The Book of Ages

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One day, the army came to a small village the general wanted to conquer. His huge army surrounded the village, and he shouted a challenge to the townsfolk. "Who will face my champion? Send forth your greatest warrior, or bow before me!" All was silent until a quivering Shoyru stepped forward, armed with only a garden hoe. The army burst into laughter--except Torakor. He approached the Shoyru, then turned to face his own army.

"I will fight for them," Torakor stated. "Step forth, any who think they can best me in battle."

His general shouted, enraged. "Eliminate this traitor, at once!"
Mortified by the order to attack one of their own--thousands against one, no less--the warriors lost confidence in the general's leadership, just as Torakor had. One by one, the soldiers joined the Grarrl, facing outward from the village. Torakor, through strength of virtue alone, had won his own army.
Word spread quickly of a mighty army that protected villages instead of sacking them. It wasn't long before Torakor received a letter, informing him that a new city could use an army such as his. Torakor gladly accepted.

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