The Book of Ages

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When he returned to the thieves' den later that night, Kelland saw the Aisha thief lounging about.

Disgusted, Kelland walked past the Aisha, and using his great stealth, stole the coin pouch back. Quietly, the Techo returned to the streets, to where he had seen the Elephante sullenly trudge home. Kelland placed the pouch on the Elephante's doorstep and knocked, then leapt onto the roof. Below, he heard the door open, followed by a gasp of joy.
The Elephante looked around, but saw no one. "Whoever returned this," he said into the cold night, "has my eternal gratitude. Thank you." He left a few of the coins on his doorstep and closed the door. Kelland dropped to the street and picked up the coins. He felt oddly fulfilled, something his life of crime had never brought him.

From that moment on, the Techo used his skills for good whenever possible, doing his best to ensure that the working poor did not suffer from crime. Word soon spread about this reformed thief, and it wasn't long before a wise Lupe asked him to join his council, for light from darkness is a rare quality indeed.

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