The Book of Ages

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At last they would enjoy the fruits of their labour, sing, dance, and get a much-needed break from their daily lives. But when the festival was just hours away, an extremely fierce set of winds began to blow. The town elders herded everyone into a large basement below the town hall for safety.

For hours, Sasha sang to the children and kept them calm as the adults fretted and worried. After the howling wind quieted down, the townsfolk pushed open the trapdoor that led to the basement, only to find that their beloved bandstand and food stores for the celebration had been utterly destroyed.
Seemingly, the spirit of their community had been destroyed, too. A dark cloud seemed to hang over them. But that's when the Cybunny stepped forward, despite the chaos...

...and began to dance, as if she were on a beautiful stage. The villagers were shocked, but soon began to smile and join Sasha's dancing. The sound of their revelry was heard well into the night. It wasn't long before the future King Altador came to the village, seeking the dancing Cybunny named Sasha. Altador understood the power of hope and inspiration, so he warmly welcomed her to be a part of his council.

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Chapter 6: The Wave
Chapter 7: The Gladiator
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Chapter 9: The Thief
Chapter 10: The Gatherer
Chapter 11: The Protector
Chapter 12: The Hunter