neopian Pound.
(2) The act of sending a Neopet to another user in this way.
(3) The ability to send or receive a pet using the transfer system. Players are limited in the number of pet transfers they can start or accept per month (the number varies based on account age). A player who can send a maximum of three pets to others, and has already sent two this month, is said to have one transfer left.
Example Usage:
(1) "My daughter's quitting Neopets, so she decided to transfer her Hissi to me."
(2) "I wish he would hurry up and accept the transfer. It's been more than a day since I sent the pet!"
(3) "How many transfers do you have left this month? I've got the pet you were wanting to adopt, if you're ready to receive her."
See Also: The Neopian Pound
Category: Trading and Adoption
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