The Book of Ages

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Rather, he notched an arrow and let it fly, striking the beast squarely in the head. Even as the vile creature slumped to the ground, another of its kind snuck up on the unsuspecting Lupe. The noble hunter would have fallen then and there if not for a purple blast of magic. Startled, Altador spun around, just in time to see the other creature collapse. There, standing behind it, was a dark faerie... the Betrayer.

Altador thanked her graciously for saving his life. He had never witnessed such compassion on the part of a dark faerie before, so he bid her to return with him to his village, where they would feast and be praised as heroes.
Each carried the head of the beast they had slain to the village, and a grand celebration was held long into the night. Altador, realising what a unique ally he had acquired, asked her to stay and join him and his companions in fulfilling a dream he had of founding a great city. The Betrayer agreed, and though she would ultimately help to build the kingdom's august capital and serve the council well, nothing can make up for her terrible betrayal. She broke the king's heart, for no sword strikes as deep as the one wielded by a friend....

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Chapter 9: The Thief
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Chapter 12: The Hunter