The Book of Ages

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Knowing that many predators roamed the edge of town, Fauna immediately set off to find the Petpets, followed by two pitchfork-wielding townsfolk who came along to protect her. After a while, Fauna heard the alarmed squeals of a Snorkle. They rushed toward the noise and found the Petpet cornered by a giant, snarling creature.

The creature glared at Fauna and the others as they approached, letting out a terrifying snarl. Even though they were the only ones armed, the two scared villagers began to back away.
Fauna, however, simply knelt, and held out an apple. The beast growled and bared its teeth, but Fauna did not flinch. The townsfolk gasped as the beast drew close, its jaws just inches from the Acara's face. The creature then opened its mouth and gently took the apple from Fauna's outstretched hand. She smiled and stroked the beast's furry mane. The villagers nearly fell over in shock as the creature began to lick the giggling Acara's face.

The story of gentle Fauna, who could tame the fiercest beast with her kindness and patience, soon travelled far and wide. Then, one day, a tall white Lupe knocked upon her door...

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Chapter 1: The Sleeper
Chapter 2: The Dreamer
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Chapter 4: The Farmer
Chapter 5: The Dancer
Chapter 6: The Wave
Chapter 7: The Gladiator
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Chapter 9: The Thief
Chapter 10: The Gatherer
Chapter 11: The Protector
Chapter 12: The Hunter