The Book of Ages

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Gordos took the governor at his word, but eventually he noticed that the city was falling into ruin. Crime had escalated, and many went to sleep hungry. Wondering why a city with so much tax revenue was not flourishing, Gordos went to talk to the governor. When he was denied entrance, Gordos pushed his way into the governor's home... and was shocked to see it lavishly decorated. Expensive art and exquisite rugs lined the rooms. Golden plates and goblets were set on a table with enough food for thirty townspeople.
Gordos clenched his teeth. So this was where the tax money had gone? To gold platters for the governor to dine upon while the people starved? Gordos confronted the governor, who attempted to bribe him, offering to share his riches if Gordos kept quiet. But Gordos would have none of that. He alerted the police, and had the governor removed from office. Gordos then sold the luxury items, returned the profits to the people, and reduced the tax rate to a fifth of what it had been.

Word of Gordos's deeds soon came to the attention of King Altador, and before the next new moon, the brave tax collector was in the council of an honest leader.

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