The Book of Ages

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Altador crested a hill and saw lush plains, perfect for farming, beside a beautiful shore. This would be an amazing place for a city, he thought, staring in awe across the fruitful land. Too bad there isn't one here already.

And then it came to him: Could he, a simple Lupe with no desire for wealth or power, be capable of founding a great city? Even if he could, it would take many years of work. How could he possibly accomplish such an undertaking all on his own?

He would have to find others who shared the same dream--others who would swear to uphold what is right over what is easy, and not fall into corruption.
Determined to make his dream a reality, Altador set off. It would take years, but he would find others to join him in building his city. In every town he met, the Lupe listened for tales of great deeds, striving to find others who could share in his dream. He would then gather all those living in the scattered villages across the land--including the one he had called home so long ago. Finally, he would unite them under one banner, which would represent truth and virtue... forever.

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