The Book of Ages

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They sat and spoke for a time, and she listened to his dream of one day founding a glorious and noble city. They were so focused on their discussion that they were nearly caught unawares when a pack of snarling Werelupes formed a circle around them. The Lupe, spotting movement beyond the fire's glow, jumped up and drew his weapon just as one of them rushed in to attack.

Jerdana, knowing they were vastly outnumbered, threw up her arms. A shield of light instantly fell over her and the Lupe. Though the Werelupes scratched and raged at the barrier, they were unable to pass it and finally loped off into the night.
Amazed, the Lupe turned to Jerdana. "Your power astounds me!" The Aisha blushed, for she thought herself humble. "With your powers of protection, my just leadership, and the help of other strong hearts, we could make a city of legends."
Jerdana smiled. "For years I have sought my true calling, and tonight I think I have found it. I will follow you, noble Lupe, although I don't yet know your name."

"My apologies, fair lady. Please, call me Altador."

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