The Book of Ages

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Altador was raised in a city of corrupt leaders. One by one, his neighbours left to seek a better life. Before long, little was left of Altador's hometown. The citizens wandered, looking for somewhere to make a new start. Though still young, Altador did his best to help by hunting for food. It was during this time that he began to develop his skills with the bow and arrow.

The townsfolk soon settled and built a new village. Though they prospered, life was difficult without a city's resources.
There were no great festivals, and trade with other lands was minimal. Once an adult, Altador left to seek out a new city, one with good and just leaders. The villagers gave him their blessing, hoping that one day he would return and lead them to a brighter future.

And so Altador set out, travelling from one city to another. Along his journey, he kept hearing similar stories about the governors of each place he visited. Greed and an insatiable lust for power appeared to be widespread, and the governed always seemed to suffer for it. Altador might have lost hope, and given up his quest, had it not been for one fateful day.

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Chapter 12: The Hunter