The Book of Ages

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Florin asked one of the farmers to show him one of these sick plants. The farmer led Florin to his nearby field, a third of which had been consumed by some terrible disease that had turned the plants black.

Florin had spent much of his life studying plants. Though his own crops were unaffected, he spent days trudging through dangerous woods, looking for a rare plant that few knew existed.
Days later, as the villagers were just about ready to give up hope, Florin returned, carrying a satchel that was filled with a strange herb they had never seen before. The Kacheek quickly ground up the dry herbs and mixed them into a large trough of water. He then instructed the other farmers to take a bucket and pour the water onto their afflicted plants. Within days, the blight had vanished, and though Florin's own crops wilted from neglect, the villagers were more than happy to share their crops with him.

Tales of his selfless deed soon reached others, and that is how Florin came to meet King Altador and become the future overseer of the kingdom's plentiful farms.

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