The Book of Ages

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One day, giant rocks tumbled from atop the cliff, smashing several homes. Marak investigated, and was horrified to learn that the surface-dwellers had rolled the giant boulders down onto his village! Infuriated by this senseless act, Marak returned to his village and organised for battle.

Soon, the village's entire population was spread out in a long line, three Peophins deep, just below the water's surface. At Marak's signal, they swam forward as fast as they could, creating a huge wave that washed the fishermen away from the rocks they'd been pushing into the sea. Both sides continued battling into the evening. Tired, wet, and hungry, the fishermen finally gave up.
Though Marak was still angry, he did not want to leave a mutual hatred that would only fester, so he went ashore and spoke with the fishermen's leader. He reasoned that continuing like this was senseless. Persuaded by the Peophin's visit, the town leader agreed to work with Marak to find a peaceful solution.

A few years later, King Altador heard the tale of Marak's strong leadership, and offered to let the Peophin and his clan live off the shore of what would become the city of Altador.

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