The Book of Ages

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Word spread of the magnificent city, and soon caravans began to arrive, bringing goods to be bartered for the amazing crops and fine products that the kingdom had started to produce. Within a few short years, the kingdom of Altador became known as a center of culture and enlightenment. Here, everyone could live out their lives in comfort and dignity.

To insure that the glorious city survived the ages, Siyana, the First to Rise, blessed its mortal heroes with the gift of great longevity. Decades came and went, and Altador remained a shining beacon to those who wished for just rulers.
Seeing that the kingdom was the envy of all others, the Betrayer suggested to Altador that Torakor and his soldiers be sent forth to unite all the other kingdoms under the Lupe's fair rule. Once again, Altador kindly denied her proposal. "Our army is a defensive one, not offensive. If I ordered Torakor to use the army to intimidate others into joining our kingdom, even if I thought that it would eventually be for their own good, I would be no better than the leader that Torakor once wisely stood against."

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